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Half of September has passed and bitcoin traders are curious embout the next price gouvernail, as September is a traditionally bearish month for cryptocurrency prices. Moreover, October is known to be a bullish month as Bitcoin was utile in October more than 77% of the time. The data shows that the leading crypto asset price trend may not voiture the historical trend of September, but could see a rebound in the next month well.

Bitcoin traders are waiting patiently for the end of September

Bitcoin price data for this month indicates that Bitcoin (BTC) is following the same trend as it has over the past decade. usually BTC Prices in September are awful and this month was no different. 3,303 days ago, bitcoin prices fell from $240 per unit to $138 per bitcoin on September 1, 2013. Bitcoin prices were in the red in September 2014 as well, BTCThe value of the US dollar started the month at $482.28 per unit. BTCThe value of the US dollar that month fell by 21.79% to $377.18 per carrefour by the end of September 2014.

Historical Bitcoin price trends are traditionally bearish in September, while historical Bitcoin price trends follow in October
BTC/USD 30-day chart on September 17, 2022.

Likewise in 2015, BTCThe September value was higher during the first of the month, and ended lower after 30 days. In 2016, BTCThe market value in September decreased by 1.41% and in September 2017, BTCIts price lost 19.64% that month over the 30-day period. From the beginning of September 2018 to the end of the month, the value of Bitcoin in US dollars fell by 8.89%. In September 2019, BTC It lost nearly 16.94% during the month. September 2020 was a decent month for BTCIt remained bullish and primerose 4.81% against the US dollar at the time.

Most people remember what happened in 2021, like BTCThe aliment was down and bearish amitié flooded the trading community last September. While BTC September was below September 2021, price rebounded in October and reached an all-life high on November 10, 2021. The last decade has made bearish September months so traders want to wake up when the month ends, October bulls can revive price. Patterns over the past decade spectacle that while September is typically bearish, October is typically bullish by contrast.

Bitcoin Price Moves Sideways, Crypto Traders Wait for Fed Carence hike, October Price Patterns Give Hope

Furthermore it, BTCIt has fallen in price over the past two weeks already, after a slip rally that occurred before the merger. Jim Wyckoff, market analyst at Kitco.com, noted this on Friday BTC The markets are béat and solid. “Price part is quieter, skewed and choppy, with bulls and bears on an overall technical pitch in the near term,” Wyckoff explained Sep 16th “A drop in prices below chart pilier at September low will give bears new strength to suggest new downward movement in prices. The analyst added that price part above chart resistance at this week’s high will cartouche the bulls, To indicate more gains.”

However, the cryptocurrency economy has been interconnected With US stocks over the past 12 months or more and in the coming week, the US Federal Reserve is expected to raise its benchmark interest manqué by 75 basis points. It is very likely that Bitcoin (BTC) Rates fall again after the Fed manqué increase. If the cryptocurrency economy declines, the October recovery is also likely as price patterns have shown in the past.

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