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It is an honor for us to work in a school where dozens of writers rub shoulders. Here are the stories of my children’s writers today…


In the 1800s, a woman was putting her baby to sleep, which was not easy on the cold Erzurum evening. She was the woman who knew him best. At that point, he should swing it to his feet. Telling stories was the thing that worked the most at that time. Erzurum’s wife was not going to tell fables or fairy tales. Of course, he was talking about the regions of Erzurum. At first he thought he was explaining the Double Minaret. His breath caught in the air as a cold cat from the Double Minaret meowed. When he looked at the baby saying when he came out after going through many doors, he fell asleep and was very happy.


On winter morning, the cat committee met for a very important matter. It was about finding food for the winter. While the cat committee was fighting, the old cat said: Everyone should bring all the food they can find at this time. Cat delegation: – Why bring food? Mentioned. The old cat says: – You do what I say, so I’ll explain it to you. The cats brought all the food they could hardly find. Food was so plentiful that 3 winters were enough for everyone. -Instead of arguing, he said, every problem will be solved if everyone unites and agrees.


One summer day, the lion, the bear and the fox go hunting. They saw a sheep on the road and attacked it. The fox put the sheep on the ground, the bear killed the sheep and finally the lion cut the sheep into 3 parts. Then they shared it. Aslan took the first piece in front of him and said: This is my share. The bear and the fox were waiting for their share. The lion says: – It is my part because I cut the meat. The bear and the fox fixed their eyes on the last piece.


It was a spring day. Nature was waking up. The snow was melting and the flowers were starting to bloom. Flowers and trees are very important to us. Because they clean the air, but most people who don’t know cut down our trees, smoke them and throw them in nature and burn forests. One of them from my father, they harm not only the prayer but also themselves, but they are not aware of it. The air he draws from the cigarette damages the lungs and harms those around him as a passive smoker.


It was an autumn day. When I got up in the morning and looked out the window, everything was white and it was very cold. I had a stray cat. Her name is Miya, thinking she might freeze from cold, I immediately left the house and started looking for her. I did not find it in its place. Although I looked everywhere, he was not there, I entered the house sadly. My mother asked me why I was upset. So I told him, and my mother said: – Don’t worry, it’s not time for him to come here yet, he will come soon.


It was a spring morning. The birds were chirping, the sun was smiling. Merv the cat was wandering in the woods. Suddenly, the lion was both his sworn enemy and the king of the jungle. He was very, very scared when he saw the lion. Because when the cat went hunting one day, the lion took one of its cubs and ate it. When the lion saw the cat, he started chasing it. After the cat escaped from the lion, he decided to have a meeting with the forest animals. Among the animals present at the meeting were a dog, a bear, a giraffe and a frog. Cat Mernav explained what happened one by one. Of course, the animals were also angry at this situation. This situation dragged on and on. Eventually, it spread throughout the forest. Everyone started shouting: – We want justice, we will not give up our rights. Seeing this, the lion decided to make a speech.


It was a winter morning. My mother went to my grandmother. I wanted something sweet. Since I didn’t want to wake my father, I decided to go to the market myself. On the way to the market, I saw that a tree had not lost its leaves. My father came out into the garden looking curiously at the tree. He asked me what I was doing here. So I showed this tree to my father. And I asked him why he didn’t lose his leaves. He told me that the name of this tree is pine and this tree does not lose its leaves even in winter. He added: “Come inside, you’re going to catch a cold.”


It was a summer day and there was a piece of lion. The reason it was part of a lion was because it was a small lion and the name of the lion part was Enes. If the father of this piece of lion was the king of the forest, his mother was the king of cooks, that is, the queen of delicacies. His father’s name was Mükremin’s mother’s name was Badem Gül. One day Baba went out and caught 5 rabbits, 3 mice and 6 wolves. When she got home, the mother gave it to the lion, and the mother lion made a good stew. After a good meal, the piece of lion went to rest. He was about to go to bed, so there was a knock on the door and his friend the bear was at the door.

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