Do we import horse, donkey and pig? Evasive response from Trade Minister Mehmet Muş

CHP Niğde MP Ömer Fethi Gürer said that although there are official statements that the inclusion of certain products in the TRQ does not mean that these products will be imported, the products to be imported from Bosnia and Herzegovina duty-free include horse, donkey and pig. meats and their offal, Mehmet the Minister of Commerce, who brought it to the agenda of the Grand National Assembly of Turkey with a written question addressed to Muş.

According to Cumhuriyet news, In his proposal to Parliament, Gürer said that some products that were planned to be imported would not be imported despite the necessary regulations, stating that “Finally, the decision to import food products from Bosnia and Herzegovina without customs duties was published in the Official Gazette Official Gazette on July 31, 2021. According to the published decision of the President, offal or pork, horse and donkey meat were among the products imported duty-free from Bosnia and Herzegovina. are made that even if pork, horse, offal or donkey meat are included in the tariff quota among the products that Turkey will buy from certain countries in the framework of commercial relations, it will not mean that these products will be imported.


Gürer, in his motion to be answered by Minister of Trade Muş, also stated: “If imports are not made, what is the reason for these products to be included in the tariff quota? If importing, why do you keep the import information? from abroad; Is offal or pork, horse, donkey or meat imported? If imports are made in this area, what is the quantity of product imported and the amount paid? ask questions.


Responding to CHP MP Ömer Fethi Gürer’s proposal, Trade Minister Mehmet Muş said that the Free Trade Agreement (STA), in force since 2003 between our country and Bosnia and Herzegovina, has been revised by adding trade in services, utilities, procurement and similar issues to make it relevant to today’s conditions.


Minister Muş, explaining that in response to the market entry opportunities offered to our country with the revised FTA, tariff quotas exempt from customs duties are opened for limited quantities of certain agricultural products on an annual basis, “On the procedures and principles concerning the distribution of tariff quotas opened for meat and offal” He pointed out that, in accordance with the Communiqué on the application of tariff quotas for the import of processed agricultural products, an import license has been issued to the Meat and Dairy Institution, which has priority for the products In the question.


Minister Muş said: “In this context, the opening of a tariff quota for the products in question does not mean that these products will be imported, and it is considered that the market conditions, the balance between the supply and demand and similar factors will be decisive in this regard.”


Emphasizing that the products mentioned in the questionnaire are subject to the control of the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry in terms of human health and safety, animal and plant existence and health, Minister Muş said: “Other hand, within the framework of Turkish Statistical Law No. 5429, statistical information is stored, presented to the user, The task of developing related systems and coordinating the creation of a national and international information network and d an information flow system for this purpose is the responsibility of the Institute.


Omer Fethi Gürer, MP from CHP Niğde, who is the owner of the proposal, pointed out that the issues mentioned in the parliamentary question were clear and said: “We asked whether the meat and offal of horse, donkey and pork were imported. In our country, since 2006, with the signature of then Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan and the Council of Ministers, pigs, horses and rabbits are included in butcher’s meat. These animals, which are free to sell in our country and are considered slaughter meat, have been reset at customs regarding the import of offal. We asked how much was imported or is it imported. The minister did not provide any data. He didn’t say yes or no. He pointed to TÜİK. Pakdemirli, Minister of Agriculture and Forestry, said: “There is no horse meat, donkey meat or pork imported by Turkey. Mehdi Eker, the former Minister of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, who gave a clear answer on this question, announced that a total of 156 tonnes of pork and pork products were imported between 2003-2006. After this process, the ministry makes statements that leave the issue in the middle instead of giving open-ended answers to questions on this issue,” he said.

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