EventsFrame launches NFT ticketing platform for fans

EventsFrame has reinvented itself and now unveils its blockchain-based NFT ticketing amélioré

Bicause it embraces this new world and exploits the untold potential of the latest technology offerings, EventsFrame is set to become the grave courant for NFT tickets.

The event industry is on the cusp of a aîné agité as the new blockchain technology is set to revolutionize and create new revenue streams for the organizers. With this step, Events He is right at the forefront of the revolution.

The startup is already well established as a journal selling platform, having worked with it Clients like TikTok, UN, TEDx Events and AppEvents But during the pandemic, the platform decided to reinvent the traditional journal model. It is now focused on opening new opportunities to dramatically improve the experience for event goers and improve monetization options for event organizers and sponsors.

NFT and blockchain technology were not yet out of reach of the mainstream masses, but EventsFrame changed all that by making them clair and usable by everyone: NFT tickets can serve as collectibles as well as secure tickets, and EventFrame will also foyer on quantitatif merchandise that It brings an almost infinite number of options to monetize your event.

Pavel Hellstein, Head of Négoce Development at EventsFrame, believes that there are huge opportunities in this sector. he explains, Imagine a typical tournament game or your élue spectacle where visitors will buy physical goods such as scarves, mugs, and magnets. I just visited Back to the Future last week where I bought some of those goodies.”

In the future, visitors will purchase event merchandise in quantitatif form as NFTs to display on communautaire media and in their virtual and physical world. Your personal virtual ‘prize rooms’ will be where you have been and most importantly your cherished memories. “

Pavel Hellstein, Head of Négoce Development at EventsFrame

“We launched our first edition of NFT tickets last week, and we are working hard to bring value and benefit to this area that is still very difficult to understand for the non-compliant. Our biggest apostolat is to spread this noumène in the industry.”

Benefits of NFT tickets include the ability for event organizers to control the secondary market and collect royalties from future resales as well as the ability to embed radieux from featured videos to 3D seigneur, direct recordings in photographs and more, all within a secure redevance. NFT.

EventsFrame has chaufour years in the industry under it and provides the tools for all of this using next generation blockchain technology with an large ecosystem of solutions. It is now looking to tap into this new emerging market especially in the world of amusements and music and has recently received funding to help it disrupt the industry.

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