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Thanks to the initiatives of the World Association of Veterinary Doctors (WVA) and the World Organization for Animal Health (OIE), World Veterinary Day is celebrated every year on the last Saturday of April.

veterinarians; Information on matters such as the diagnosis, treatment, breeding, health, care and nutrition of animal diseases, the taking of health precautions for all animal species (pets, farm animals, game and wild animals, aquatic products, exotic animals and endangered species) living on land and persons having legal authority.

As part of the work of veterinarians in areas such as healthy food, healthy people and healthy society, environmental health, biomedicine and biosecurity, and during the Covid-19 epidemic worldwide; With regard to the missions they assume in the fight against zoonoses (diseases transmitted from animals to humans, from humans to animals), it is obvious that there can be no public health without veterinary.

If today you can safely eat red and white meat and meat products, if your breakfast includes cheese, if you meet part of your daily protein needs with eggs, if you say that fish is indispensable, if you say that yogurt, kefir and ayran are the secrets of my health, if honey is for you a source of healing, that is, if you can consume healthy pet food, Behind the visible face of the scene, we veterinarians have put in the effort. We work at every step from farm to fork.

All veterinary medicine activities within the framework of preventive medicine services are more economical and much more effective in protecting human and environmental health. We have understood while living through the Covid-19 pandemic that we must not forget that any shortcoming in the protection of the environment and natural life will lead to the deterioration of the natural balance in the world.

As health professions around the world unite under the concept of “One Health” with a swift and strong organization, our country’s progress in this regard will enable it to gain strength to effectively fight national pandemics and local conditions that may arise today and in the future.

veterinarians, who are an old group of health professionals in our country; TURKOVAC, our domestic vaccine, began with the isolation of the virus in our country in the fight against Covid-19, with its services that have marked history over the past 150 years, its achievements, its vast experience in the control and eradication of viral infections and bacterial epidemics, its activities in preventive medicine, epidemiology and quarantine measures, its knowledge of diagnostics and the production of vaccines. Despite the fact that many of our scientists, who intervene at each stage of production, including production, be veterinarians, they are professionals who still do not receive the value they deserve in our country and have not been included recently in some regulations for the group of professions of health.

As veterinarians, in addition to all the efforts and contributions we have made to health, and the dozens of acts of violence against vets, and in the latest sad incident earlier this week when the examination of the carcasses of slaughtered animals in order to protect public health, he wanted the destruction of a carcass unfit for human consumption by the person he was talking about. While the incident of the veterinarian Volkan LALE, who was stabbed in dead in the line of duty, is in the middle, we could not understand that although he is in the health class in national and international acceptances, veterinarians are still not included in the health violence law , and this has deeply saddened our members of the profession.

Despite all these efforts of our colleagues who work for the future of our country and the healthy growth of our future generations;

Although veterinarians are in the health service class under the Civil Servants Act No. 657 and enjoy all the rights given to the health class in this context in the past, the rights given to the health professions group human in recent years (effective service increase, pension regulation, retirement age, etc.) It is not granted to doctors and veterinary health class.

Veterinarians are not included in the scope of the health violence law.

Many unplanned veterinary faculties (such as two veterinary faculties in one province) have been opened and continue to be, lacking physical infrastructure and quality of education,

Veterinarians are not sufficiently employed in the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, the Ministry of Health and in the municipalities.

In light of the facts and reasons we have tried to explain above, our suggestions as Balikesir Chamber of Veterinarians;

Considering that the world will henceforth be more confronted with zoonotic epidemics, the physical and educational infrastructures of veterinary faculties should be reinforced and courses including biosecurity and biological control for national defense should be included in their curriculum, more investments should be facts in R&D and scientific research. and veterinary control research institutes should be included in their study programs should be strengthened in all aspects,

New veterinary faculties should not be opened, the number of existing faculties should be reduced or mergers should be made between those that are geographically appropriate, a base score should be established for entry into veterinary faculties in the examinations of the ‘OSYM,

The legal and structural arrangements must be initiated as quickly as possible with the promulgation of the One Health law within the framework of One Health, the General Directorate of Veterinary Public Health, which includes the provincial structure, must be set up within the Ministry of Health,

A General Directorate of Veterinary Affairs with a chain of command from the center to the provinces should be established within the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry for more efficient veterinary medicine services.

Happy World Veterinary Day to all my colleagues.


President of the Chamber of Veterinarians of Balikesir

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