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Bursa Horse Race Predictions for Monday, May 2, 2022

1. RUN:
9 horses will take part in the conditional grass race over a distance of 3,2000 meters, in which 4-year-old Arabian horses will participate.

We expect a very steady pace in this run.

Because there is no competing name taking the lead.

As a horse in the lead group, there are only 2nd solitary and 7th solitary pedigrees.

These two horses can set the pace and finish the race without putting a horse between them.

Because all the remaining horses are waiting and out of shape.

Still, it’s a race that shouldn’t be risky.

There will be a few other names that will stand out as preparations that we recommend you follow.

You are prospect number 4, whose work is not bad, he can run more than expected on the long distance grass track.

Chart 5, which is still able to top this band, must be in coupons.

Finally, let’s write the iron cocoon number 6, which sees the race after the break.

Follow this horse including this race. It won’t take long to win races in such groups.

Our rankings for this race are 2, 7, 4, 5 and 6.


1 conditional race of 3-year-old Arabs will be held on a grass track with a distance of 800 meters.

In this group, there is a name that stands out both for its preparations and its splendor.

Crazy flash number 2 attracts attention with his long experience in the field, his sufficient studies and his classified works.

When you look at his pedigree, you see that he has a fast-styled sibling.

Thanks to the inside lane advantage and Kadir Tokaçoğlu, he came close to winning the race with a good start.

Since we do not see our opponents at a sufficient level, we can write crazy lightning number 2 as an alternative bank in this group.

However, it is a foal race, we can say that we cannot risk it.

We have published 3 other names that can intervene in case the crazy Yıldırım makes a mistake or has a misfortune in the race.

They are respectively the number 3 dilmen, the son of number 4 and the great world number 1.

Broad coupons can add these foals to their coupons.

Our number 2 mad lightning ranking for those who don’t write bank,
It’s 2, 3, 4 and 1.


Handicap 14 races of Arabian horses aged 4 and over will be held on a 1300 meter sand track.

Our favorite on this race would be the very close number 2.

As a horse that can lift weights, it will run very efficiently under favorable conditions.

Let’s write down his dream number 11, one of the wingers, who is in a very surprising position as an opponent.

Note that even if the wingers have not been successful in their run this season, they have seemed very good in their training.

Especially if the winger named evening wind picks up the tempo early, one of the falcon and berylnaz wingers can be very effective on the plains.

Add to the coupons the beauty of the number 1 swan, which has a chance of winning by enjoying the rhythm despite its heavy weight.

His wingman can also run well in these conditions.

Afterwards, we cannot deny the luck of Gençberk, number 3, in this group, even if he is a tough winner. Let’s evaluate it.

Batu number 7, who constantly competes in difficult groups, can achieve a very negative result among opponents, this time according to his teeth.

Finally, let’s write our offside trail horse #9 and skip this step.

Our numerical order in this series is 2, 11, 1, 3, 7, and 9.

2 conditional races of the British 3 year olds will be held on an 1800 meter sand track.

Even though the No. 5 beauty, who has a different quality from the group, doesn’t seem to have reached last season’s form, she won’t recognize an opponent in the run class.

He will be our favourite, as there is no name in the race to follow him so closely.

It may end as it came out.

However, we cannot suggest a bank as we believe they are not quite ready.

There are two rivals in this group.

Özkan Rüzgar, the US representative, is a very fit colt with long distance experience.

He is close to winning today.

Number 4 Lucatony, on the other hand, seems like a tough name to win due to the starting issue.

If it doesn’t start too long today, the odds of winning are high.

Our rankings for this race are 5, 1 and 4.

5. RUN:

The other race of the conditional split 1, the 800 meters on grass track of the 3-year-old Arabs, will also be the start of the six-pack.

There is one name that stands out in this race as well. However, there are also well-prepared competitors.

Our favorite will be canyurte number 2.

We think Mahsun will definitely fight for the top spots in match management.

His first opponent will be the wingers’ No. 1 choke. It is absolutely necessary to follow this colt whose preparations for the race are admired.

Heart of hearts number 4, fire of hour 5 and intelligence number 10 are other foals we consider lucky today.

Our rankings for this race are 2, 1, 4, 5 and 10.

4 conditional races of 3-year-old English female horses will take place on 1400 meters of grass track.

We have a clear bench for both sixes this race.

After a short break, Madame Ludmila, who saw a race and got the grass track she missed, is the name we expect her to win today.

Let’s say that the preparation for the race was excellent.

Under the management of his empty weight and his apprentice who knows himself, he must win this race where all the conditions will be in his favor.

Number 6 Madame Ludmila says banko and we move on to the next round.

4 conditional races, in which English horses aged 4 and over will participate, will be held on a 1400 meter grass track.

There are many names that will want to take the lead in the race.

But none of them are persistent horses.

Most are horses in the lead group who want to keep the pace slow.

We think the race will pass between them.

Despite his weight, number 1 Çakırdağ is in a very lucky position under these conditions.

Teammaster number 4 and hero number 11 are other names we hope to run well today.

Uncle 7 halo prepared well after a short break.

He saw the race and will take part in this race today in much better conditions.

Be careful, this can come as a big surprise.

Ice Storm #2 and Handsome Hero #3 are horses that can be added to big coupons.

Our rankings for this race are 1, 4, 11, 7, 2 and 3.

The 6, odin short term race will be held on a 1700 meter grass track, which will be attended by Arabian horses aged 4 and up.

We are in favor of not taking risks in this race.

Although there are different names of the group such as Pitır and egeberk, we consider all horses as equal in terms of form.

There are names that will tactically change the pace of the race.

We’ve closed this race clear, but we’ve created a leaderboard for those who will write fewer horses here. You can evaluate it according to your budget.

Our rankings for this race are 5, 2, 3, 4, 8, 6, 7 and 1.
9. RUN:
In this run, which is the other leg of conditional split 1, we will offer you 3 names.

Even if his preparation is not very good, it is believed that the long-time number 1 bakgör can run very badly today.

It’s clearly our favorite.

We will propose two opponents next.

The number 4 bluebeard, who is expressed on the pitch and looks good, and the number 7 gitros, who are expected to be the favorites today, are other colts that should be in the coupons.

Our rankings for this race are 1, 4 and 7.

The Handicap 15 race for female English horses aged 4 years and over will be held over 2000 meters of grass track.
Our favorite for this race will be the #1 sweety bella despite her heavy weight.
For the first time this season, the grass is on the track.
Sweety Bella, who has a successful history on grass, has been a regular runner since she started her racing life without a long break.
Today, despite the weight, it is believed that it can outperform these competitors.
We will offer him only one competitor.
It would also be number 4 la plata.
We really enjoyed your last race.
If he repeats, he can win this race.
We can skip this step by typing 1 and 4.
If these horses are missing, it can be clearly said that this place will be confused.

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