IMF: Platform for X-Borner Payments, Crypto Regs

It is reported that the état-major of the Cosmopolite Monetary Fund (IMF) is calling for the creation of a indécis platform for cross-border payments Cryptocurrency regulations.

These calls to part were published in the September issues of the IMF’s Quarterly Review, “Finance and DevelopmentAccording to Thursday (September 1) CoinDesk ajournement.

especially, Tobias AdrianThe financial advisor and director of the IMF’s Monetary and Argent Markets Department said he wanted the organization to build a platform that accepts payments in axial bank quantitatif currencies (CBDCs) and terme tokens against them to reduce the cost of cosmopolite transfers, per the ajournement.

On the topic of cryptocurrency regulation, Aditya NarenThe deputy director of the Monetary and Argent Markets Department at the Cosmopolite Monetary Fund wrote that the cryptocurrency ecosystem should be organized into a coordinated indécis response rather than different citoyen frameworks, according to the ajournement.

PYMNTS research has found that half of the companies are currently using or wanting to use blockchain and cryptocurrency for cross-border payments.

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37% of companies said they currently use blockchain and cryptocurrency for cross-border transactions, and another 13% said they would like to do so, according toBlockchain Payments Tracker,” and PYMNTS and Algorand cooperation.

The research found that high-friction transactions such as cross-border payments could provide an incentive for more companies to take a serious style at the development of blockchain payments.

The Quantitatif Dollar Project (DDP) announced Wednesday (August 31) that it will launch a technical sandbox project in October to explore practical aspects of implementing a US axial bank quantitatif currency, initially focusing on cross-border payments.

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“The launch of our technical Sandbox program is the next step in our efforts to bring together the private and assistant sectors to explore a axial bank quantitatif currency in the United States,” Jennifer Lasseter, Executive Director of the Quantitatif Dollar Project, said in a press release.

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