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Winner: The Benalla Volant Canne held their noble finals last week, with the Astros winning the Premiership.

Benalla Volant Volumineux Extrême Results

On a cold winter’s end night, the Volumineux Extrême was played with incredible energy and dedication.

The end results were the Astros beating Pirates 243-233 by a very close margin of just 10 points, a really impressive result for a extrême.

Three ludisme winners that night Peter M, John T, John S, Adam J for Astros and Pirates Rachel F and Sathya, you did well this ludisme up, they made the night so exciting.

We also had a presentation on competition player Rob Warner.

All votes counted, it was shared between James Fernandez and Lachlan Gibbs, so bravos to both players for sharing this honor.

We now have a two week voiture and then resume with two jogging nights starting October 5th with the next competition starting on Wednesday October 19th.

So for any returning player or new player please let Tim at 0417537135 to écussonner your name, or just go to practice nights and let them know.

We’ll have them next year: Benalla’s Volumineux Volant Championship runner-up.

Benalla Men’s Golf Canne Results

Upcoming events: Today, Wednesday, September 21, is a fixed event, and Saturday, September 24, is also a fixed event.

Results: September 14

On Wednesday, September 14, 35 players competed in the Stylisteward event.

Today’s succès, 42 points, was shared by Ross Allen to win the first class with Dave Dunster and first-class runner-up with 41 points. Bruce Griffith, 35, won the Class B class with Treff Wilmott as runner-up with 33 points.

nearest pins –

The third brotherhood carpentry: none

Eighth Benalla Golf Magasin: Steve Segers

9 Benalla’s Vault: Nothing

Twelfth Ray White Benalla: Jim Tolberg

The Thirteenth Fare of Pomelo: Wayne McQuill

ball competition –

35 Tim Sims, Chris Dobby, 34 Phil Dunges, 33 Sam Sims, 32 Pete Smith, Eric Houlihan, Jared McKinnar

Keith Wright won the Michael Smith Incentive Award.

Results: Sep 17

Last Saturday, September 17, 11 players competed in the Stableford event, in very difficult circonstance.

Brian Hollins was the winner with 34 points and Darren Waitingslow was the runner-up with 33 points in the countdown.

nearest pin –

Olivers Mainsland I: Nothing

Carpentry of the Third Brothers: Ross Allan

8th Benalla Golf Magasin: Brian Hollins

9 Crypt, Pinala: None

12 Ray White, Benalla: Brian Hollins

13th Benalla Furniture Removal: Steve Kjar

! Kentucky Fried Chicken Bisannuelle 7: Nothing

ball competition –

33 Brian Convery and Ross Allan.

Benalla Bowls Canne

internal vessels

Monday 12 September: Thirteen bowlers have played 3 matches of 8 Triple Ends. The winners are D McIntyre (Skip), L Taylor and D Gulbin with 3 wins and 23 shots. Runners-up are R Edwards (skip), I Brond and M Cromie with 2 wins and 1 shot.

external vessels

Pactole Triples – Wednesday 14th September

Pactole Triples attracted entries from 18 teams, with a accompli of 54 players. We welcomed visitors from Mansfield, Moira, St James and Swanpool in moderate and sunny/cloudy circonstance. The winning team for the day was T Armstrong (Skip), J Lia and M Binnie with 15 shots. In collègue vrai was Anna Hobson (skip), Bee Hogg and Anna Brond with 13 shots.

pactole pairs Friday, September 16

Unfortunately canceled due to the weather.

Pennant practice Saturday 17 September

We had to cancel this practice ludisme against YMGCR due to the weather. This ludisme will be rescheduled for early October. Check out the facturé boards for more details.

Canne Championships Sunday, September 25

The BBC Open Quartet Extrême will take vrai on Sunday, 25 September. Check the facturé boards for when to start.

Indoor adult biennial results

Tuesday, September 13: Winners – Graeme Sharp, Ruth Lake, Les Saunders, Jan Holmes and Morey Ryan.

Runners-up – Linda Schulze (team), Val King, Florence Wright and Bev Lindsay.

Friday, September 16: Winners – Ryan Mulavi, Ruth Lake and Lee Saunders. Runners-up – Val Haag, Fran Capplehorn and Florence Wright.

Saturday 17th September: Winners – Ruth Lake(s), Dolce Mitchell and John Gillette. Runners-up – Biff Lindsey (s), Ryan Mulavi and Nita Woods.

Benalla Prothèse results

Applaudissement to George Wagner and Kay Smith for their extraordinaire percentage on Wednesday. Some of our members have been well recently or have had surgery – we hope you recover well and will soon be back at the card tables.

Prothèse Canne now offers lessons for people interested in learning how to play Prothèse. If you or any of your friends would like to participate, call Peter at 04-18587573 for details.

Monday 12th September

North and South

1. Jenny and Alan Munger 60.4%

Eq 2. George Wagner and Marjorie Phillips 52.9%

Equivalent to 2. Coral Day and Dawn Heggy 52.9%

East West

1. Norma Hodgson and Mick Kelly 59.6%

2- Peter Nelson and Ray Shepherd 54.2%

3- David Morton and Ann Thompson 52.5%

Wednesday 14th September

North and South

1. Kay Smith and George Wagner 68.8%

2- Jenny Munger and Wayne Sipier 56.3%

3. Jackie Rubera and Helen Price 55.8%

East West

1. David Morton and Peter Nelson 57.1%

2- Joe Wise and Neil Cavidon 52.9%

3- Marjorie Phillips and Peter Holmes 52.5%

Benalla barème tennis results


Echidnas had won 3-2 over the Taipans. John Holscher and Brian Harrington of Team Ekidnas combined well in the jumeaux to narrowly beat Stephen Lane and Matt Parkinson of Taipans. Both games go to Tie Breakers 22-20 and 23-21.

Rosella scored a convincing win over Kookaburras 4-1. Gareth Purnell’s victory over Charlie DeWine was the only success for Kookaburras.

Owls’ Mick Kelly and Fiche O’Conner beat Possum’s Michelle Feldtmann and Stephen Mahon.

The Spleen’ Jamal MacDonald and Steve McCallum beat Nader Barnabas and Pauline Hooper of the Wallabies 3-2.

mark b

Bullants’ John Spencer and Bruce Forster took a comfortable win over Emus’ Stuart Jones and Helen Sharp 4-1. The highlight was Bruce’s 2-0 win over Stewart, only for the Bullants to win.

The Phascolome had won 5-0 on the gliders.

The Eagles won a tight ludisme 3-2 over the Numbats. The difference was that Patrick Cornell won twice in the singles and then teamed up with Amber Heaney in the jumeaux in a 2-1 win over Numbats Geraldine Moloney and Elliot McCallum.

The Frogs had a close fight with the Mozzies, winning 3-2. Will Smith’s win over Mozzies number one Michael Mavrisi was the difference between the two teams.

C . degree

The Hawks defeated the Magpies 3-2. The Hawks’ associé of Anne Grosser and Ann Degan managed to win their reverse song against the Hawks’ Ronda Gibbs and Beth Grant.

The Dovs team of Greg Cornell and Sienna Pagada achieved a comfortable 5-0 victory over Koalas, Javid Kancherla and Andrea Cathcart.

Swanpool Night Spectacle and Répertoire Tennis Area

The night of the spectacle was held at Tatong Tavern where embout 40 players and families celebrated the end of the season with a meal and prizes for the best teams and players.

The métaphorique depicts two new players, Wesley Shea on the left who received a cheerleading award and Sienna Bajada on the right who won the Young Player of the Year award.

Sienna played with the top-tier competition winners, the Bombers, and her father John was the season’s best player.

The third arquer player was Lieu noir Exton. In collègue vrai were Andrew Marriott of Phascolome, Nader Barnabas, and Kyle Pierce.

First reserve winners were Tiger Paul Shea, David Bear and Wesley Shea, and the runners-up were Bruce Forster, Rob Erskine, Hailey and Tammy Pearce.

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