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April 4 is Stray Animal Day… In recent days, dogs with or without masters have been the order of the day with attacks on children and adults. Nine-year-old Mahra Melin Pınar, who was hit by a truck while escaping a stray dog, died in hospital where she was receiving treatment on March 28. The audience seriously said, “Dog culture is being discussed…


Stray dogs in Turkey are estimated at around 8 million! How are they going to slaughter millions of dogs now!

You know, in our childhood, the police would come and throw away poisonous meat (mainly liver because of its cheapness!). The cat and the dog that ate it died before our eyes while squirming. It was terrible.

They wouldn’t even remove those who perished! The garbage man, who came once a week, was expected to take it away; Especially if the season was summer, a bad smell would run the gamut!

There are also children who have been seriously injured by dog ​​attacks and even had part of their face broken; and those who lost their lives while fleeing.

Also decades ago there were stray dog ​​attacks; Not only was it not as visible as it is today, but the number of stray dogs has also increased. Here’s the problem anyway; Killing is not the solution! The solution is castration. Indeed, the aggressiveness of sterilized animals also decreases!

I have been attacked by dogs several times in my life; I was bitten several times, dragged on the ground, fell into streams, climbed on the car while I was fleeing.

I was 7 or 8 years old when I was bitten for the first time; In the side street of the Kayhan Mosque, a dog was coming home from school; He literally ate my legs…

One winter day in the 1980s, I left the village of İsmetiye to reach the city center. A yellow dog suddenly attacking from behind dragged me on the ground, I struggled and fell into a stream running down the slope. That day, I learned that “The dog that bites does not bark” is not just a phrase.

In 1998, I was walking down a street near the police department. I was startled by screams; a drooling dog was running around, attacking and biting everyone in front of him. I had avoided being bitten by desperately climbing onto the roof of a car. The police, who heard the screams and ran, arrested the dog by shooting him. Afterwards, we realized that he had rabies, and everyone he had bitten was vaccinated against rabies.

The last stray dog ​​attack happened to me 15, 20 days ago when I was walking down Gökdere from Setbaşı. 2 stray dogs first attacked a father and son; When the man swung the bag in his hand, they started running towards me this time. I had a bunch of keys in my pocket; I collapsed on the ground, pretended to pick up a stone, threw the keys, they both escaped. It was a spirit my son gave years ago, it worked…

These are the first that come to mind! Aaa, I can’t write it, if I’m not mistaken, the year is 1984; the winds were blowing, my hair was curly and much thicker than today! A crow dove towards me; something stuck on my head; I knew by the blood running down my face that my head was pierced! Either he was going to rip the nesting material out of my head, or the condition of my hair was pissing the crow off! We laughed so much afterwards!


Despite everything, I am against the killing of stray animals, especially dogs…

Experts warn that while fighting with the dog was unavoidable during a dog attack, yelling, screaming and running would see the person as prey and trigger the attack.

Again, according to experts, when you look a strange dog in the eye, he perceives it as a threat and a challenge, and when you try to put your hand on his back, he may perceive it as dominance on your part. and become aggressive. !

As for expert dog attack advice:

“In case of attack, not running away, standing still, ignoring the dogs, walking slowly as if you are not threatening them are in fact the basis of protection against attacks. But if the dog attacks, a barrier must be made with bags, umbrellas, sacks, whatever is close at hand. Hitting the dog can make it even more aggressive. This should be done slowly, using calm body language.

Do it if you can! I don’t think I can do it. Especially if there are dogs running after me! The hundreds of thousands of years old “escape, save your life” control mechanism kicks in instinctively.

Also, knowing these avoids the moment of attack is never the solution!

‘COLLECT, vaccinate, sterilize, deposit where you took it’

How will this problem be solved? Exactly “They too have the right to reproduce” not with romance!

People who teach aggression to criminal animals, take them to the streets with no worries or leave them on the streets! Also in local governments that do not breed stray dogs!

First of all, we must stop the breeding of stray animals! The only way to do this is through sterilization. The institutions that will do this are the municipalities. It’s expensive work, but it has to be done!

Otherwise, we will write, draw, talk and discuss many more stray dog ​​attacks in the years to come…

Ak Party Group Vice President Özlem Zengin said: “If sterilization is not carried out, the dog population is expected to reach 60 million within 10 years.

Shelters are not the answer either. It is impossible to house millions of stray animals in shelters.

According to scientists, the way to deal with strays is through the practice of “collecting, vaccinating, neutering, leaving where you bought them”.

Also, even though all stray animals are neutered, the problem is not solved as long as people leave their pets on the streets. Precautions, sanctions and dissuasive punishments are essential!

On the other hand, according to the survey conducted by the Ministry of the Interior, entitled “Seeing street animals and their place in social perception”, written by columnist Hürriyet Nedim Şener, the majority of Turks are lovers animals.

The rate of those who said “I love animals” in the survey is 82.3%! 9.2% said “I don’t like animals”; The undecided rate is 8.5%!

According to the results of research conducted in 12 provinces, including Bursa; 34.3% of society finds stray animals dangerous. The rate of those who do not find it dangerous is 45.1%; undecided, on the other hand, 20.6%…

“Have you or a loved one been attacked by a stray animal?” The rate of those who answered the question “I passed” was 13.6%, those who answered “Yes, one of my relatives passed” 26.9%, and the rate of those who answered “No” was 61.8%… The rate of those who witnessed it was 27.5%!..
I’m in the 13.6% zone…

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