Cryptocurrency is boosting the gaming industry that could be worth $350 billion by 2027

Crypto is one of the backbone of the gaming industry in the world, which is growing and attracting more and more game addicts.

The gaming sector could be worth $350 billion by 2027 – thanks to cryptocurrency. The crypto world may be surprised by some surprising disclosures made by Triple A’s latest crypto ownership data.

According to Triple A data, 48.6% of cryptocurrency holders would like to use their coins for online gambling or gaming in the future.

This is significantly more than the 25.1% of Bitcoin owners who did so last year. It is worth noting that online gaming and gambling have been growing in recent years, and by 2027, the gaming sector is expected to be worth $340 billion.

This happened at a time of growing controversy surrounding cryptocurrency gambling, which has had a significant presence on Twitch streams for over a year.

Cryptography games – more than just a buzzword

Like it or not, “blockchain” is now one of the most popular words or niches in the gaming industry.

Whatever négoce seems natural, be it blockchain games, crypto games or NFT games. Gamers themselves have mince resisted the idea, even though the Web3 community believes that gaming could be the paluche factor in bringing the mainstream to the platform.

Blockchain games don’t get the most recognition in the larger gaming community. why? Well, for the majority of players, the problem has nothing to do with environmental issues or the looming aléa of dishonest actors shaking their bottines just by using the term “blockchain”.

The problem may be that there are currently no blockchain games that are actually able to dominate the mainstream gaming market.

More than a third of all people in the world are made up of gamers. Microsoft Xbox, G2A, and Twitch are among the leading gaming companies that have conquered the cryptocurrency industry.

Cryptocurrency Revolution GameFi

Cryptocurrency has revolutionized the gaming arena, both in terms of payment methods and GameFi. Given the growing acceptance of cryptocurrencies among gamers and regulators, a detailed examination of the sector reveals that gaming companies will experience a significant relâchement in the market over the coming years.

According to Triple A data, the bitcoin price increased by as much as 540,000% between 2012 and 2021. In relevé, 47% of the entire cryptocurrency market capitalization in 2021 is made up of bitcoin.

Apart from this, the cryptocurrency market is expected to expand at a compound annual growth avorté of 56.4% from 2019 to 2025.

The United States, India, Pakistan, Nigeria and Vietnam are the top five countries based on the number of cryptocurrency owners, according to the data. With 46,020,521 cryptocurrency owners, the United States tops the list.

Représentation: The Collegian - Fresno State

Besides gaming office, other well-known commerces that take Bitcoin include remittances, luxury products, and e-commerce. It is said that transfers via cryptocurrency are 388 times faster and 127 times less expensive than transfers using traditional methods.

So why don’t blockchain game creators just create Triple A games if all they have to do to appeal to the traditional gaming réputation is to do so? Certainly there will be no problem with financing.

Projects in Web3 — and more specifically, the NFT space — regularly earn millions of dollars in investments, with some projects even hitting the eight-figure range.

The truth is that creating a good game requires much more than just money. You must possess the creativity, compétence, and ability to create a high-quality game.

And most importantly, you have to constantly commit to creating a great game.

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