Inshirah to the sadr of the Messenger of Allah. Ali

At the age of bliss, it was time for the noon prayer at Masjid an-Nabawi, which was not only a place of worship, but also a center of education, a center of meeting and consultation, and a center where administrative and military matters were discussed and discussed. resolved.

The adhan was read and the Muslims slowly arrived at the mosque.

Hz. After the presence of the Messenger of Allah (as), the prayer was performed, then the believers prayed Hz. They gathered around the Prophet.

The last prophet sent in mercy to the worlds, Hz. It was a great blessing to pray behind Muhammad Mustafa (saa), as well as to hear what he had to say after the prayers…

Because the Messenger of Allah was Muhammad Mustafa, whom Allah Almighty ordained as “Vema yentiku a’nil heva. Inhuve illa vahyun yuha” (He says nothing of his own whims and whims. His speech consists only of what is revealed).

After each prayer, the Messenger of Allah gave advice to the believers and sometimes answered their questions.

At Masjid an-Nabawi, where these conversations took place, believers had the opportunity to learn more about Islam from its source.

In these conversations, what words would not suffice to describe, the Messenger of Allah would say, and the believers would listen to the clear words of the Messenger of Allah.

Enthusiastic believers wanted these times to never end.

One of these days, while listening to the conversation of the Messenger of Allah, his companions gathered together. Ali (as) also came to the mosque.

He’s Hz. It was Ali. (Reported by Selmani Farisi, Ebu Zer and Hüzeyfe. “Taberani, Mucem el-Kebir v.6, p.269 – al-Muttaki, Kenz’ ulUmmal v.6, p.156 – al-Heysemi, Mecma uz-Zevaid c 9, p.102 – al-Bayhaki, Sunan al-Kubra.)

When he saw the Messenger of Allah chatting with the believers around him, Hz. Ali immediately started praying in a corner.

At this time, Hz. A poor man entered the mosque through the side door near Ali. It was immediately obvious from the clothes he was wearing that he was truly a needy person.

Seeing the Messenger of Allah arguing with the believers, the poor began to walk slowly towards them, reaching out to everyone he met in the mosque and asking for alms for Allah’s sake.

The only word that came out of the language of the poor was the phrase “Sadaqah for the love of Allah”.

After uttering this sentence, he waited a moment looking into the eyes of the companions in front of him, then lowered his head and withdrew his hand empty-handed.

This poor man, who was left empty-handed to every person he met in the masjid, was busy performing his prayers at that time. As he passed Ali, he shouted again, “Charity for the sake of Allah.”

Repeating the same words once more, he said “Charity for the sake of Allah” and stopped. Then he raised his hands to the sky and shouted in a voice that everyone could hear:

– O Allah, I asked for alms for you in the mosque of the Messenger of Allah. But no one gave me alms.

It was a complaint.

It was also such a complaint that it was a complaint made directly to Allah Almighty (cc).

Hz. Ali (as) also heard it.

It was Ali, who did not reject any poor who gave him a hand.

It was Ali who, though fasting, would give all his food to the poor as alms, and he would be ready to starve. Sometimes he distributed all the money he had, even if his family needed it, to the poor who wanted help for the sake of Allah.

While the poor were thus praying to Almighty God, Hz. Without breaking his prayer, Ali stretched out his right hand towards the poor.

Praying to Allah, Hz. Seeing that Ali extended his hand to him, this poor man was surprised at first.

Then Hz. He saw the ring on the little finger of his right hand, which Ali held out to him. Hz. Realizing that Ali had reached out to him to take the ring, the poor man slowly took the ring and left the mosque of the Messenger of Allah, having satisfied his needs.

When the poor bought the ring, Hz. Ali pulled his hand away then straightened up from ruku’ and continued to pray.

Hz. The Messenger of Allah (pbuh), who was in the mosque at that time, and his companions, including Ebu Zerr Gıfari, witnessed that Ali gave his ring to this poor Muslim while he bowed down.

During this incident, the Messenger of Allah raised his blessed hands and prayed with a voice that could be heard by all the Companions there:

– O my God, my brother Musa asked for you and said: ‘My Lord, give me relief in my chest, give me a partner in my work. Strengthen me with my brother Aaron…’ and the revelation came down about him. You said, ‘We will strengthen your arm with your brother and we will give you both dominion.’ O Allah, I am also your prophet, Safiyyin Muhammad. Give my vizier inshirah, facilitate my work, give me a vizier from my family, Ali; strengthen my back with it.

Hz. The Messenger of Allah had just finished this prayer when the divine commandment in verses 55 and 56 of Sura Maide was revealed.

Hz. In the verses that have been revealed about Ali’s spending on bowing and this prayer from the Messenger of Allah, Allah Almighty (swt) said:

“Your guardian is only Allah, His Messenger, and the believers who bestow zakat by prostrating themselves in prayer. Whoever takes Allah, His Messenger, and the believers as protectors, those who will prevail are the followers of Allah.” (Verse Valayet, Maide Surah 55 and 56. Some of the Ahl-i Sunnah sources stating that these verses were revealed about Hazrat Ali (as): “Fahr-u Razi, Tafsiri Kebir, Vol. 12, p. 26 – Harezmi, Ensabu’l Eşref volume 2, page 150 – Tafsir Muhiddin İbn-i Arabi, volume 1, page 334 – İbn-i Kathir, Tafsiru’l Kur’anu’l A’zim volume 2, page 71 – Vahidi, Esbabu ‘l Nuzul p.148 – Suyuti, Durru’l Mensur v.2 p.295.)

Allah, the guardian of the believers, the Messenger of Allah and Hz. May he not deprive us of the intercession of Ali…

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