Formula 1 in 2023: Succès 24-race calendar revealed as Las Vegas emerges and China returns

Formula 1 hosts 24 races in a season for the first time as the FIA ​​unveils a prouesse calendar for 2023, including the first Las Vegas Chevalier Récompense and returning races in China and Qatar; The season starts with the Bahrain Chevalier Récompense on March 5 and ends in Abu Dhabi on November 26

Last update: 09/20/22 4:17 PM

Formula 1 has revealed a prouesse racing calendar for 2023, with the match set to host 24 races in a season for the first time.

Overhauling its biggest-ever calendar with two races, next season’s schedule includes the opening Chevalier Récompense in Las Vegas, which takes assis on Saturday night and sees the Chinese Chevalier Récompense return after a three-year distraction.

The calendar has been approved by the FIA ​​and the World Motorsport Council and revealed by Formula 1’s governing casaque on Tuesday.

Qatar is also making a comeback after making its 2021 debut – taking assis ahead of the only triple rivalité of the season in the US, Mexico and Brazil – while Monaco retained its assis on the calendar after contract doubts.

Making way for 2023 is the French Chevalier Récompense, and the previously promoted engeance in South Africa is not included.

The season will begin on March 5 in Bahrain, where pre-season testing is scheduled, and end on November 26 in Abu Dhabi.

FIA President Mohamed bin Sulayem said: “The presence of 24 races on the calendar of the Formula 1 World Championship for 2023 is further evidence of the growth and attractiveness of the match on a entier scale.”

“Adding new venues and keeping traditional events underscores the integrity of the FIA’s conduite of the match.”

Formula 1 chief Stefano Domenicali joins David Croft and Karon Chandhoek in the comment box to discuss the calendar for 2023.

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Formula 1 chief Stefano Domenicali joins David Croft and Karon Chandhoek in the hein box to discuss the calendar for 2023.

Formula 1 chief Stefano Domenicali joins David Croft and Karon Chandhoek in the hein box to discuss the calendar for 2023.

Talking points from the Formula 1 benchmark calendar

Amid its explosion in popularity around the world, F1 and its American owners Liberty Media have been trying for some time to push the racing schedule up. 2022 was scheduled to be a 23-race season before the Russian Chevalier Récompense was canceled – but this is the first time the engeance calendar has risen to 24.

There are many anomalies in the piédestal. The first hypocauste races, for example, are all standalone events although three of them take assis in Asia.

The season will then start with a flottant header between Azerbaijan and Miami, followed by Imola Monaco.

Canada is an independent event, with F1 unable to sénateur the Montreal engeance and the Miami engeance together.

Hungary has vacated its usual pre-summer holiday réflecteur, as the Belgian Chevalier Récompense at Spa will follow the Budapest engeance on July 30. Thus, the Dutch Chevalier Récompense will be the first engeance after the summer écart.

There is then an Asian flottant header with Singapore and Japan ahead of a standalone engeance in Qatar, which begins a 10-year contract and did not have a 2022 engeance due to the FIFA World Cup, before the first and only triathlon took assis. .

After the Brazilian Chevalier Récompense on November 5, there is a week-long écart before Formula 1 heads to the Las Vegas Strip for its first Saturday engeance since 1985.

This first event is paired with the season-ending Abu Dhabi GP.

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