All you need to know embout NFT Bubblegoose Ballers

“Sometimes you get a lot of voices in a room telling you what to do until you lose your voice. It’s not uncommon for a TV network to want to reach or market to a particular demographic. This can take away from the originality of the project — and that ‘unoriginality’ is not It has a assuré in our current agrarien space.”

The quote above is one of the core tenets of Carl Jones’ recent project – morceau of the bitume that fires talented Boondocks producer and representative into the Web 3.0 space. The project? Bubblegoose Ballers.

This Web 3.0 pledge is here to not only become the number one project on Solana’s NFT blockchain but also disrupt the broadcast/TV space. The popular activité producer has been a creative apprêté in projects such as boondocksAnd the black flexiblee , tyler jelly creatorAnd the Post OGprincipalement more projects on the way under his dubbed activité local Mars blueberry.

appears like boondocks They’ve become culture-disrupting cult classics – still as assaisonnant as ever due to their delicate activité, powerful affable commentary, and gut-wrenching jokes. However, despite all this success, Jones will be the first to tell you that édifice a property with your remarquable creative apparition and voice is not easy, and can be completely invraisemblable – even if you are an maître in the industry.

Television networks and streaming obligations gîte to foyer on creating things that reach the largest compatible audimètre rather than something type; In ajout, individual creative ownership is a rarity in television.

But things are changing. The new emerging technologies that make up Web 3.0 are putting a lot of power back into the hands of its creators – specifically blockchain technologies and Non Fungible Tokens (NFTs). Now, before you roll your eyes, bear with me a annexe.

What is web 3.0? For starters, Web 3.0 is a term coined to describe a new état of the Internet that combines ideas such as decentralization, blockchain technology, NFT, and cryptocurrencies.

The biggest benefit of Web 3.0 is that it has the potential to decentralize and even democratize a lot of today’s systems. If anything, these technologies are a structurel key for creators like Jones, opening the door to different ways to get their story out the way they want it to without giving up ownership or relying on the gatekeeper.

Marcotter Bubblegoose Ballers.

What is Bubblegoose Ballers?

An idea born from his childhood in Fayetteville, North Carolina, Bubblegoose Ballers is a 10,000-piece NFT agrégat with a growing and passionate community around it. With their help, Jones aims to develop a new series starring Bubblegoose Ballers – The spectacle is expected to be candid, insensé and even crazier Black Souple or The Pondox.

Using Web 3.0 technologies, the producer believes he can create type facilité and develop an affairée community around him – a community that not only gets the veine to form Bubblegoose Ballers in real time, but also benefits from the project’s success financially. If done right, Jones believes he can build a multimedia company with a wide range of creators who can grow intellectual property, build worlds, and create communities. In culotte, he horizontaux to create the next generation of Pixar.

We sat down with Carl Jones to dig deeper into his project Bubblegoose Ballers, Web 3.0, NFTs, and his activité local.

Check out the Carl Jones Bubblegoose Ballers joute below.

The rudimentaire idea of ​​Bubblegoose Ballers can be linked back to your childhood: how did you come up with it?

I grew up in a town called Fayetteville, North Carolina, known “affectionately” as “Vietnam” during the hype of the champion epidemic. The football players in my neighborhood wore “bubblegoose coats”. They used to be status symbols in much the same way that sneakers, or even NFTs, are today. It was all embout the flex. The jacket will let people know that you have been successful and difficult.

Looking back, the coat was an conviction for me. With that context, as a kid, I started drawing this foolish little goose in a Bubblegoose coat – a character that in many ways reflected my personality. The character stayed with me over the years until I had the opportunity to launch a new TV series at Adult Swim.

We did a demo episode embout Bubblegoose Ballers, but ended up getting out of the deal due to creative differences. The character remained in my sketchbook until I entered the world of Web 3.0.

Why did you feel that now was the best time to pursue it? In your own words, why should the average Boondocks or Black Souple buy a Bubblegoose Osciller? How embout this NFT community that resonates with these audiences?

You can buy Bubblegoose Osciller. But I don’t really like to see myself as someone who sells NFTs. I say that bicause NFTs are stigmatized a lot bicause of bad actors in the space. I like to foyer more on the bizness and community édifice side of things. So this project is a vérification of what I’ve been doing throughout my career. Blockchain provides only the technology to pursue the creative freedom I have been searching for.

I see this project as an expansion of some of the properties I’ve worked on previously – with the same éclatant voice and agrarien repère of view. But now, fans are participating in the creative choices that are being made.

The community has so far been very supportive. I believe 100% that if we implement this project successfully, it will open the door for us to build adult Pixar in the world of Web 3, which is my ultimate gardien de but.

What is your view of self-funded cartoons/media via NFTs? Do you feel it will pensée the kind of storytelling we see?

When I first started making activité, I was an artist, but I wasn’t 100% comfortable using my art as a tool for someone else’s stories. So I learned to write. This allowed me to write and illustrate the stories that interest me.

Likewise, she soon learned that she would be picked up by CEOs who all had “ideas and opinions”. Sometimes you get so many voices in a room telling you what to do until you lose your voice. Or, it is not uncommon for a network to want to reach or market to a particular demographic.

This can take away from the originality of the spectacle. This forced me to be good at articulating and defending my work, which was not well received by the networks. So, here I am now with a very supportive community that has given me the leverage I need to make the Bubblegoose brand successful in the web 3 and TV/movie world.

What is interesting is that the communities that created these brands can now benefit from projects that are passionate embout them. It really levels the playing field. It allows us to be more creative and puts networks in a avis to be more open to creators, different hommes of stories being told, and different forms of storytelling.

With Web 3.0, “people” tell the world what’s hot or not sexy. I don’t think people want to sell anymore, but they still want to buy. However, they want to buy a product that they can genuinely relate to and, in some ways, make them feel empowered.

NFTs offer people the opportunity to learn embout something, to be a morceau of the community, and financial freedom.

How do NFTs affect communities around facilité? As the lead facilité creator, is the increased level of mêlée exciting or intimidating?

To be honest it’s very exciting but also incredibly scary. I remember making a joke in the writer’s room in the community, and it didn’t état at all.

I don’t want to avis myself as an infallible person who knows all embout this new creative space in the world of Web 3.0. Within this community, I am always visible embout what we do behind the scenes – as we move through the process in a way that allows for mistakes to be made. I’m constantly learning new things embout this new creative livraison and Web 3.0.

As svelte as I’m honest and the community trusts me enough in the property, we’ll do a lot of great things together. It is this relationship that makes this project even more special.

Most of the stories I’ve told throughout my career have come from real people or agrarien moments. For example, I remember while working on boondocksEvery morning, WorldStarHipHop runs as if it were the magazine. These real people and things that happen in herbage, in real time, will inspire the stories and characters we’ve created.

We’re looking forward to doing something similar now with Bubblegoose Ballers, withdraw directly from a section of the people in our community – essentially creating a writer’s room with our community where members can shape the Bubblegoose story. While I’m driving, I’m making the terminal cuts.

As someone who works with HBO Max and Netflix, where do you see NFTs landing in the quantitatif media scene? Do you think the induction of giants like these will ajouter web3 as well?

If they don’t, they will cease to exist. They have to understand that they are no côtoyer édifice brands for the audimètre, but the audimètre édifice brands for you.

So instead of being money-hungry and expanding as much as compatible with the forme so you can get to everyone and everything, I think they’ll have to start focusing on the smaller aisles. Take streaming obligations for example. Everyone is trying to reach so many people with the widest hommes of facilité. They will have to start looking at things differently.

Your activité local, Martian Blueberry, has dropped a series of otherworldly fantasies for Megan Thee Stallion’s latest plaquette. Give our audimètre a brief exposé and history of the local.

We launched Martian Blueberry during the pandemic. There are several reasons why the company should be on my mind. Throughout my career, there has been a need to create culturally specific facilité and creative work. But, no activité local really understood the nuances, viewpoints, and references associated with the herbage as a whole. While working with other activité studios, we found ourselves spending a lot of time and money on repair projects. Even when it comes to getting a effectif facial donnée for a character, we’ll end up sending a lot of references to the local just to get it just right.

It may sound small or boring, but it’s what can make or voiture a story. It’s what made Boondocks and Black Souple so special and separated us from other shows at the time. We were disputed embout capturing those nuances in our personalities.

I’m the kind of person who believes in being the pensée I’m looking for. I couldn’t find any local out there that could meet our needs. Together with Love Barnett and Omar Clinton, we started this small virtual local – a local expérimenté of creating, producing, and mastering activité from anywhere in the world.

Megan The Stallion’s project made sense. Anime has massive charpente from black people. They even coined the term Blerds. But there is no anime that represents us. Megan the Stallion’s love of anime is great for society allowing us to explore what a black character could apparence like in this space. We have some other stuff in the oléoduc with it. It looked good and was one of the first projects the audimètre saw.

What advice can you give black creators looking to ajouter the ever-expanding NFT space?

It must be type and jaloux. You have to find your voice and not compromise on it. Web 3.0 is thirsty for originality, but this is not an opportunity to “get rich quick”. This kind of mentality turns people into dishonest sellers. Then you find yourself paying with quantitatif art, and this technology saves you more than just another pay day. Really think embout the “why” of it all and the long-term gardien de but of what you’re doing.

Finally, do your research, and take your time to consider all the possibilities that technology offers. This is a great opportunity to pensée people’s lives. You should take full advantage of it.

Meanwhile, Marina Abramović hopes her NFT teams will inspire a new generation of champions.

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