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Wednesday, May 4, 2022 Istanbul Horse Racing Predictions

1. RUN:
We will be offering a bench, albeit a bit risky, in the 3-year-old Briton’s inaugural 1900m turf race.

Ezelhan, number 4, whom we recommended to you in the foreground when we were in surprise position, left the race in third place because he stumbled.

In the following race he was retired from the race for injuring his rider on the starting machine.

We mentioned that this colt will run a lot more on the grass track and especially in long distance races.

If he has no mishaps entering and leaving the start today, he will certainly run a lot.

In this race, which will start at a slow pace, he is expected to follow the race to fourth or fifth place without keeping up with the fast pace that awaits him and winning with his serial attacks on the straight.

The bank can be written.


The 3 conditional races for 4 years and over will take place on a 2200 meter synthetic sand track.

The number 1 siempre ganador can be considered a step ahead, with adequate preparations and the preference of Gökhan Kocakaya.

Although he is a horse capable of lifting weights, the difference in weight between him and his competitors gives us pause.

For this reason, we have to write a competitor.

In particular, we are in favor of the writing of husband number 6 Seyid and number 5 Gödek on this track and this distance.

The number 7 of the real patek is not to be neglected with its good preparations.

The slow pace of the race will benefit black rock number 9.

If he takes the lead with a good exit from the inside lane, he can punish those who don’t write.

If we add this thoroughbred to the coupons, we can skip this step.

Our numerical order is 1, 6, 5, 7 and 9.


3 conditional races of 3-year-old Arab foals will take place on 1000 meters of synthetic sand track.

Tuğçem, number 6, ran very successfully in both races.

His notes can easily suffice for this group.

Under the Kocakaya administration, we see him close to victory.

We will propose two opponents next.

Although he was stuck in his first race, the number 3 heart star, who still rose and won with a good rating, will be racing a lot more today.

We think it will definitely be at the top of the list.

If the father of number 4 is timed, it is believed that he could not catch up because he followed the race too far behind.

In today’s group it will be useful to have both a winger and fast horses.

If he makes a patient preliminary group hold, he can pick up those opponents down the straight.

Let’s not neglect it.

Our ranking in this race is 6, 3 and 4.

The 4 conditional races of the British 2-year-olds will take place on 1000 meters of synthetic sand track.

We consider the wingers very lucky in this race.

Mehmet Kaya will ride Queen Zeynep, but it’s safe to say that his wingman is at least as lucky as him with his empty weight.

In his first race, he put in a lot of effort to run for the leadership of remazan, and when it was understood that he would not succeed, he finished the race without any difficulty.

Today, it is believed that queen zeynep, one of the wingers, will set the tone up front. We think if the right strom picks up the pace, the empty run for remazan can enter effectively and win.

We think the wingers are most likely to win.

It can be considered as an alternative bank.

Those who say it’s a foal race, they don’t want to take any chances, can pass this race by hitting 1, 3 and 4.

5. RUN:

3 conditional races of 3 year old Britons will be held on 1400 meters of grass track.

This round will also be the start of the second series of six.

In this race that we expect to pass quickly, there are names that make themselves heard on the field and attract attention by their good preparation.

We will recommend 6 horses in total.

Even though he’s a tough winner, baduu #2 with his solid right sprint will surely come in handy in the end.

Let’s write it like the first horse.

Next, let’s add Mister Loverman #4 to the coupons, which we patiently wait for third or fourth place before he wears out the front tempo.

Expectations are high for silent prince number 5 today.

The splendid number 6 ambitiously participates in his first grass race.

Fast captain number 8 and princess number 10 are other names not to be overlooked in this race.

Our numerical order is 2, 4, 5, 6, 8, and 10.

The Handicap 15 races in which the 4-year-old Arabians will participate will be held on a 2000 meter synthetic sand track.

We can divide this race into galata lap number 1 and others.

The galata tower, which has changed a lot, maintains its perfect shape when traveling long distances with its jewel changes.

Its competitors today will be weight and synthetic track.

We don’t think they will be affected.

It can be considered as an alternative bank.

Here are the names that can come into play if affected.

Turhan Shah number 7, multi-efe number 8, flamekiran number 2, selkuthan number 5 and Göktuğra number 6 can be added to coupons according to budgets.

Our numerical order is 1, 7, 8, 2, 5 and 6.

The Istanbul University Surgeonpaşa Medical School Short-Term Race 6 will be held on a 1500-meter synthetic sand track, in which 4-year-old Arabian horses will participate.

We consider 2 horses much luckier than their competitors.

The number 1 parana participates for the first time in a synthetic track race in Istanbul.

As the race conditions will change completely in his favour, we think he has a very good chance of winning if he hangs on to the track.

There are 2 non-fast style rivals in the race.

If the duo Leonidas and jon dere, whose luck we see little, puts pressure on parana, in this case, Mr. Reisoğlu number 3 will intervene.

We consider that rankings 1 and 3 are sufficient.

Short-term race 6, Osman Yağmurdereli will be held on a grass track of 2100 meters, in which Arabian horses aged 4 and over will participate.

We expect a very steady pace in this run.

There are no names to make moves for leadership.

Most of the names in the group are sprinters waiting in the back.

Either Kayasel or Yukselabi can take the lead.

Kayasel only wants leadership if it’s too empty. The distance today may seem long.

Yükselabi, on the other hand, is a name that has yet to win a grass track race.

In other words, we can’t trust names that will run away at a slow pace.

In this race, we will give a chance to all names except babadağıoğlu, selkut and tatavla.

Our numerical order is 1, 6, 2, 7, 4 and 5.

9. RUN:
The British 3-year-old’s first race will be on 1,900 meters of grass track.

In this race, we favored the sensations and the tracking of the horses.

The number 1 king is naked, although he can’t run and win well, with his grass track and long distance prone pedigree, that should definitely be written today.

We expect a very efficient run from number 3, maybe luck.

Silver bullet number 8, powership number 7 and win loves maya number 9 are other names that we see a high chance of winning.

Our numerical order in this series is 1, 3, 8, 7, and 9.

The Handicap 15 races will be held on a 1400m grass track, with Britons aged 4 and over taking part.
In the last run of the day, we will have a surprise bench.
The outright victory number 3, who has very successful races at this track and this distance, starts in a group that suits him very well.
This horse, which can also compete in the lead, has a rival with a style like Hüma Sultan.
If he continues the race in the top two without being touched by him, it is believed that he will pass these rivals by making an effective straight run.
Even if it’s a little risky, we offer you the number 3 in direct victory, which is in a surprise position during the last round, as a counter.

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