His dog, which he had taken care of for 10 years, disappeared at the shelter!

Yaşar Yurtsever, from Ankara, was taken to the Mamak Municipality Animal Shelter following a complaint about his dog, which he had kept in his garden for more than 10 years. When he went to the shelter, Yurtsever learned that his dog was missing and said that shelter officials told him the dog had escaped.

Yaşar Yurtsever, who lives with his animals in his garden house, escaped by breaking his chain following the provocation of his pet dog named “Yaman”, who was allegedly tied to the garden by the children.

The dog was reported to municipal crews, saying he injured another child outside. Yurtsever, who did not want to give his dog to city teams, said his notebook and vaccinations were complete, but he delivered his dog to teams using tranquilizers.

It has been claimed that Yurtsever, who went to see his dog on the day of the sighting, escaped.


Yurtseven said he had been feeding animals since childhood and said: “My dog ​​was a stray. I had it when I was a baby. The dog the shelter received was about 10-11 years old. After the children’s anger, he sees the door to the street open and breaks the chain and walks out. While walking on the vacant lot under the house, when a child coming from the market with his mother sees the dog and cries out, the dog turns to him. We ran outside when we heard voices. The boy had two teeth marks on his leg. I called my dog, I went to tie him up in the garden,” he says.

Stating that the parents of the injured child went to the hospital the evening of the incident, Yurtseven said: “They asked me for the dog’s vaccination record. They vaccinated the child. We learned later that they had complained about us. Then they came from the shelter of the municipality of Mamak. I said I wouldn’t give in the first time they came. A week later they came back. They drugged me and took my dog. At that time, they made me sign a letter. When I read the article, I saw the sentence “I entrust him to the shelter because I can’t take care of my dog”. When I said I wouldn’t accept this, the vet drew this sentence with a pencil. I also signed gold”.


Stating that he saw his dog in a dazed state the day of the shelter visit, Yurtseven said, “The day after the dog was picked up, I went to the shelter to see my dog. They took him out of solitary. My dog ​​was in a dazed state. Guess the drugs hadn’t gone away. The manager told us: “Nothing will happen to your dog. He will stay here with evidence of rabies. You get your vaccines after buying it from us. You will go to the District Agriculture Branch and have a chip installed,” he said. When he said that, we went home with peace of mind,” he said.

Yurtseven, who learned that his dog had run away when he went to the shelter, said: “One of the cats that walks around the house only eats ready-made food. I went to the pet store downstairs. I spoke to a girl who works there about my problem. He said to me: ‘Uncle, either they will kill him or they will say that he ran away’. I rushed to the shelter. When we entered the manager’s room he told us that our dog had escaped. From the security cameras they showed us a picture which is not clear if we have a dog or not. In the footage I saw they were giving the animals pressurized water for cleaning. Any animal that sees water under pressure runs away. In the second image, I saw him in the yard. Like Dalyan, my dog ​​stood in a frightened state.
Stating that they said the shelter was being renovated and they could not show the footage of the escape,


Yurtseven made the following statements:
“I called animal lovers. There is no image of the dog going out into the street. More recently, there is the image of the workers working on the construction of the ornamental pond in the passage of the shelter. When I asked I was told my dog ​​had escaped under the wire. I commented that my dog ​​was not a small enough animal to run under the wires. They told animal lovers who demanded our rights: “We convinced them”. We are not convinced. We went back yesterday as there was an opening, but the opening was the day before. Since the computers weren’t installed due to the renovation, they said, “We can’t show a full-scale image.”

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