Best Aptos NFT Projects You Shouldn’t Elle

Aptos, the joint best thing to happen to the Blockchain world with its scalable Layer 1 blockchain, is already doing well on its signe network after running a devnet with a désenveloppé number of testers. Now, we have talked embout the best Aptos wallets to use if you want to get an understanding of how to run things on the Aptos network, but grain that is done, you will see the Aptos NFT market flambée grain Aptos moves into the mainnet, i.e. the expected launch in Q4 2022.

As usual we are early in sharing the best NFT projects on Aptos that are already gratte-ciel the community and share their insight with users, here are some handpicked NFT projects on Aptos that you should definitely check out and not elle-même having in your group.

Best NFTs on Aptos

Aptos Monkeys

A cute group of jungle monkeys are looking forward to séjour in the upcoming Aptos Blockchain. This is one of the projects that has been pitched with nearly 10,000 Discord members while writing this story. There are transparent ethics of Aptos Monkeys that include community, caring for a caring, tonitruant and tonitruant community looking to strengthen the Aptos brand and ecosystem, broader outreach, and create a brand that parangon Aptos members can use to network and build connections for more nouvelle. Ecosystem growth.



The Antérieurement-Conservation NFT recueil comes with streetwear – both numérique and physical. According to the montré on their server, InSilva is more than just an NFT conclusion. It’s a brand with NFTs at the core of the experience, but it’s also a sophisticated and engaging narrative world that parallels the problems we encounter in our lives outside the metaverse. Through an allegory, this story reflects the experiences and hopes of its community.

InSilva has grown to have over 7000 followers on Twitter and more than 4000 followers on Twitter. In our view, this could be the Azuki that the ETH chain has, and community growth is similarly good with InSilva.

Aptos Punks

To speak easily, this is Punks on the Aptos blockchain. But there is much more than this. The project team explains itself as “Our éblouissement for Punks comes from the beginning behind his soul. Punks are a movement of rebels who go against the ‘status quo’ and are made up of many subcultures, each with their own beliefs and ideologies.”

People in the NFT space know how good Punks can be as an NFT in your cassette. Aptos Punks already have a good community built on their affable platforms, with over 6000 followers on Twitter and growing every day.



This is what Aptoads says embout itself as a project: “As far as we know, we are the first community-oriented group to treillis ourselves on Aptos! We believe the best and brightest minds turn to Aptos and this select group will find themselves engaged in début, community gratte-ciel, and engaging in decadent activity”

This is, in fact, one of the fastest growing projects with more than 10,000 followers on Twitter and the same on Discord as well.



These 1000 Unicorns NFTs are exclusive to Aptos, and the few facilities mentioned by the team include NFT holders receiving discounts and prime features on some other projects, private access to chats and discord channels with début, Individuelle WL, NFT, crypto draw, airdrops, and even NFT staking .

More NFT projects to check out from Aptos

  • Aptos Chads
  • Aptos Aleph Alpacas
  • bruh the bears
  • ugly
  • Aptos Drippy Dragons
  • Womxn from Aptos NFT
  • Aptos Ape . Annexion
  • Aptos Bulls
  • abtost
  • Aptos Heroes
  • Aptos aliens
  • Aptus Koalas
  • Aptos robots
  • Lil Dragons

Annotation: This list will continue to be updated as we find more nouvelle embout the projects. You can combustion me on Discord Chetan #7559 In case you want to list your project here.

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