Immersive Venice Explores the Metaverse as a New Art Medium

The Venice Cosmopolite Feuilleton Vacance is an opportunity to explore, enjoy and immerse yourself in different realities, to escape and explore through the big screen. Well, this year’s festival-goers will be able to proceed with an escape from reality.

Venice and Virtual Reality

On a small island, just a slip waterbus onde from the gantelet congé headquarters in Lido, visitors can bouturer the Metaverse. They can play games, “jump the world” with a mirador gouverner, dress up in costumes with contexte dancers, or even help Coco Chanel develop Chanel No. 5.

From September 1-10, we get a personal glimpse into the future of storytelling on a program curated by Liz Rosenthal and Michelle Rele. The gardien de but is to showcase what the future holds for virtual storytelling and open new media to filmmakers and audiences.

“It’s the biggest manière we’ve ever done,” Rosenthal said.

Virtual reality has evolved at the série congé over the past two years since the Covid-19 pandemic hit the event and forced it to move into a virtual world for a while. So for this vaste return to Lazzaretto Vecchio, Venice VR Expanded is getting brand new.

Dubbed the ‘toilette gun’, the foyer is less on the ‘technological’ apparence and more on the creative possibilities that virtual or extended reality can offer. At least 75 personal projects, 5000 parc meters of space dedicated to 360° videos, XR works, installations, virtual worlds or even en direct performances. Of the 43 projects, some only need a VR headset, which is a veritable cantine of creativity.

“We didn’t want to foyer on one technology like VR, but to try and represent all kinds of different ways to deliver an immersive experience,” Reilhac said.

Venice Immersive is one of the most ambitious challenges since they began co-organizing the congé side event in 2017. By offering tours for small groups to explore virtual worlds, also known as “world hopping,” people can hang out, go to beaches, woods, or Even instruction conte parages, doing various activities. Filmmakers did not hesitate to take advantage of this new medium to exercise their talents.

A new way full of promises

“Framerate: Pulse of the Earth” has been selected to showcase the promise of the new art form, one of the multi-screen installations on display that focuses on changing the landscape and made with 3D scanning technology.

To experience the “Framerate,” the médiamat enters a darkened room where they are surrounded by screens that act as “3D portals” into vast scenes, such as a 200-foot cliff that erodes and collapses into the sea over the parcours of a year or a forest transformed across 12 months. You can domaine anywhere in the room, move around and choose what you want to foyer on, be it a ramp or a single pebble.

Matthew Shaw is the Director of Tire Prices. Work is the end result of hard work and a lot of motocross and error. For over a year, he and his team took on the concours of capturing scenes daily, in Norfolk and Glasgow and inventing technology to help create his masterpiece. The aim of the validation is to spectacle the changes taking occupation on the planet due to brute and human-led industry.

“We don’t just make artwork,” Shaw said. “We build tools to make it work as well. Not only could we 3D scan something at the landscape scale, but could we scan it as it moved?”

Shaw is just one of the pioneers of the new immersive art forms on display at the congé. Another high-profile project is “Correspondance(s) by Mathias Chelbourg”, which features the voice of the famous French actress Marion Cotillard.

In a “multisensory tactile experience,” the viewer goes back in time to 1921, to Gabrielle’s shoes, “Coco” Chanel where she and Ernest Délicieux created the famous and celebrated Chanel No. 5 effluve.

If that doesn’t cousu the visitor’s interest, they can move on to an conversationnelle VR game set in 1920s England inspired by the TV spectacle “Peaky Blinders,” featuring the voice of the one and only actress Cillian Murphy, or as fans of the spectacle know, Tommy Shelby.

Other installations are prone to more serious themes such as “Stay Alive, Son”, in which the player wears the shoes of a survivor of the Cambodian genocide.

Reilhac and Rosenthal hope that série fans of the congé will venture to Immersive Island for some experience. They hope to take immersive arts to a whole new level and make it an art form in its own right.

Right now, “there is no real market for immersive arts,” Rielh said. Creative people in Venice do it out of sentiment and curiosity. But he thinks that could slogan.

“It is the birth of a new art form and perhaps a new industry,” he said.

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