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SINGAPORE, September 14, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – Binaire Entertainment Assets PTE. (DEA), the Singapore-based ordinaire GameFi company, announces the start of collaborateur development with HEROZ Groupe (“HEROZ”) of KAMIYAGURA, a ouverture NFT trading card game, with the gardien de but of releasing it on the company’s PlayMining platform in the fall of 2023.

KAMIYAGURA (Tower of the Gods) is a next-generation trading card game that takes advantage of NFT assets and cryptocurrencies to create a new experience of the traditional game groupe that has been popular all over the world. Players can enjoy highly strategic card battles based on a fantastic worldview in which gods inhabit a ordinaire être.

The development partner of KAMIYAGURA is HEROZ Groupe, which will develop the battle system, deck gratte-ciel, and gameplay logic through the use of advanced AI technology obtained through the development of Shogi AI.

In adjonction, the game esthétique for card battles will be created by game maker Shinpei Takahashi (Usagi Inc.), who has experience developing various games and games. Based on the current popular card game system, a spéciale region system called KAMIYAGURA will be integrated to pursue a deeper gaming experience.

Mr. Akira Hamada (representative of designparfait ltd) who has worked in the art patronage of several well-known card games, will be responsible for producing the characters and art for the illustrations for the cards. Under the guidance of Mr. Hamada, a number of creators are scheduled to participate in the project. The gantelet visual elements to be revealed this time around have been designed by Jintetsu, who has experience designing various game titles.

The DEA will continue to expand the list of titles on PlayMining in order to provide “fun” and “impression” through various contents to users around the world.

Embout Kamiyagura

KAMIYAGURA is a next generation trading card game that uses NFT assets and cryptography to create a new binaire experience. In adjonction to the ability to collect and trade highly crafted NFT cards sold in packs, players can enjoy a wonderful world in which gods inhabit a ordinaire être, the people who worship them and many other races en direct together.

The game also features a highly strategic card battle system that includes a spéciale system called KAMIYAGURA and allows players to earn DEAPcoin through in-game ranking events.

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