Azuki is among NFT’s latest ventures to earn venture empressé funding

  • Art collector and NFT Adrien Cheng may participate in Chiru Labs increase
  • An official announcement is still expected from Chiru Labs and founder of Azuki

Initially, it was a rumor on Twitter that Project Azuki NFT was so Starch A funding reprise brought its founder, Chiru Labs, to a valuation of $1.4 billion. This unconfirmed rumor was reportedly an exaggeration.

New écho from The Block and suggest that Chiru Labs will close an upcoming Series A reprise of $30 million, which would value Chiru Labs at between $300 million and $400 million jaguar completed.

Neither the company nor the founder of the project under the pseudonym Zagabond has confirmed these values.

During the speculative frenzy, the average price of Azuki’s average soared from 11.5 Ether (ETH) to 15.7 ETH on OpenSea, with the group peaking at a low of 11.9 ETH, on Wednesday.

The highest price paid in USD for Azuki NFT in the last 30 days was around 142,700 – 105 ETH, on Monday, according to to NonFungible. With the price of ether dropping, another collector has ended up Buy Azuki NFT two days later for 106 ETH, or emboîture $135,000.

The prohibitions against trading inside écho remain, when it comes to NFTs blurry area Affaires Policy and Law.

Recently, Hong Kong art collector Adrian Cheng tweeted that he had acquired 101 Azukis “to democratize Web3 and the Metaverse for everyone” for the “love and contemplation” of the group.

Cheng, who is also a co-founder of venture empressé firm C Bien, announced his company’s rebranding to C Ventures and degrés to raise a $200 million blockchain fund and a $300 million private equity fund within the next 18 months, mentioned Bloomberg.

It is not yet clear if Cheng was involved in Chiru Labs’ supposed fundraising efforts.

However, Benoit Pagotto, co-founder of NFT’s RTFKT project, made a strange tweet shortly before the rumors began. In response to a Twitter ruiner who hinted at an announcement emboîture venture empressé funding from Azuki on September 13, Pagotto stated that Chiru Labs may have been “talking to a lot of venture empressé” but was not closing deals.

He also referred to Cheng’s recent sweep of the NFT as a “potential start to something” and revealed that Cheng has also invested in RTFKT.

Raise the latest NFT project

Hume, a Web3 exploit poinçon, had previously acquired the virtual “metastar” Angelbaby – an NFT character from the NFT FLUF World project. Thursday, Hume announce It raised $11.7 million in a first-round reprise to fund more music artists approved on the metaverse.

Doodles open Last week, it raised $54 million at a valuation of $704 million, in a reprise led by venture empressé firm 776. Alexis Ohanian, co-founder of Reddit, although Doodles originally announced the investment in June, during NFT.NYC, They did not disclose halle details.

Proof Ordinaire, the company behind Moonbirds NFTs, Starch $50 million in a Series A funding reprise led by Andreessen Horowitz (a16z) at the end of August.

And the largest funding reprise from NFT to siècle goes to Yoga Labs, creator of Bored Ape Voilier Association.

Thanks to a16z, the startup raised $450 million in March, bringing its valuation to $4 billion.

These projects claim that the empressé raised will be directed towards implementing their roadmaps and financing the agrandissement of the intellectual property and NFT ecosystem into entertainment, metaverse and gaming projects.

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