What is Panda Goldfish and what are its characteristics? A Guide to Panda Goldfish Care, Feeding, and Breeding


The panda goldfish is a completely new species compared to other goldfish. The egg-shaped body structure and bulging eyes are the most distinctive features of these species.

What is Panda Goldfish?

The panda goldfish comes from the Carp family and is also known as “Gold Fish”. These fish, which are thought to have been on earth for about 1800 years, are among the oldest fish species among aquarium fish. Contrary to popular belief, they are very intelligent animals and have very strong memories. Especially for 6 months, they can easily keep everything in mind. Since they have a strong memory, they can recognize people and communicate. With these aspects, they are very cute and surprising fish.


What are the characteristics of Panda Goldfish?

They are also known as Chinese Gold Fish around the world.

Male goldfish have much longer tails than females. The body of females is slightly longer than that of males and their abdomen is more swollen.

Panda goldfish can live in cold water. They are very resistant fish to temperature changes.

They are not aggressive towards their own kind. But different species of goldfish can be aggressive towards each other.

They can communicate with people over time and get used to it.

Contrary to what we know, the memories of these fish are not of a few seconds, but of 6 months. Therefore, they can develop habits.

The scales are very densely arranged.

Panda Goldfish Care and Feeding

Panda goldfish are both herbivorous and carnivorous species of fish. Goldfish, which are among the favorite fish species of aquarium fish, do not need a heater in their aquarium because they can live in cold water. For this reason, it is believed that it can live in lanterns. But living in very tight spaces is not healthy for any fish. It is also very unhealthy for goldfish. The water level of the bell is very low and the water gets dirty very quickly. This can make the fish blind. It is one of the species of fish that resists temperature changes very well. The water in the aquarium where the goldfish are kept should be around 20 to 21 degrees on average.


What do panda goldfish eat and how do they choose their food?

Various special goldfish baits are available in the market. These fish do not have a stomach and therefore do not feel full. For this reason, goldfish should be fed in a controlled manner. Since they have 6 months of memory, they can also develop various habits. You need to determine the feeding times and act according to this plan. Since they are much larger than many other types of aquarium fish, they are not suitable for powder feeding. They may get bored after a while after eating the same food. You can also try other dry foods. You can feed these fish live fish once a week, or you can easily feed goldfish vegetables like spinach, broccoli, and peas. These vegetables, on the other hand, must be boiled and cut into small pieces before throwing them into the aquarium.


How Does the Panda Goldfish Reproduce and How Does It Reproduce?

Goldfish usually spawn in the wild in the spring. It is the change in temperature experienced during these months that triggers reproduction.

What are the birth symptoms?

In order for the panda goldfish to breed around 11 degrees Celsius, the water temperature in the aquarium must be gradually lowered and then raised again.

What should a panda goldfish have in an aquarium?

Small fish in your aquarium can also serve as food for these goldfish. Because goldfish are both herbivores and carnivores. For this reason, you should use live bait when feeding Goldfish.

What fish can you live with?


Panda goldfish can live with fish their size or larger.

How long does it live and grow?

Panda goldfish can live more than 5 years under healthy conditions.

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