Why do cats wake up their masters early in the morning?

Added: May 01, 2022 11:35 – Updated: May 01, 2022 14:01

Although cats evolved for nocturnal activity, they adapted to human lifestyles during domestication. Domestic cats tend to be more active in the early morning and at dusk, rather than in the middle of the night. They also change their activity cycles to suit their human housemates.

Often this means that when you sleep at night, your cat also needs to rest. And many people sleep with their cats. In a survey of women in the United States, it was found that about 30% of them slept with at least one cat.

Despite this, many house cats will want to wake you up very early. Understanding why your cat is waking up will help you figure out how to stop this behavior.

Your cat is hungry?

One of the most common reasons is that your cat is hungry. Unfortunately, one of the first things a sleeping person does is feed their cat. This equates to rewarding it for waking you up and increases the likelihood that the cat will do the same.

To start solving this problem, make sure your cat is eating enough during the day. Just before going to bed, you can give them food or a hearty snack.

If you usually feed your cat in the morning, you need to make sure your cat doesn’t associate waking up time with breakfast time. Leave space between when you get out of bed and when you feed the cat. Try to wait at least half an hour after getting out of bed.

You can also send your cat, for example, “breakfast time!” you can train it to associate nutrition with something else.

Deviations from the daily routine

Another reason could be that your cat doesn’t have a daily routine. Cats like predictability. Maintaining a regular routine has even been linked to reduced stress levels in cats.

Try to schedule mealtimes, playtime, and grooming times at around the same times each day to maintain a routine.

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Clean their litter box at regular and predictable intervals. Dirty or spoiled sand may be a reason your cat wakes you up. Try not to move litter boxes, food containers, or scratching posts unless necessary.

If something changes in its environment, such as you go on vacation, change your furniture, or have a new guest or pet staying with you for a while, your cat may pick up a habit of waking up early in the morning. This is typical for cats. Keep the routine as consistent as possible and after a while your cat will get used to the new normal.

Does your cat play enough?

Although it’s common knowledge that cats like to sleep, they also like to play and move their bodies, just like us. If you’re away from home most of the day, it’s important to provide your cat with a variety of toys and household items to play with or have fun with.

Scratching posts give cats a place to climb and yawn. Balls, soft toys and motorized toys allow them to play and exercise.

At home, play with your cat with an interactive toy (like a cat wand) or play a hunt inside the house. You can also try to find a new game that your cat will enjoy.

Cats get bored quickly. Maintain diversity in games. And don’t play with your cat an hour before bedtime. Ideally, a play session before you go out and after you get home will help keep your cat calm throughout the night.

Your cat’s habit of waking you up may continue for some time. This behavior may get worse in the short term as your cat gets used to it. The key is to ignore your cat’s behavior at night or early in the morning. Don’t get up and, if you can, don’t interact with your cat when he wakes you up. Such interactions will cause your cat to associate you with doing something he wants to wake you up to.

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