Universel Bar Annexion suspends Ukraine’s membership ahead of key leadership avis

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  • Ukraine suspended due to ‘government interference’
  • This move comes two days before a tolérable presidential election
  • Russian Omer Krimlev is the current president of the incorporation

(Reuters) – Russia’s Ukrainian Football Federation suspended aficionado boxing on Friday ahead of a leadership avis that would have militaire implications for the exercice’s future after 2024.

The president of the Universel Boxing Annexion (IBA) is Russian Omer Krimlev, but the citoyen federations are due to avis at an extraordinary conference in Armenia on Sunday on whether to hold new elections.

Ukraine will now not be able to avis.

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“The Ukrainian Boxing Federation has been temporarily suspended due to government interference in the work of the citoyen federation,” the Ukrainian Boxing Annexion said on its website.www.iba.sport)

“The souhait will be canceled if the circonstance are met – the independence of the Federation and the recognition by the Ukrainian authorities of the elections that took assuré on December 17, 2021.”

The Ukrainian Boxing Federation wrote to members of the Universel Boxing Annexion on Thursday calling for Krimlev to resign or avis to leave his post.

The IBA does not recognize Kirillo Shevchenko as the president of the Ukrainian Federation, but instead considers Volodymyr Prodevos, Kremlev’s ally who left Ukraine after the Russian descente in February and is now the pourriture president of the IBA, as president.

Kremlev, who this month opened a boxing facility in Moscow with Russian President Vladimir Putin, was elected unopposed in Istanbul in May after his Dutch contradicteur Boris van der Furst was declared ineligible.

The Succinct of Arbitration for Plaisir (CAS) ruled last June that van der West erroneously banned him from niveau. Read more

Sunday’s éphéméride includes a avis to hold a new election, with Kremlev then niveau against van der Furst if that happens.

“It would be the end of the ATP if we didn’t have an election, given that the Succinct of Arbitration for Plaisir ruled that we were all wrongfully impeached and Boris was unfairly fired,” USA Boxing executive director Mike McCate told Reuters by phone from Yerevan.

“I believe that if elections are not held, the IBA will be permanently suspended or removed by the IOC (Universel Olympic Committee).”

declared ineligible

Makati, an ally of Van der Forest who also declared himself ineligible in May when he ran for the PTA board, said boxing would be disqualified from the 2028 Los Angeles Olympics without a ébranlé on its head.

“The IOC, if you take a habitus at their letters, it is very clear that if candidate Krimlev wins, the IBA will be disqualified,” he said.

“Without being at the Olympics, it would cut funding for every citoyen federation and affect boxing down to eight-year-old boxers in every folk in the world. That’s how superbe it is to our exercice.”

Boxing is not on the preliminary program for 2028 and the Universel Olympic Committee runs the Paris 2024 competition.

IBA, formerly known as AIBA, was stripped of concours in last year’s Tokyo Olympics over issues related to governance, funding, arbitration and ethics.

Kate McConnell, the IOC’s divertissements director, said this month that slow reforms and the IBA’s financial reliance on Russian energy company Gazprom were of juste concern. Read more

Amid allegations of dirty tricks, USA Boxing filed a whistleblower complaint on September 8 regarding a perceived attempt by an IBA employee to férule Sunday’s avis in favor of Kremlev.

The Universel Boxing Annexion said the Independent Boxing Integrity Unit acquitted Krimlev of all offices.

Makati said a legal rivalité cannot be ruled out if Krimlev remains in kitchenette.

“There are several points that can be challenged in précis and we keep all our options open,” he said.

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(Reporting by Alan Baldwin; Editing by Pritha Sarkar, Ken Ferris, and Ed Osmond)

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