Işıl Özgentürk: Dinosaurs never forget!

May 1st again! When I went to my desk to write, I tried to calculate how long it had been since that damn May Day. 45 years have passed. Almost half a century and I remember it like it was yesterday. I know people my age who never forget either. Because we are dinosaurs! Recently, another male dinosaur selling tea at Bostancı station, who I am now a friend of, pointed at me in front of all the shopkeepers. “It’s a dinosaur” said some traders “Don’t do it, it’s a disgrace to the woman“they scolded the man, but I liked it so much I laughed. “Friends yes, I am a dinosaur!‘I registered my name.

Now why did I get into this conversation about dinosaurs I saw that since I started writing articles I have written about the pain and joy we experience in memory of 34 people who have died May 1, 1977, every May 1 for 23 years. It never failed, so let’s do it today too. I know we are all angry about the Gezi affair, I mean something very personal. The Last Prisoner of the Gezi Trial Cigdem Mater same age as my daughter. A Yaman girl, the name of a filmmaker suits her very well, her mother and father, who are 68 years old, gave her the name of a young girl who was killed by the fascists in Şişli. I felt sorry for all my friends who were sentenced, I was angry, but I was heartbroken for Çiğdem,”It could happen to my girlfriend Earth too”. And I cried a lot.

That’s enough, now I have to go to another part of this beautiful country and another time, that the death, the pain, the tears stop for a moment! Where am I? Yes, I will watch the plays the theater has put on this year. Listen, now don’t beHave you become a theater critic?Don’t say “you know I’m a street theater girl”. Those who wantTheater of the Movement for the RevolutionThey can learn from Uncle Google by typing “”.

Yes, I felt like I was 19, 24 hours a day, three days a week. Oh my God, exactly 36 people, actors, set designers, directors, directors and directors, who took responsibility as a profession, were walking around me, their eyes were shining, they were asking so many questions to find out more about the past that my dinosaur memory opened as I opened it. Hooray!

Here are the games I’m currently watching. Unfortunately for some reason attributable to me, it’s child’s play. “Robinson Learns to Dance” and “Tavsanoglu RabbitI couldn’t watch the play. But general artistic director of İZBBŞT Yucel Erten‘of Dear Nesin adapted and made by the master “Azizname“It blew my mind. Yücel Erten proposed it as his first play, and he did it well, because when setting up a theater, actors from different places need to know each other well and live in the magical atmosphere of group work. Azizname does just that, the actors have so much fun and love each other that the audience feels like they are on stage after a while. And of course, the great master Aziz Nesin describes our day so well that we never tire of it. At the end of the play, the actors and the public applaud Aziz Nesin with a typewriter and a red carnation in front of the stage. And three o’clock is long enough for a game to fly like a bird.

second game “Violet Salvar” of a very young writer, Ferhat LuleciI think it’s the first game. game director Oufuk Asar. Here’s how: The workers of the cleaning company called Mor Shalvar, all women, try to rob the bank where they went to clean. Because the leader of the women wants to take the money from the bank and leave with her son, who will go to prison. The women who supported him, and even the banker who was taken prisoner, have incredible problems because they are a woman. They are so pure and sincere that I, as a viewer, almost started praying for the success of women. Finally they succeeded! And we, spectators, were standing, hooray! This game was played with about twelve people. And indeed the solidarity of women was tearful.

The Third Play”Tavsanoglu Rabbit”, unfortunately I couldn’t watch that either, but my new friend from the assistant directors Ceren DemireI had L talk scene by scene. Again, an excellent choice, the author is a 68-year-old woman, Coline Serreau the esteemed theater actor we lost Cetin IpekkayaYucel Erten, the director of the game. The funny situations of a group of people who talk about today’s exploitation and ignore a lot of things for happiness. And the alien rabbit!

Yes, my friends, I am satisfied today. And this week, the memory of our cinema is another dinosaur. Agah Ozguc is dead. I think movies have lost their dearest friend.

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