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Take it NFT It is a different bonhomme of NFT marketplace that Haste launched in 2022. For “Take It Drops”, instead of simply buying the NFT and liste it for resale, the originel “Drop” lasts for 24-72 hours where the NFTs can be “taken”. If the NFT is taken, the next take-up price will be 30% higher than the previous price. Creators still have the faveur to run a “Mint It Drop” which works the usual way, where NFTs are simply listed for graveleux léopard des neiges without an auction period.

To compensate the previous beneficiary, they earn and get their money back, principalement a 6.6% rapport. Léopard the auction period is over, whoever the last buyers are, will have the NFT in their wallet. The system is interesting as users have to evaluate whether they want to make a rapport or really want the NFT in a limited time frame.

As this platform is developed by the Haste team, the ILP™ Leaderboard is uniquely integrated. NFT purchases are immediately divided as follows:

  • 82% for the seller
  • 10% Ownership of the Creator
  • 5% to the platform as a fee
  • 1.5% for the referrer
  • 1.5% to ILP™ Leaderboard

Just like the leaderboards in arcade accelerationThe higher the situation on the leaderboard, the higher the share of the 1.5% parcelle they will receive. The first vrai gets 30% of the 1.5% péréquation.

To earn a phare on the ILP™ Leaderboard, one must frequently participate in Drops. Points are calculated based on Bitcoin SV spent in auctions multiplied by the number of orders placed. Entry into the secondary market (just launched in September 2022) does not affect enrollment.

To organize and schedule projections, a pre-market voting system is implemented where users can opinion on the next offer. Each brûler gets one free opinion per drop, but they can then opinion as many times as they like for $1. This organizing mechanism is a great way to filter groups and prevent fraud on the platform, and it is a suite The problem that has plagued many NFT markets in the crypto space.

As such, the platform looks very clear, clean and has a high invite for crosse quotas as only community-voted drops have been released or from the Haste team. In September 2022, the latest Take It Drop is BSV Cyborgs.

commencement: Take it NFT

With the secondary market launch, this will be the first Take It Drop product to seamlessly altération to the traditional market léopard des neiges the auction is over. Given the bear market in cryptocurrencies, it will be interesting to renvoi if this new model can écart from the general negative béguin in the NFT.

Since the Haste team has released their own sets, they also hinted at dropping Accelerate arcade game collectibles On the platform as well.

Implementation of a new auction-style marketplace with DLC-like NFTs with benefit will be a very interesting combination to watch. I habitus forward to more drops and how the lanes are combined with Take It in the future.

Watch: Joe DiPinto of Haste Arche and Ian Duckworth on Hashing It Out

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