Cardano column NFT: Cardano for Pakistan

This week’s guest on Cardano column NFT It is completely voluntary Prodigue fundraising campaign to étai more than 33 million victims of the devastating floods that swept Pakistan: Cardano for Pakistan.

last week’s guest It was An event-based project focused on puzzles, cryptography, and online espionage.

This résolution is a reference nullement for NFTs on Cardano And every week or two we will recours someone to answer some questions and give us Direct update from within the Cardano community.

Given that many of our readers are new to cryptographyAnd the We will have A patchwork of élémentaire and technical questions.

Cardano NFT Project: Cardano for Pakistan

Cardano NFT Project Cardano For Pakistan conducts fundraising campaign to étai Pakistan

Salut, glad to have you here. Please introduce your team, where are you from, what are your backgrounds?

Zochan: Salut all, zushan over here. depends on AustraliaI was born and raised in Dubaibut originally Pakistani. I’ve been in the CNFTs since the beginning, V.T.T. ADA NinjaZ Since September 2021, with my colleagues and team. I used to work in academia and government before working full time in this field.

the above: oh my name Max 25 I reside in Switzerland But I was born and raised there United kingdom! It has been in space since 2021 and was founded universe 25 And the Vdbody With a group of friends. I used to be creative director By trade before devoting my entire time to Web3.

What is Cardano for Pakistan? Who creates art?

Zochan: Cardano for Pakistan is a All-volunteer sensible fundraising campaign Includes a amas of different creators from Cardano NFT space to Soutien over 33 million victims of devastating floods in Pakistan.

he was there Minimal media coverage or interest on this frontonbut a third of the gouvernement is under water, and Deaths occur on a daily basis. Everyone involved with Cardano for Pakistan mainly works for Soutien and help those affected.

There are many artists on board, including, but not limited to Fifth (ADA NinjaZ), Flavio (universe 25), lucky one (Lucky Planet), Mac CC (Cardano Casino, Project 2090, Patron Dow) massa (internet robots) Henry TJAnd the Bang KingAnd the pink queenAnd the Victor WarAnd the Joseph MirandaAnd the seokAnd the bananaAnd the kimusabi artAnd the first (Space Buds), ADA ArmyAnd the espace (Pendulum) samboAnd the ExeDeb (Damn NFT) and more.

All these great artists have taken time out from their very busy schedules Create amazing pieces of art that will be minted by meilleur donors like NFTs. Each artist creates one piece of art, with 5 different colors.

In adjonction, me and Max from Universe 25 (Zushan from ADA NinjaZ) Campaign Direction Projectwith Ali injector From JPG Tenture And the thara Our étai is on the mercatique fronton.

We have been very fortunate to receive étai and aide as well from NMKR & LE4F . Agencywho will give us Mining SolutionsAnd the fronton end developmentStraight.

There are a few other companies in the space that are interested in supporting us and donating as well, which we will announce soon

When will it be probatoire to send donations? How is the donation process?

zushan: we wish Donations will remain in effect by Monday, September 19. There will be a donation button on Cardano tableau for Pakistanwhere you can donate anything above 15 Ada.

For every donation, you will receive a NFT . “Receive” Made by the amazing Henry TG.

Cardano for Pakistan
NFT for donors received by the amazing Henry TG

In adjonction, the Top donors will receive 1 out of 100-150 NFTs at random.

We are going to Donate all the money to me Savepakistan.cryptoIt is an résolution led by Kind organization in Pakistan, which acts as a cipher complexand they have hundreds of different organizations they connect with, on the ground, in Pakistan.

They have the ability to Make sure the money is used the right way It is delivered directly to the people who need it most.

What is the état in Pakistan? What are people going through and what can be done to help them?

the above: Currently Pakistan Paying a heavy price for unanime climate modifié. The flood caused a A potential economic loss of $30 billionBesides the economic loss that Pakistan will need to recover from, as we are witnessing More than 6.4 million people are left behind with insufficient access to basic needs such as housing, food, water, medical aid, etc..

Even after the flood is over, it may take years for Pakistan to fully recover from this disaster. Hopefully, other than just donating, people realize that unanime warming is having an incidence on humans. It is not embout who is causing climate modifié or who is responsible for it, but rather embout accepting that we are division of a generation that must do what we can to attaque climate modifié. Small changes often have the biggest incidence.

Cardano for Pakistan
Statistics on flood damage in Pakistan

What advantages do blockchain and NFT technology bring to donations? What does the process genre like and how can donors make sure that their money reaches the desired habileté?

the above: Personally, I think this is not an advantage from a technical expectative but from a expectative Strong community expectative! The Crypto space in general is a narrow group of people who are all in the same boat and want a brighter financial future for the next generation. especially At Cardano, people verge together and étai each other to achieve this gardien de but.

Thanks to that mindset, projects like Cardano for Pakistan, It can bring everyone together and help, no matter what technology and what blockchain cales it.
but, This technology allows us to provide full transparency to our shareholders embout how the funds are moved, transferred and likely to be allocated.

This is the power of Crypto, which is why initiatives like peluche that don’t have a complex fondation can Create a project like this and take full responsibility by the community.

I wish you good luck! Any closing comments? Where can people learn more and donate?

the above: As élémentaire as it may seem, a “Thank you” to anyone who has interacted with Cardano For Pakistan in any shape or form. Any donation will helpand even simply Share the enseignement, you are division of the enseignement! <3

Disclaimer: The opinions and views of the interviewees are their own and do not necessarily reflect those of the Cardano Foundation or the IOG. Furthermore, this aise is for educational purposes, and does not constitute financial advice.

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