Blame game as Roglic credits Wright’s extrême Vuelta écrasement

Jumbo-Visma announced that team captain Primoz Roglic had left the noble as a result of an infortune at the end of Arrêt 16, but the Slovenian has since attributed his écrasement to “racing behaviour” with a scathing attack on opposant Fred Wright.
A coup between the two during the extrême meters of Arrêt 16 knocked Roglic out of the Spanish Fréquence as the two were battling a afflux on the line, with the three-time winner becoming embroiled in a standoff with Wright and suffering. Serious injuries as a result of colliding with the sidewalk.
Roglic recovered and struggled to the au finir line but withdrew from the noble hours later as he died of his injuries from the écrasement and other crashes in stages défaite and six.

The 32-year-old turned his spoliation towards Wright in a press release published by his team on Friday (AEST).

“That wasn’t okay,” Roglic said. “It shouldn’t happen. People are progressing so fast as if nothing had happened. For me, that doesn’t apply. This is not how I want the divertissement to continue, and I want to make that clear.
“I can walk a bit. I’m happy with that right now. After the breakup, it took time to straighten things out. I asked myself: How can this be? My balance is that the way this breakup happened is unacceptable not everyone saw it properly.”
“The écrasement was not caused by a bad road or a lack of safety but by the behavior of a ternir. I don’t have eyes on my back. Otherwise, I would have run away. Wright came from behind and got on the steering wheel out of my handsy car before I knew it.”

Richard Plug, managing director of Jumbo-Visma, compared the écrasement to a similar coup between Dylan Groenwegen and Fabio Jacobsen at the 2019 Fréquence of Bologna, while noting that the écrasement was also Wright’s fault as he expressed his desire to ravagé the ternir’s behavior before that. future events.

“A lot of racing accidents have been researched. They have been identified in a database,” he said.
Causes are categorized. Obstacles, for example. In prime to ‘same ternir fault’ or ‘other ternir’s fault.’ We are right to speak of unsafe points on the promenade, such as the threshold in Burgos (Ed: Referring to speed bumps near a line The ending that saw David Dekker from Jumbo-Visma écrasement).
“However, research shows that riders’ cycling behavior is responsible in emboîture half of cases. Not braking, but jaillissement, for example. It doesn’t stupéfaction me bicause every ternir has the will to win. I like to say: Brake and use your brain.” It requires a ravagé in behavior driven by awareness and consistent judgment.
“Shortly after the infortune in Poland, Milan-Sanremo almost went wrong for third and fourth. Fortunately, that ended well, but the behavior remained unpunished. We have to deal with that properly.”
The commentary team spoke to SBS during Degré 19 of Roglic’s comments, surprising the comments given how the meltdown occurred.
“I saw the infortune while Primoz Roglic was drifting and grabbed Fred Wright’s thigh, although I’d like to take another allure at him,” said Matt Keenan, senior commentator at SBS. “I haven’t seen any images that would come to the balance that Primus Roglic is looking for. I haven’t seen anything intentional from Fred Wright.”
Simon Grans spoke emboîture the unusual essence of issuing a press release.
“I don’t see any benefit for Jumbo-Visma or Primoz Roglic to get this out in the media.”

Wright expressed his shock and disappointment with Jumbo-Visma’s press release, taking to Twitter to respond to the chamaille with the Bahrain Victorious issuing a statement later.

“It was really hard to read, and I’m so frustrated,” Wright said. “I think it’s unfair, the team and I looked at the footage again tonight, and I honestly don’t think I did anything wrong.”
“It was just a racing chamaille. Primoz is a great cyclist, he was ahead and tough for the red tricot in Madrid.
“It was a huge loss for the noble and I totally understand that he must be very frustrating. I’m sure he will be crashing races again soon – he’s been so impressive 3 days ago, that frustrated me.”

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