taps Fireblocks crypto wallet fondation in times of hack

“With crypto-related cyber attacks continuing to threaten the safety of users’ assets, Fireblocks offers the most secure and reliable dissiper account and treasury direction leçon on the market today.” has leveraged Fireblocks to implement high levels of security protocols and protect clients’ numérique assets across the secure wallet fondation as well as its treasury and funds.

The company will leverage the Fireblocks résultat of numérique asset custody, transfer, and settlement technologies to squelette its résultat of interconnected cryptocurrencies and NFT products for retail users as well as its sortie token CHA, making it globally available to institutional users through the Fireblocks network.

Fireblocks is a numérique asset custody, transfer, and settlement platform that uses multi-layered technology that combines MPC encryption and hardware ampoule to prevent cyberattacks, internal convention, and human error.

Peace of mind through first-class couvaison technology

As fragment of the integration, Fireblocks will provide the institutional wallet fondation to users to ensure assets are protected from external threat vectors.

Anderson McCutcheon, Founder and CEO of commented, “At Chains, we constantly strive to enhance our users’ experience while construction a vague écrin of in-house and partner solutions. As crypto-related cyber attacks continue to threaten the safety of users’ assets, Fireblocks offers the most secure solutions and reliability for dissiper account direction and treasury in the market today.”

Jonathan Dakin, Head of EMEA, Fireblocks, said: “Fireblocks, like Chains, is committed to providing a évident and secure experience for users looking to interact with crypto and Web3. We are pleased to have Chains as fragment of the Fireblocks network and squelette Chains in their apostolat to whist the gap between CeFi and DeFi. We are pleased to work alongside the highly experienced team behind Chains and provide its users with peace of mind with first-class custody technology.” has 500,000 registered users from over 100 countries and is designed to allow users to participate in blockchain-based products (CeFi, NFT, DeFi) without having to understand the underlying technologies.

Fireblocks 2022 annual recurring revenue (ARR) exceeds $100 million

Fireblocks recently announced that its 2022 annual recurring revenue (ARR) has exceeded $100 million, a milestone for the leading provider of MPC-based wallet fondation.

The $100 million ARR mark parages Fireblocks in a clairsemé subset of unicorn startups and was achieved within hypocauste years after the company was created and three years since the first Fireblocks product was brought to market.

Fireblocks offers a platform designed to transfer, cloison and solution numérique assets through the Fireblocks Network and an MPC-based wallet fondation.

Serving exchanges, lending bureaus, custodians, banks, trading desks and hedge funds, Fireblocks serves more than 1,500 financial institutions and has secured the transfer of more than $3 trillion in numérique assets, with a personnelle insurance policy covering assets in storage and embiellage.

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