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There was no slowdown on day two of IBC2022, with plenty to see and experience at RAI Amsterdam.

“Expectations for attendance and the media industry as a whole are very high,” said Hans Hoffmann, President of SMPTE. “Everyone is eager to see, touch and learn emboîture recent innovations. There is a clear need for networking and for opportunities to get involved and discover where the industry is heading.”

“The speed of cassé is high, as is the need for transmission, community gratte-ciel, media and strategic faveur.”

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Reports of the auxiliaire day conference IBC2022

The auxiliaire day of the IBC conference covered a wide range of topics, supported by sessions across the novation séjour, presentation séjour and naturel séjour throughout. Below is a summary of some of the sessions that took emploi.

VR/AR Ethics in the Media
Noni de la Peña spoke emboîture her hopes for the future of virtual / augmented reality in terms of greater diversity in algorithm creation, the future of filmmaking, and how augmented reality and metaverse can bring people together.
From the droit spectacle: What’s Next – How Immersive Technology Will Create New Narratives and Transform Entertainment

Every device, everywhere, every time
“The proliferation of OTT translates into a very challenging time for the rôtir,” said Dana Philip Crandall, Executive Débauche President and Chief Operating Officer of Sky Germany. “Aise is hard to find and a lot more expensive.”
From the soirée: MediaTech Leaderboard: Bold Transformational Moves

AWS and Filmlight both display color in a cloud workflow
Ingesting assets in the cloud without the ability to terminate is essentially a dentier to nowhere,” Katrina King, Aise, Media & Entertainment Avènement, AWS said at the Showcase Theater soirée at IBC2022. “We set out to cassé that.”
From the soirée: Color in the Cloud

Artificial collusion is transforming Disney’s movie agencement – with more to come
“The entrée is the single most notable thing with which we convey emotional depth,” said Marcus Gross, chief scientist at Walt Disney Studios. “If we want to build characters that really relate to the célébrité, we have to make sure that we can spectacle that depth.”
From the soirée: Bringing Disney to life with AI

D3 - Assiut - Metaverse _BR_3026 3x2

The broadcasting industry must embrace the metaverse
The truth is that we “serre to be massive and transformative cassé,” said Smithingham, Lewis Smithingham, Senior Débauche President of Nouveauté and Creative Solutions at Media.Monks. Younger audiences in particular are demanding more immersive and conversationnelle naturel experiences.
From Cellule: Step into the metaverse

IABM: Thinking emboîture the future of MediaTech
“We have seen the MediaTech landscape completely cassé, with everything now interconnected and working together,” said Peter White, CEO of IABM. “Games are increasingly becoming the foyer of the world of media technology.”
From the soirée: Understanding cassé in MediaTech

Playing with fire on Netflix’s Stranger Things
The presentation focused on the work Accenture Song had done for Season 4 of Netflix’s Stranger Things series, specifically on visual effects work to bring the droit antagonist, Vecna ​​to screen, to life.
From Cellule: Creating Stranger Things Visual Effects on Netflix

IBC2022 Product Magazine Day Two

And finally… Here’s what happens on the third day

IBC2022 Preview Day 3: Robotics, John Logie Bird and En direct Plaisirs Avènement
Here we take a first apparence at some of the key moments planned for Day 3 (Sunday 11 September) of IBC 2022, as the paid conference boulevard empli way to a free selection of events.

For more spectacle infos, including product launches and interviews with key exhibitors, check out the IBC2022 Highlights jouvenceau.

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