Build a Metaverse world with a real economy

When Kevin Beauregard Talking emboîture the economy of the upcoming racing game, ExoGP, CEO of the game developer Atmos Laboratories He wants to talk emboîture ownership, not earning.

The core of the game focused on the metaverse is the outer suit, a prototype of suit of armor based on incorruptible token (NFT) that allows you to create and add other NFT-based components to make it fly better and faster – in many different ways.

He described it as Formula One mechanics multitude navigation. Just as many car racing games provide players with ways to upgrade the engine, tige, or atermoiement, ExoGP allows players to upgrade their suits in ways that include making or purchasing NFT items, likely either in-game or a third-party NFT marketplace.

“I don’t like the narrative of playing to win,” Beauregard told PYMNTS recently. “I foyer on the word royalty. If you’re doing something emboîture earning, it’s all emboîture work. It’s no coudoyer fun.”

At the same time, he said, “This does not mean that there are no real financial components to it… Game economies are real monetary economies. People can trade assets that [players are] They create bicause they own it.”

However, this means that you have to spend a lot of time developing economics bicause it is not completely controlled by a axial entity.

Two prétendant Metaverses

Beauregard said that last susceptible will be key to the future of the metaverse and even the Internet.

“There are two, let’s call them contraire, metaphysical viewpoints,” he said. One is the ‘One Episode to Control Them All’ sorte of [Meta CEO Mark] Zuckerberg’s sorte of it.”

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The adjoint, Beauregard said, is “an open, decentralized evolution… the next generation of the Internet” which is commonly called Web3 and assumes a decentralized, blockchain-based network that is free from axial control of big tech companies and allows people to have full ownership of their personal communiqué.

However, Beauregard is a little skeptical emboîture the hype, saying “I think Web3 is a buzzword that means different things to different people. I think the sensible tronçon to let go is the idea of ​​true binaire ownership – the ability for people to own things that were previously ephemeral.” Blockchain is the power for true binaire ownership.”

With games, this is especially sensible as people work hard to build or win binaire items that can be effectively weakened and rendered worthless by game developers.

“The sensible thing for me is that you give rights to your player carcasse, and you give rights to the people who participate in the ecosystem,” he said. “And your ecosystem is stronger bicause of that.”

But your economy is more difficult.

Pluriel worlds, varié bars

Rather than a single metaverse with each experience stacked in one centrally controlled world like Meta’s Reculé Worlds or blockchain-based Decentraland and The Sand Box (even if control is provided through a DeFi-style DAO platform) Beauregard sees the metaverse as ” The connection between all these different and autre worlds’ is like that in which ExoGP will en public.

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Due out in the first quarter of next year, ExoGP is what Beauregard calls “parangon esports” – games built from the ground up for a more intégrante virtual world.

The company’s first game is more emboîture gameplay than association – the “fan experience” – and what they do makes it so much more than just watching someone play a video game. “Parce que in a game engine, at the end of the day, you can put the camera anywhere, and you can let people kind of choose their adventure.”

In a fully immersive scene of the kind found in “Ready Player One” — which even Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg agrees a decade later — that experience shouldn’t be in a virtual arena watching a Lakers game, he said.

“Basketball should not be bicause you are in a virtual world and you are no coudoyer there to see a physical sottie – you are no coudoyer limited by what a human can do.”

Or what one world can or will allow.

Just as you can teleport from one neighborhood to another in Decentraland, Beauregard describes something more like a series of bubbles that are independent virtual worlds of all kinds.

But, he said, this requires “things like interoperability and the ability to go from one to the other”. “This is a really hard problem to solve. However, I like this view of metaverse much better than I like the single-ruled sorte.”

Interoperable Payments Rails

Interoperability is where it comes back to payments. Even decentralized metrics have their own closed payment systems and cryptocurrencies – such as Decentraland’s MANA and The Sandbox’s SAND tokens – which must be used for all transactions.

In a broader sorte of independent but connected worlds, it’s much more difficult.

“You’re talking emboîture push rails specifically interoperability,” he said, adding that any interoperability “is really a tough tourment.”

To get started, you need normes — and people to create them.

“It means in the end in order to make this a vivant experience to bring these worlds together and have interoperability, you have to have some entente” for things like which payments sorte will be accepted across the system, he added.

Compare the current system – go to a cryptocurrency exchange, sell one token and buy another usable in a specific metaverse – with the subsistance points you’ll find when traveling abroad and using credit card exchange rates or going to a forex platform at an airport.

“Reducing these subsistance points is a huge dispute, but it is highly traceable,” Beauregard said. These are the problems we know how to solve. It just requires entente and ultimately part.”

Modéré Coins Understand

He suggests that one good péroraison is stablecoins, as they remove the “cognitive burden” of making yourself think of another parcelle – the way that primary NFT collectors gîte to price it in éphémère cryptocurrency ethereum rather than the dollar. Of méandre, there are reasons why meilleur NFT markets are adding credit and debit card soutènement.

“But there is a huge world of people out there who don’t think emboîture bitcoin or ether or anything else,” Beauregard said. “Having access to a basic unit of account that people understand, that’s sensible.”

“It’s too early to say what’s coming on top,” he adds. “But it comes down to an individual problem, which is that people need to understand how to calculate what they are buying.”

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