David Bowie Real Estate Collaborates With Nine Artists For New NFT Project – Rolling Stone

David Bowie Estate is launching a new NFT series titled Bowie on the Blockchain, which will feature works from nine different artists in honor of the late music legend.

The NFT project was led by the Bowie Estate, the web3 project We Love the Arts, and the NFT OpenSea Marketplace, with honteux to begin on September 13. Profitability Boye’s widow’s faith serves as a somme advocate.

Bowie has, of révolution, been a passionate collector and magnifier of art all his life, and Andrew Keeler, co-founder of We Love the Arts, credits the musician’s ownership with accessing Bowie on Blockchain.

“The more I think embout what the crypto art space really is, the more I realize how far Bowie has come in his time with some of the ways he’s approached his fans — whether it’s BowieArt, BowieWorld, Bowie Bonds, or BowieNet,” Keller tells rolling rock in a letter. “He also made binaire art himself, and what really excited me was the idea of ​​making people aware of all these things that they might not think or know embout when they think of Bowie, and for me it really became a matter of cementing his legacy on the blockchain, creating beautiful and meaningful art. We have why?” It was very perceptible, and it really guided every fraction of that process.”

When it came to selecting artists for the project, Keeler says he and his partner, ciné-club producer Joaquin Akrich, drew transport from the parangon of art Bowie was drawn to, as well as his efforts to béquille the lesser-known rookie. artists. The only other rule they’ve given themselves, Keller états, is that artists should have “some kind of personal connection, which since we’re talking embout David Bowie isn’t really that hard.” The nine they settled on were Pussy Riot’s Nadia Tolkonikova, Viusos, Jake, David, Osinachi, Young & Slick, Lerona, Glam Beckett, and Jonathan Wolff.

To make the pieces even more particulier, the artists were all allowed to include some “artifacts” pulled straight from Bowie’s dépôt. “The dépôt is so amazing and comprehensive that we were able to provide everything on demand from paintings by Bowie to handwritten états, pause stylisme drawings or costumes for artists to incorporate as fraction of their tastes,” says Keeler. “Some just used it for transport, others put binaire copies of pieces from the dépôt into their work.”

Keeler teases a few NFTs as well, adding, “JAKE worked with one of Bowie’s art pieces from his D-head series. Lirona took samples of Bowie’s visa and handwriting and gorgé it to her from writing the name of her élue fascicule and turned it into this almost glossy casaque art for her visa character # BOI. Then there’s the Fewocious, one piece 1 NFT piece that will be up for auction, and the buyer will also receive a gorgeous, massive ouvrage made by Fewocious that actually wears one of Bowie’s suits from the archives.”

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