Request for legal regulation to solve the problem of stray dogs – Agenda

HÜSEYİN KUL – It has been stated that an arrangement should be made in Animal Welfare Law No. 5199 so that citizens can comfortably walk the streets without fear of stray dogs and return home, to school , park, garden and beaches. , High school student Mehmet Özer said the platform was created after 25 stray dogs were attacked and lost their lives. Expressing that there is currently a threat of stray dogs on the streets of Turkey, Koçak said people should “walk trying not to step on mines” in the streets with dogs. Recalling that there were people injured or even killed in a dog attack, Koçak said that they had opened an account on Twitter with the username “KopekSorunu” in order to make the voices of the victims heard and to draw attention to this threat. Etren Koçak noted that the number of followers reached around 35,000 people in a short time. Expressing that there are gaps in the legal regulations regarding aggressive and threatening stray dogs, Koçak drew attention to the fact that Animal Welfare Law No. 5199 is based on the published Universal Declaration of Animal Rights by UNESCO. Claiming that there is no such document published by Koçak, Koçak said: “The justification gives examples from countries such as Germany, Switzerland, Austria, the Netherlands and Sweden, but as is known, there is no stray dog ​​population in these countries like ours. Therefore, the law does not coincide with the realities of life. In this law, domestic, stray and weakened dogs are mentioned, but stray dogs that attack and pose a threat and the procedure relating thereto are not mentioned.” , continued as follows: “This law was updated and revised in 2021 with Law No. 2021-2021. 7332. The revision has aggravated the situation. In the event of a stray dog ​​attack, even if there a injury or death, this dog will be picked up, rehabilitated and released in the same place after 10 days. No reason or logic accepts this. There can be no such law. Besides the danger and the threat of attack, the risk of transmission of rabies and similar diseases and the danger resulting from the inability to reach the rabies vaccine are also serious.Law No. 5199 on the protection of animals must be amended taking into account hygiene, people’s health and safety.” – “We want this threat to be eliminated”Devrim Koçak said that even dog owners complain about stray animals and pointed out that these dogs can be found all over the city. Explaining that even though they are not allowed in the transport vehicles, Koçak said: “A stray dog ​​is a danger in itself. It can attack at any time. We cannot ignore: ‘There has a dog on this street, he can attack”. So where is my freedom to roam and travel the streets and beaches of my country? It’s a big deal if a person is unable to feel safe in the streets, public spaces and common spaces of his country because of stray dogs. Therefore, we want this threat to be eliminated.” Highlighting that their associations shared that there were poisoned dogs, Koçak said: “In this incident, they are trying to put the issue of stray dogs on the agenda for children who have lost their lives, intervening and by releasing the videos too late to see the suspect who poisoned them, too late to warn them, and soon enough to take videos and photos. When municipalities recover dangerous dogs, they are forced to leave under pressure so-called animal lovers.However, it is a scientific fact that sterilization and other interventions to be carried out within a short period of 10 days under the name of rehabilitation will in no way be effective in eliminating or reducing aggression of the dog.”-“Castration is an impossible process for prevention” Büşra Nur Karadeniz, member of the stray dog ​​problems platform, is in the parks. Stating that 3 children have lost their lives to dog attacks in the past month alone, Karadeniz said: “People are looking for a place to have their voices heard about stray dog ​​attacks. At this point they apply to our platform. When there is an attack, they come to us via direct message from social media. In recent days, our follower numbers have also started to grow rapidly.” We will continue our fight until the provisions of Animal Welfare Law No. 5199, which specifically states that stray dogs be returned to where they were taken by the administration, are changed. As part of this fight, we are preparing the creation of a website. In this context, we will also try to provide legal support to people exposed to attacks by stray dogs. Stating that there are estimated to be around 10 million stray dogs in Turkey, M. as a solution, is an “impossible” process in terms of technique, cost and time. Stating that these measures will not work in dog attacks, Karadeniz added that if an effective solution is not found, an increase in similar attacks will be inevitable.

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