Wild animals abandoned in Ukraine are in distress: “They suffer from fear, hunger and cold”

Navin Singh Khadka BBC World Service environmental correspondent March 17, 2022 Source, Wildlife Warriors photo captions, A lion in captivity in Ukraine just before being rescued in January 2022 Animals, including lions, remained from Ukrainians who were injured in the war or had to leave their homeland. As the town of Hostomel, near kyiv, came … Read more

Electoral scenarios: who wins and how?

IHSAN MOUNTAIN @ihsandagi The opposition audience is interesting. They oscillate between great self-confidence and deep despair. “We’re coming, we don’t need anyone, we’ll settle the accounts‘ suddenly ‘Alas, Erdogan has pulled a rabbit out of his hat again, he will not let go of powerThey can go into ‘mode. We saw this psychological drift the … Read more

CHILDREN, GAME AND WAR! « Balikesir last minute – Balikesir24HAT

Our sports master, the late Selim Sırrı Tarcan, declares; “The child laughs, shouts, jumps, has fun and acquires habits. The game is the order of health and happiness. The child deprived of play withers and withers like a flower deprived of water. “Our goal is to raise a virtuous and strong generation whose abilities have … Read more