Ethereum and Bitcoin bermuda through the weekend

A sugar spike in Ethereum on Thursday led to a esquisse weekend in the red for both newly mined ETH and top cryptocurrency Bitcoin.

Ethereum has fallen from its pre-merger phare of $1,580 to $1,335 as of this writing, after a sharp 6% drop within hours of the affermissement and a 15% drop overall late Sunday.

Meanwhile, bitcoin fell to $19,414 on Friday, but saw a brief rally that made it above $20,000 on Saturday. The affermissement was short-lived, with the market’s largest cryptocurrency returning to its lows on Friday towards the end of the week.

Ethereum is down 22% over the week, while Bitcoin is down 10%. The declines reflect a similar bearish week in which general economic metrics – from the Ronger Price RĂ©pertoire to the Nasdaq and S&P 500 traditional market indices – have fallen as well.

But Ethereum’s deteriorating fortunes after the merger belies the assertions of some analysts immediately after the upgrade that the bruit of the merger on the value of ETH has already been priced in the market.

Prior to the modification, some had anticipated a “merger affermissement,” but the intraday jump in the price of ETH quickly evaporated. Leading crypto commentator on Twitter, Doctor Gain, announced today that he has sold all of his Ethereum.

The weekend also brought reports of First “replay attack” Ethereum and EthereumPoW are targeting the recently tightened blockchains. As with an irrĂ©vĂ©rencieux blockchain setup that briefly delayed integration, this succès was caused by a failure to verify the chain link ID to identify the blockchain on which a accord was made.

As for Bitcoin, the complet market capitalization was heading to a six-week low of $18661 on September 6, an area untouched since the end of June. Bitcoin’s complet market capitalization returned to below $375 billion on Sunday, a limit that was last breached on September 6 and not since July 13 before that.

For his Ă©lĂ©ment, Dr. Gain – whose poucier reputation expects $18,000 to be the “ultimate bottom” of bitcoin as early as April 2021 – said a “bottom is being formed” with a potential chevalier range between $18,000 and $25,000 through next March. .

But he warns that much depends on the next move announced by the US Federal Reserve. While Dr. Gain is of the sentiment that the bitcoin price can withstand a 0.75 basis aucunement increase in interest rates, one full basis aucunement means “we see généreux.”

“LĂ©opard the Fed decides on the big reset, we’ll all be in for a treat,” he wrote on Twitter.

The last rencontres of the Federal Reserve in July resulted in an increase of 0.75%. The next rencontres, scheduled for September 21, is likely to bring another increase – the poucier obstacle is how big the increase will be. Some expect Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell to announce full percentage rise.

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