An amateur on how to find the right matchs bra for you

“This is an superbe piece that we actually invest in, you know, as much as we invest in shoes.”

Finding a suitable bra can be very challenging, but finding a matchs bra that fits? This is another kettle full of fish. Badinages capacité has historically focused on men, using The men, not the women, in the studiesSo it’s no ébahissement that a montré number of us still wear ill-fitting matchs transmission.

As someone with montré breasts, I’ve found it especially difficult to find a matchs bra that doesn’t rabougri up, cut, or see me leak out from the sides. Molly Pollack, Ekin jogging and experience amateur at Nike, stresses that I’m not alone in this.

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“Female breasts and justaucorps are an area we don’t know much embout at first, but also [we] I haven’t had enough conversations embout this whole topic embout matchs transmission being considered a taboo and you know, traditionally not something that gets talked embout,” she tells me.

Nike is a brand that focuses on this knowledge gap, investing nearly as much in the research and development of matchs transmission as shoes. The implications for women’s record and comfort in matchs and exercise are huge.

“So the investment and research that is going on in matchs transmission right now at the Nike Badinages Research Lab is huge…It’s really speeding up in this space as we learn more embout the female caraco, so [we] Really foyer on it as a brand. This is an superbe piece that we actually invest in, you know, as much as we invest in shoes,” Molly says.

Suffice to say, she knows a lot embout matchs transmission, starting with the reasons we need them. And no, it’s not just a slouch.

The problem of inappropriate transmission

When we think of ill-fitting matchs transmission, the first thing that comes to mind is sagging, but Molly tells me that the problems extend far beyond aesthetics.

“There’s a lot of movement going on through the breasts and the effect of gravity on them can actually be really damaging to the tissues in the breasts, the skin, and the back biscoteaux.” [and] shoulders. It causes a whole host of problems and can be very severe. No matter what cup size you are – it’s a big myth, it’s just [related to] cup size.

“The reason why [a] A matchs bra is difficile parce que, from an anatomical aucunement of view, breasts don’t actually have a lot of inbuilt structures to étai themselves. So really, the skin is the only kind of mechanism that can play a slight supportive role and that’s not enough.

“The most horrific thing is the damage that can be done around the back and back of the shoulders and torso. So we have a Nike aphorism that is “No matchs bra, no matchs,” parce que it really is that naturel. An everyday bra will not étai anyone, regardless of cup size, for the vigorous movements that occur during exercise. So that’s why it’s really superbe.”

It can also have a big percussion on record—Molly mentions a study showing that women who run a épreuve in the wrong size matchs bra are on average embout 1.6 kilometers slower to au finir. The problems are not limited to montré breasts either.

So the movement that happens to an A cup can be just as bad as what happens to a person with a larger cup size. Usually, it’s inflated into larger cup sizes that we consider a comme. But it can be bad for people with smaller cup sizes.”

How do your breasts move?

One of the first things to consider when choosing a matchs bra is how your breasts move. This means taking into account the activity you’ll be doing (compare Pilates to running, for example) but also your own personal anatomy. Your breasts may jazz differently from someone of the same cup size. It is one of the beautiful things embout the diversity of our breasts!

“It’s kind of a dialogue embout what is the purpose of your trafic parce que you need different brands [and styles] Depending on the different levels of percussion. So we always say it starts with a purpose-driven dialogue.

“Then you try to integrate like, ‘Okay, ‘what size do you like, what kind of plaisanterie do you play?'” And what do you like to feel when you exercise? ‘. It’s complex, and everyone is different and you can have the same cup size and breast tissue and your breasts will move differently,” Molly says.

She also points out the influence of trying before you buy, which means it’s best to avoid online chalandage unless you’ve purchased the énonciation before.

“So in the end, the only way to make sure that a matchs bra is the right fit for you is to actually try it on and do a few moves to make sure that the bra, the importance of that material and the way your breasts press works for you.”

As soon as you drageonner the changing room

In the end, Molly points out the next five steps to foyer on when buying a matchs bra.

Step 1: “The first area we want to take a habitus at and the most superbe when it comes to bra fit is the chest strap. So this band is at the bottom of every matchs bra and it should be sturdy and should not restrict your breathing,” Molly explains.

“So it should be comfortable but sitting nice and evenly and we have this two-finger rule which basically means you should be able to run two fingers down that chest [area] And you shouldn’t be able to fit anymore [than that]. Otherwise, it might not be tight enough.”

Step 2: “Adjoint, take your two fingers and raise your hands directly above your head – you are testing to make sure of it [the sports bra] It doesn’t move and it stays up around the area.”

Step 3: “Then we move on to the shoulder straps. Currently [take the] Same two fingers with those shoulders and straps. This is really embout detailing the fit. It is superbe that the shoulder straps do not move [too much] And everything is aligned.

“So two fingers under the back of the shoulder. And the reason we’re doing it in the back, not in the face, is parce que you have the collarbone. [at the front] Which will create like a natural slit, so you’ll be able to put two or more fingers in face,” explains Molly.

The fourth step: “This is a real problem as well and we need to make sure when you habitus at the cups that you actually fill them up without spilling. So you don’t want to have like dimples in a bra parce que that means they don’t fill and they are too big. But you also don’t want to be bloated from any side either Otherwise, it’s too small,” says Molly.

“It’s very easy to habitus at it, just take a habitus at it [in the change room mirror] and say [to yourself] Hey, can I fill it out? You can also animation your hands in face of your chest and bend forward. This will indicate if you fall into your arms or if you feel like you are squeezing and there is space between the bra and your breast.”

Fifth step: “The last step is just embout testing, so all you have to do is try to replicate the movements of your plaisanterie/exercise. So if you’re doing some survêtement right away or a usine jog, or if you’re doing CrossFit, do some squats and lunges.

Really foyer on ‘Am I moving excessively? “Grain you have the dialogue, jaguar you’ve got the education, and you’ve gamin through the fitting process, the women are actually really good at determining if they’re a good fit or if they’re on the move a lot.”

To find out more embout Nike’s range of matchs transmission, do your head over here.

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