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Journalist and writer Abdurrahman Dilipak explained the hidden danger facing children in today’s column. Criticizing the work of the metaverse, which President Erdogan also announced as “I declare the coming period as a period of digital mobilization,” Dilipak said: “A great detention is happening step by step. Do you know they steal our children. Everyone must be extremely careful to protect themselves from this end-time corruption.” mentioned.

Writer Yeni Akit Abdurrahman Dilipak’s column reads as follows:

“Games, cartoons provide your children with a virtual world and dull their imaginative abilities. They tap into their subconscious, record their reflexes, while your children are playing on the computer, the computer is playing with it.

Your child does not use the computer, the computer uses your child. While playing with the image on the screen, the computer screen sees and listens to the interior of the house. Little by little, the great detention is set up. With all your messages and interactions, you unravel thread by thread.

Do you know that artificial intelligence charges your mind beyond reading your mind with subliminal methods?

Do you know they steal our children? By transforming their habits of consumption and behavior, they play with their DNA and attempt to transform their gender.

Does a child say, “I don’t want to be human, I want to be a skateboarder”? He says because the child does not want to be human. He always does evil, kills. But the skateboard is constantly traveling, talking, can turn into a flying human, save people and sing.

The rabbit may also want to be tomorrow, children. Because in this world good animals can talk, fly and are very cute.

Your children’s dreams are hacked by “biohackers”, tomorrow their “dreams will also be stolen”. Remember, imagination is the mother of reality. Their dreams and dreams are a reflection of their subconscious. When your children wander off into the world of Augmented Virtual Reality, even though their bodies are with you, their minds and dreams may get lost in the dark streets of another world.

Your children now want to buy games instead of dreaming. In fact, he doesn’t buy games, he buys dreams. A professionally fictitious dream is much more realistic than his real dream.

Your children are now at risk of becoming addicted to games. It’s a real addiction. And since these games can cause your child to commit suicide, they can also turn him into a murderer. In this way, these children can be transformed into a medium and used as a bionic robot.

While we expect them to achieve this with 5G, these phones have come a long way on TV screens, computers and notebooks.

This threat is not limited to computer games and TV series. Subliminal messages are now obsolete. With “lucid dreams” and “astral travel”, Satan opens up new horizons (!) for our children. After equipping Neura Link and entering Meta Verse, you are no longer “you”. It’s the “Illuminati”, there you will be “created” again and you will be enlightened again by “augmented virtual reality”. After a name, you can experience an outdoor 3D visual spectacle with the support of “Neura Link” and the integration of 5G-6G-7G and “Star Links”. You may see angels or Christ descending from heaven. You can talk to the cat-dog.

Of course, you, the animal and the computer will be synchronized as “Object”. With “communication between objects”, you will be able to taste and smell the drink or food you see on the screen. Those who promise you “heaven on earth and eternal life are building such a world. They promise you such a future on the road to becoming God.

The vast majority of politicians invite your children to such “hell” with “heaven” on the sign. Lucifer and Lilith will be the main god of “Genesis”, the “creation” center of this Meta Verse(!) realm, and under their guidance your children will open your minds, hearts, religion, morals, tradition, even biological You will enter stripped of your sex, even of the body that binds you to the old world. “I’m talking about a ‘false paradise’ where your dead will be brought back to life as Avatars or ‘Chimeras/Klonoids’, where you will produce your own ‘Avatars’ and act ‘independent of time and space’!. He invites your children to renounce Heaven and the “virtual paradise” promised by Satan Children of Satan, Demons of Man. Do not let the devil deceive you with this “virtual paradise” (Meta Verse). Do not play with your Gen, be careful. Don’t come to this “game”. Let them not take your children for “gods” and make them slaves of Satan. Don’t sleep in a virtual paradise and wake up in a real hell. Remember that the owner of Satan and his virtual paradise is Allah!

Everyone must be extremely careful in order to be protected from this end-time fitnah. When Satan calls us to his paradise, he is not talking about worship, dhikr or trial. He invites you to the whims and whims of your soul. There is no religion, no morals, no sin, get away from it and there. Don’t approach him.

Don’t be alone with your soul, deep. Otherwise you will perish. When you wake up in one of the gayya pits of Hell after stepping through the gate they call Heaven, it may be too late.

Look, society is constantly provoked by the media. The parties are the main provocateur. Come come! It’s a dangerous descent. What Akif said: “I think most of you don’t see the wrong path he took.” Crowds run towards what they think they are fleeing. Let us know, the end of this madness is frustration! It’s like running downhill. “Stop the crowds, stop, this street is a dead end”. Shut up first those damned trolls, they are becoming provocateurs. Let’s be careful, the “ridiculous creature called Civilization, the monster with only one tooth left” grinds its teeth to the right and left of our conflicting parties, first to tear them apart, then to provoke each other, to create wealth and power for themselves over our blood and tears.

They not only penetrate our minds but also our bodies with impact mechanisms on food and medicine, cosmetics and the environment. Pay attention to what you eat, drink, look, hear, smell. I say stay out of their EM coverage. Otherwise, you will lose your money, your property and even your life. No money, no property. There is no haram in being a god. It all depends on your TENDENCY, ORIENTATION, EXPERIENCE and PREFERENCE. No school, no military service. No unemployment either! There is no state. No police either. Because there is no crime. Those who have already downloaded something into your brain will not allow harmful thoughts to occur, and if they do, they will suppress them. If problems persist, you may be plunged into an eternal sleep. And this time you can be kept alive in the realm of dreams. Your brain and your gene are already duplicated. You will always be happy. Because happiness is a biochemical reaction and you can be happy at the level you want with just one click. You are not bound by time and place. You can know everything, you are not bound by time and place, you can time travel. (You listened to an announcement)

The Meta Verse presented to you today is the META of this profession, the script is much more complete. The infrastructure is not yet fully formed. From today they present it as a game-entertainment or a new market. ‘ and society, against the ‘Global reset’ists. a great danger and crime)

The decision is yours, they have either bought off your politicians, scientists, media, art world, bureaucrats, businessmen, NGO barons, or bullied them, silenced them or convinced them with their own methods. Now the decision is yours. If you ask me, turn your face to God and say La Ilahe. Otherwise, if you do it like in Pandemic Pantomime, you know. “Your life is yours”, you decide for yourself as free individuals. I said, “Lord, don’t leave me to myself, I take refuge with you from the evil of the stoned Satan. Do not leave me alone with my soul, show me Truth as Truth, false with false and allow us to come together in Truth. Guide us in the path of those whom you have blessed, not of those who incur wrath. I say: “O Lord, Merciful and Merciful, Lord of the Day of Judgment”, my life and my death belong to Allah alone. Everyone has their own religion. With my greetings and prayers.”

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