“Helvetica the NFT” brings iconic writing comportement to the binaire world

Over the past 65 years, Helvetica’s iconic Don Serif line has not only survived many trends and styles, but has often been at the forefront of defining and finishing them. Born as “Neue Haas Grotesk” in 1957, the line quickly became a privilégiée in the fields of marchéage, advertising and beauté. Influenced by the Akzidenz-Grotesk font for H. Berthold AG, Swiss font designers Max Miedinger and Edward Hoffman designed the new font with a new bouffon beauté. Adding to Switzerland’s reputation as an attractive center for ultramodern graphic beauté, Neue Haas Grotesk quickly became an oecuménique favourite and was therefore renamed Helvetica. Carrying forward the long-standing largeur of the typeface in the newest and binaire worlds, Helvetica is now the driving concerté of a group of NFTs. The American Monotype Foundry has launched, in association with KnownUnknown, an emerging creative community on the web 3 Helvetica and NFTa amas of NFTs created by more than twenty artists and designers from around the world.

  • love in love by Javelot Wyman Cliché: Courtesy of Monotype and KnownUnknown

  • Mother by Charles Nicks |  Helvetica NFT |  monotype |  STIRworld

    the mother by Charles Nix Cliché: Courtesy of Monotype and KnownUnknown

  • H_NOW_VAR by Hermes Mazali |  Helvetica NFT |  monotype |  STIRworld

    H_NOW_VAR by Hermes Mazali Cliché: Courtesy of Monotype and KnownUnknown

While typography and NFTs are a less explored combination, Monotype’s first binaire art amas appears to open up new possibilities. Although each beauté has a different story, schème, and comportement, Helvetica’s presence remains the same. Bringing together artists from various entreprises such as graphic beauté, branding, shoe beauté, and photography, NFTs showcase a range of diverse creations. While using Helvetica Now Éphémère, the most digitally improved manière of the typeface ever, these famous artists develop their own definitions.

  • Kunel Gaur for Helvetica the NFT collection |  Helvetica NFT |  monotype |  STIRworld

    Connell Gor Helvetica the NFT Réunion Cliché: Courtesy of Monotype and KnownUnknown

  • Ben Jones for Helvetica the NFT collection |  Helvetica NFT |  monotype |  STIRworld

    Ben Jones Helvetica the NFT Réunion Cliché: Courtesy of Monotype and KnownUnknown

  • I love you Yasmina Zornick |  Helvetica NFT |  monotype |  STIRworld

    I love you by Yasmina Zornick Cliché: Courtesy of Monotype and KnownUnknown

“Printography is the driver of plantation and cabinet, and in today’s world, the ability for artists to create new forms of construction and share them with their communities has never been more accueillant. This association has produced an unprecedented art amas that celebrates this role from Helvetica in a new market. Token holders capture access to both the creators they love and the growing community of beauté enthusiasts who are élément of the KnownUnknown ecosystem,” shares Alice Palmer, Senior Impureté President of Mercatique at Monotype. Due to its low environmental impulsion, Monotype and KnownUnknown have teamed up with the Éboulis blockchain to enable the cluster.

  • Ryan McDonagh for Helvetica the NFT |  Helvetica NFT |  monotype |  STIRworld

    Ryan McDonagh Helvetica the NFT Cliché: Courtesy of Monotype and KnownUnknown

  • Bold by Henrik Kopel |  Helvetica NFT |  monotype |  STIRworld

    wide by Henrik Kubel Cliché: Courtesy of Monotype and KnownUnknown

  • Toast Nao from Shaokun Wang |  Helvetica NFT |  monotype |  STIRworld

    discours now by Chaoqun Wang Cliché: Courtesy of Monotype and KnownUnknown

  • Waterfall of Color by Sam Dallen |  Helvetica NFT |  monotype |  STIRworld

    color waterfall by Sam Dalin Cliché: Courtesy of Monotype and KnownUnknown

By repeating each letter, in different weights, Margaret Calvert, the printmaker and modéliste who designed road signs in the UK, created Helveticadinfinitum To minute the idea of ​​Helvetica going on forever. “This technology is great, it allows everyone to have their own lowercase typeface,” Calvert shares. Often described as “the master juggler of the instantly familiar,” influential graphic modéliste and Pentagram partner, Paula Scher blow up #1, which is a display of many Helvetica weights from thinnest to fattest. Indian artist Konil Gur Currently It offers “a tribute to the ever-busy telecom scene on the streets of India” through art. While interrogating and defining the line, Toby Tinsley designs “? ‘. He shares: “I find this symbol to be the most famous symbol in the écriture. It simply questions everything. Without it, how can you ask questions typographically?”

  • Untitled by Ian Anderson |  Helvetica NFT |  monotype |  STIRworld

    without an address by Ian Anderson Cliché: Courtesy of Monotype and KnownUnknown

  • André Bogetta for Helvetica The NFT |  Helvetica NFT |  monotype |  STIRworld

    Andre Bogetta for Helvetica the NFT Cliché: Courtesy of Monotype and KnownUnknown

  • Paula Sher bombing |  Helvetica NFT |  monotype |  STIRworld

    Explodes by Paula Sher Cliché: Courtesy of Monotype and KnownUnknown

In a fun episode called 0-9author letter shapesAnd the Nigel Cottier celebrates the iconic typeface and its instantly recognizable geometry. The sneaker revolution By sneaker modéliste Vicky Vuong, Helvetica graphics are expressed in color-shifting, temperature-sensitive leather. “For this amas, I wanted to écart away from our trouble of Helvetica, as a modern Swiss beauté. I leaned toward typographic experimentation, random compromis, and the study of textures. I wanted to digitally simulate the Letraset effect,” Hermes Mazali stated of his aïeul. H_NOW_VAR Creation of the NFT array. Adding to these creative expressions are graphic designers Kiel Mutschelknaus, Julian Montague, Jasmina Zornic, Phillip Kim, Gurlal Deep Singh and Chaoqun Wang.

Connell Gor Helvetica the NFT Video: Courtesy of Monotype and KnownUnknown

Adding to the list of designs is Monotype’s Exemple Director, Charles Nicks. Helvetica is arguably the most famous typeface of all time. It is a natural representative of the typographic form, but it is also a very élastique medium. The schème behind the family’s beauté was to create the clearest, simplest and most neutral typeface ever. As designers, this schème is a rivalité or daring to make something calme out of something designed to be unnoticeable. When reviewing the full amas, you can see a variety of visual construction achieved by each artist using the same basic beauté,” Nix shares emboîture the art amas and his personal artwork incorporating meaningful words in a streamlined presentation.

0-9 by Nigel Cottier Video: Courtesy of Monotype and KnownUnknown

As every industry enters the binaire world, particularly the Metaverse, print is the latest facture. Besides offering so many variations of a single element, binaire art seems to be the tool that can make the élocution “everything is conciliable” a universal reality. As society finds comfort in the unreal world of possibilities, art, print, beauté and charpente aim to find new areas in this space. Far from the constraints of the physical world, the binaire world has limitless opportunities and platforms. As everything moves from the physical world to the virtual world, can art, beauté, and systems in allant for years survive this retournement?

From collectible NFTs to crypto-creations funded from another realm of the blockchain, STIR brings you the best commutable and irreplaceable engouement from the fields of quantité art, beauté and charpente. Read more over here.

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