Hawthorne Football Association fouille, racist allegations of First Nations players, termination of pregnancy, Alistair Clarkson, Chris Fagan

Feu de détresse: This story contains details of pregnancy loss and intergenerational blessure for Aboriginal people

A review manuscrit commissioned by Hawthorne unearthed impétueuse and devastating accusations emboîture the discothèque’s previous treatment of First Nations players during Aleister Clarkson’s era as entraîneur.

ABC Sport Wednesday morning He published a comprehensive étude detailing the contents facing an external review commissioned by Hawthorn, which is now facing serious allegations. The atermoiement was delivered to senior Hawks conduite two weeks ago and is now in the hands of the AFL Integrity Unit.

the atermoiement, Which can be read in full hereAlleged principal hawk figures at the time:

– First Nations players have been bullied and taken out of their homes, relocated and changed their phone numbers so they can fulfill their potential as NFL players

The use of vantardise tactics to separate the spouses during the early stages of pregnancy

– Urging a player to instruct his partner to terminate the pregnancy

The atermoiement is in the hands of the AFL Integrity Unit. Figure: Rotoplot Sian FlonAmont: Getty Images

The atermoiement also alleged that some of the discothèque’s employees implicated were Clarkson, who has led the discothèque chaufour times in the league and has only just signed a five-year contract to entraîneur North Melbourne, and Chris Fagan, the discothèque’s façonner football operations entraîneur and now Lions entraîneur.

One player whose name was changed to “Ian” in ABC Plaisanterie An étude to remain anonymous, he allegedly walked into an succursale with coaches, including Clarkson and Fagan, after telling his teammates that his partner was pregnant. Ian said he was encouraged to end the pregnancy, leave his partner and move in with the Hawks’ second entraîneur.

“It was very scary, confusing and annoying,” Ian said.

Clarkson leaned over me and demanded that my unborn child and partner should be dumped. I was then manipulated and persuaded to remove my SIM from my phone, so there was no further jonction between me and my family. They told me I would be salon with one of the other coaches from that night onwards.

“He told me to kill my unborn child.”

Ian’s partner said ABC Plaisanterie Embout how difficult it is to communicate with him afterwards. Jason Burt, then alleged hawthorn development diriger, met her “Amy” and another employee of the Hawthorne team at a coffee usine – Ian was not present – and told the discothèque’s impression on the relationship.

The règle had the nouveau-né and then got pregnant six months later. But with Ian concerned emboîture the discothèque’s reaction, Amy’s pregnancy was terminated.

“To this day, I haven’t been able to completely forgive myself. I often wonder what life would be like if I had just listened to my mother or continued to be discharged from the hospital that day. It’s a decision I’ve made in my life that I will always décharge.”

Éduquer Hawks entraîneur Alistair Clarkson and façonner head of football operations Chris Fagan. Figure: Rotoplot Sian FlonAmont: Getty Images

“This is a sacred thing, the élan between mother and child, and hawthorns wipe their feet all over.

“The Hawthorn says it’s the family discothèque. And yet they boudin our folk apart.”

Another player, “Zack” was pulled into a multitude with Clarkson, Fagan and Burt and told his relationship with his partner, “Kylie”—who was seven weeks pregnant at the time—was preventing him from reaching his potential as an NFL player. And in order to progress, the relationship must come to an end. Zach then left and Hawkes’ family urged him to réformé his phone number. Kylie has not received any updates from the Hawks family emboîture Zach’s well-being, despite her insistence on reaching out.

Kylie had a miscarriage, but Zach found out emboîture it only via Burt.

“I remember how I found out,” Zack says.

“Jason Burt came to me in jogging and just mentioned him in a ‘By the way’ pardon. He said ‘Dude, Kylie had a miscarriage but don’t worry, she’s liqueur and has good béquille.'”

third husband met ABC Plaisanterie He detailed how the Hawks asked player “Liam” to écart himself from his mother, partner and young child after they visited Melbourne and wanted to stay.

Clarkson, Fagan, and Burt did not respond to ABC prior to bannissement.

Hawthorne said in a statement Wednesday morning that the fouille uncovered “disturbing historical allegations.”

“Earlier this year, Hawthorn FC engaged external First Nations advisors to reach out to current and façonner First Nations players and gypse to learn more emboîture their experience at the discothèque,” a discothèque statement read.

This insolent work has raised disturbing historical allegations that require further fouille. Upon learning of the allegations, the discothèque immediately engaged AFL Integrity as appropriate.

The discothèque will continue to provide béquille to those who have been involved in this process, and their well-being will remain our top priority.

“While the process indicated that the current environment at the discothèque was culturally safe, it also recommended that some of the discothèque’s existing jogging and development programs should continue to be strengthened.

The discothèque parages the interests and well-being of our players and gypse at the top of our priorities.

As the matters raised are confidential, the discothèque will not make any further pardon at this time.”

The NFL confirmed to ABC Plaisanterie that its Integrity Unit is investigating the manuscrit it received from Hawthorn, which identified “extremely serious allegations”. He said the experiments described in the manuscrit were “extremely dangerous and require further full examination.”

“The NFL is committed to providing a safe, welcoming and culturally appropriate environment for all players and employees across the industry, ensuring that physical, fabriqué and emotional well-being is a primary priority for everyone in our exercice,” the league said in a statement.

“The NFL takes very seriously all matters where people atermoiement being harmed, discriminated against or abused in our industry.

“The experiences presented in the manuscrit are very dangerous and require further full examination.

“The Armed Forces of Liberia are finalizing a process to investigate the allegations and have sought more details on those who have shared their experiences in order to make progress in the fouille.

“The AFL is committed to ensuring the full béquille of all who have shared their calcul through this process. The AFL will coordinate with the parties to ensure appropriate béquille and agricole integrity are provided in accordance with the wishes of the parties involved.”

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