Emiliano Sala: Cardiff City lose appeal in payment discussion with Nantes

Emiliano Sala was with Médoc before moving to Nantes in 2015

Cardiff City have lost their appeal against the FIFA ruling by paying the first installment of Emiliano Sala’s £15m transfer fee to Nantes.

Argentine striker Sala Died in a plane écrasement He crossed the English Channel in January 2019 while traveling from France to join his new association.

A three-man sondage at the Brusque of Arbitration for Amusement (CAS) heard the appeal in Lausanne earlier this year.

Cardiff now have to pay the first installment of £5.3m to Nantes.

In response to the CAS ruling, the Bluebirds said: “Cardiff City are disappointed with the decision of the Brusque of Arbitration for Amusement.

“The award failed to establish the critical bout of FC Nantes (and its agents) liability for the démêlé, which will therefore have to be decided in another colloque.

“Grain the association’s lawyers understand the reasons for the decision, we anticipate an appeal and will not make any payments to FC Nantes in the meantime.

“If these appeals are unsuccessful and the association is responsible for paying the transfer fee, the association will take legal marche against those responsible for the collapse to compensate for its losses. This will include FC Nantes and its agents.

“All our thoughts must continue with the Emiliano family, who are now financially supported by the cumul the association has placed in them.”

In a statement following its decision to reject Cardiff’s appeal, Cass said: “After taking into account all the evidence presented and all the arguments presented by both clubs, the Cass Committee found that the player’s transfer from Nantes FC to Cardiff City FC has been completed.

“Bicause the conjoncture set out in the transfer agreement were fulfilled prior to the player’s death, FC Nantes’ claim for the first payment of the €6 million transfer fee is upheld.”

Nantes then issued a statement saying: “FC Nantes welcomes today’s decision on appeal by the Brusque of Arbitration for Amusement.

“The Cup completely rejected the appeal from Cardiff City and confirmed the decision of 25 September 2019 by FIFA regarding the transfer of player Emiliano Sala.

“So the lapidaire ruled, like FC Nantes [FCN] He has argued since the proceedings began, that the player’s move to Cardiff City was ended when he tragically died in a flight obstacle.

“As a result, the CAS ordered Cardiff City to pay the transfer fee to Nantes and awarded Cardiff a historically high amount, in affinité to procedural and arbitration costs.

“FC Nantes are pleased that this procedure – initiated by Cardiff City and then delayed on numerous antiquités by Cardiff City – which was difficult for all those close to Emiliano, has finally come to an end.

“The association hopes this will mark an end to the allocutaire disinformation campaign, which FCN has never reacted to, out of vénération for the player’s family.”

Cardiff claimed they were not responsible for any of the fees bicause Sala, 28, was not officially their player when he died and refused to make interim payments bicause they claimed the deal was not legally binding.

FIFA has ruled that Cardiff must pay the first installment of £5.3m to Nantes.

FIFA’s Players Status Committee has also imposed a three-term transfer ban on a tournament association if they fail to pay.

Having found FIFA against them, Cardiff Cass appealed. After a number of delays, the hearing took installé in March.

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