They work to keep the 20-year-old dog “Korkmaz” alive

SERGEN SEZGİN – The dog “Korkmaz”, which exceeded the average life expectancy of a world-class dog and reached the age of 20, was treated in Bursa.

Adopted by Sevgi Toprak Aydın and her father Kemal and brother Selçuk Toprak in 2002 in Ankara, the Chow Chow and crossbreed dog named “Korkmaz” became part of the family.

“Korkmaz”, who was 20 years old based on his dental structure, skin changes and muscle structure, was treated by Sevgi Toprak Aydın at Bursa Uludağ University Veterinary Faculty Veterinary Hospital (BUÜ) when he showed signs of illness.

In “Korkmaz” “motor cognitive dysfunction syndrome” and “cerebellar degeneration” were detected due to old age.

– “When we reach the middle human age, it corresponds to the age range of 120-125 years”

Lecturer Prof. Dr. Sezgin Şentürk told Anadolu Agency (AA) that the dog was first brought lying down and had almost no outward reflexes.

Şentürk said they have determined that they suffer from certain hereditary diseases related to this breed, “Being 20 years old, it is one of the oldest dogs among the cases I have faced in my professional life. . We have started treatment.” mentioned.

Şentürk said owners of the dog are sensitive and don’t want the “sleeping” method, which is generally preferred, and said:

“The dog’s owners said, ‘Let’s do our best.’ short period. His appetite is restored. He does not give up on life, he struggles. We will try to support his fight as a doctor,” he said.

As long as we don’t give up the fight, it strengthens us to fight with him. He’s about 20 years old, and when you multiply that by the average human age, it’s 120-125 years old. Treatment requests and medications are of course important, but more importantly, when we approach dogs spiritually and impart love and life force to them, we can increase their survival rate. In my professional life, I took care of a 25 year old cat. I saw small breed dogs ages 17-18. I find it rare for a medium breed dog to survive this long. I think he is one of the top 5 dogs over 20 living in the world.”

– “He was a noble and strong dog in his childhood and youth”

Sevgi Toprak Aydın also said that his brother brought Korkmaz home 20 years ago and when they warmed up to him, they never let him go.

Explaining that the whole family took care of him during this time and they traveled to Turkey together, Aydın said:

“My dad took very good care of him. He boiled bone broth and gave it with his hand every morning. My brother used to run together for an hour while riding his bike. We used to to eat the healthiest foods for his health. We tried so that he would not get sick. He is very old now, but we took him to the hospital so that he would not have pain. He supports us a lot. He was so bad at home, he is better here. I didn’t want him to suffer and we brought him here. His treatment is going very well. He was a noble and strong dog in his childhood and youth. He had a protective and combative nature. He was never tireless. Our family bond led him to “We are all going to grow old, but we all need care and love. I don’t think it should be put to sleep because it’s an animal. That’s why I don’t have to decide. We must accompany him on his last journey without pain or suffering. This is why we mobilized.

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