The 25 Most Common Mistakes Cat Owners Make

During the last years rapid increase in the number of cat owners It’s a blessing, but some cat owners aren’t experienced enough in caring for a cat. This can cause serious health problems.

To put an end to these very common mistakes, which you will read about in a moment. It may save your cat’s life. After raising awareness on this issue, you can give these tips to your loved ones who have cats, and you can ensure that our little friends are healthier. Here are some common cat care mistakes:

1. Do not change the water bowl frequently, do not pay attention to liquid intake.

Your cat’s water should always be clean. Stagnant water in the bowl collects bacteria and dust faster, and cats with sensitive noses understand that such water should not be drunk. This is why generally they turn to the faucet.

The fact that the water tank is made of plastic will further increase the bad smell. Therefore, as in fountain cat You can take. Feeding wet food 1-2 times a week will also help your cat’s fluid intake. Because cats have sensitive kidneys, they need to drink plenty of fluids. You can also put water bowls in two different places in the house.

2. Feeding wet food too often

cat age mom

Yes, your cat should like wet food, but giving it too often isn’t in their best interest. Particularly if you give simple food from the market Your cat’s immune system weakens and its resistance to diseases such as fungus decreases. It’s no different from eating fast food every day.

You should also give dry food in a balanced way. Although their chubby makes them cute, they are subconsciously You can shorten their lifespan.

3. Not choosing special food for your cat

cat food

There are separate foods for neutered cats and separate foods for cats with very long hair. Taking these into account specially formulated You must feed your cat.

4. Suddenly changing the food he is used to

cat food

Cats are pretty much food. they are selectiveChanging food all of a sudden can stress your cat and cause it to eat less. Even conditions such as vomiting, nausea, diarrhea can occur.

When you switch to another food, you must mix the old food with the new for a week; your new food Increase your dose a little more each day. You can get your cat used to it.

5. Leaving alone for more than 24 hours

home alone cat

Cats are more independent creatures than dogs, but Needless to say, they don’t like solitude very much. It is not enough to leave enough food and water at home. When they are alone, they are stressed and if they are too exposed, serious diseases can occur in the long term.

6. Close the doors to the rooms in the house

cat door

If you lock your cat in a room, You hinder exploratory impulses. They can even learn to open doors. You need to create an environment where they can travel comfortably.

7. Not changing your litter regularly

cat litter

They don’t want to make toilets in very dirty sand. Therefore, another point in the house may be more appealing to them. It’s your cat. makes you feel depressed. A dirty toilet will also increase the risk of bacteria and parasites.

You should also pay attention to the choice of sand. cheap sand building sand roomIt can enter your cat’s lungs and cause serious illness.

8. Not keeping your cat away from chemical cleaning products at home


used to clean the house. detergents It can infect your cat’s paws and fur. Your cat could be hurt if he inhales them or comes into contact with them while licking their fur. Since they are small creatures, they will receive proportionally too many harmful substances, which can cause various health problems. natural and harmless You can choose to use cleaning agents.

9. Do not use mosquito nets on windows and balconies

net cat

Cats instinctively sense that height is a danger, so you may have the illusion that they will never fall. Injury/death from falling from a height unfortunately it’s too much.

Go to dangerous places they can lose their balance or they may jump after a bird. This type of accident is very common, especially in cats in heat.

windows and balconies You can create a folder. Plus, you don’t just need to live on a high floor for this, cats can be exposed to unknown dangers such as cars and stray dogs when jumping from lower floors.

10. Petting your cat without washing your hands after petting an animal outside

cat disease

Domestic cats may be more susceptible to street diseases. Outraged a fatal disease such as FIP You can infect your cat. The costs of this disease, which has no definitive treatment, can reach 30,000 lira, although the result often leads to death.

11. Leave food packaging open

food container

Foods in contact with air easily expired. Food sensitive cats may therefore stop eating and not being able to eat fresh food can lead to nutritional problems. Especially in packages over 10 kg, care must be taken to ensure that the food does not come into contact with the air.

12. Immobilize your cat, do not play with it

cat weight

How for people a sedentary life If it causes health problems, so do cats. Also, since they are much more agile creatures than us, you need to turn the house into a more fun environment for your cat. You both prevent boredom and ward off stress, and you prevent the danger of obesity.

13. Let them gnaw on electrical wires

cat cable

Cats are creatures that love to gnaw and scratch, but when it comes to electrical cables, it is necessary to take precautions. Against the dangers of being caught in the current You can pass your cables through the cable cover. You can buy chew toys for your cat to turn to.

14. Not combing your hair regularly

cat comb brush

As they enjoy being scanned, their stress level decreases and they lose less. In addition, you will avoid the formation of hairballs in his belly, because he will swallow less hair by licking himself.

15. Washing

Does the cat wash?

You don’t need to wash your cat. Antimicrobial saliva They are always clean because they lick each other. If you wash them, they will be stressed.

16. Shaving

pussy shaving

It is a common mistake to think that they will relax in hot weather. But long hair preventing heat from reaching the skin keep them cool. If you want to shave matted hair, you should only shave that area, not the entire hair.

17. Punish by shouting, hitting

scratching cat

You should never resort to violence if you are not comfortable with him climbing on the kitchen counter or scratching your seat. diverting his attention elsewhere You can make sure to stay away from them.

18. Allow him to play with rubber, bags, etc.

cat rope rubber

In this type of material beef gelatin cats may want to swallow them causing serious digestive system problems. These substances, which can become knotted in the intestines, will make your cat suffer.

19. Expose your cat to cigarette smoke

Is cigarette smoke harmful to cats?

Cigarette smoke, which is life-threatening even to a human, affects a cat much smaller than you, much more than you might think. passive smoker Your cat’s lungs may be damaged. In particular, it can cause allergic respiratory reactions.

20. Not knowing if house plants are harmful to your cat

harmful plants for cats

Some house plants can be harmful to your cat’s health. To prevent kidney damage It is useful not to feed the following plants at home:

  • Poinsettia plant (poinsettia flower)
  • Mistletoe
  • holly
  • christmas cactus
  • Clover
  • Hedera helix (English creeper)
  • easter lily

21. Do not sterilize

castration of cat

The cat population is already huge; It is irresponsible to attempt to breed cats when there are neglected cats on the streets and in shelters. Cats that you haven’t neutered may run away from home and jump off the balcony during periods of anger due to hormonal effects. In unsterilized cats Risk of developing breast tumor and pyometra more than neutered cats.

Particularly purebred cat owners This behavior, which he practices too much, is one of the things a true animal lover should never do. You can read our purebred cat content here:

22. Give foods such as bones, milk, salami, raw fish

cat salami milk bone fish

It is possible for the bones to damage your cat’s esophagus or stomach. It can cause ruptures in internal organs. After cats stop suckling from their mother, their digestive system cannot break down lactose. For this reason, it can lead to consequences such as stomach cramps, vomiting, diarrhea. You may find other harmful nutrients in this content:

23. Not taking him for a regular vet checkup

cat veterinarian

Even if you think your cat looks good you can’t notice may have some problems. With regular check-ups, you can detect health problems at an early stage.

24. Overmaintenance

cat clothes

Yes, applying so much substance may seem like over-maintenance, but these are the basics that need to be taken care of. Some may be too sensitive and miss the end of the line. Caring enough to overwhelm your cat It will make him stressed.

25. And never, ever throw him out of the house. This photo shows a house-habituated cat pulling its own fur due to stress after being introduced to the shelter.

cat shelter

Cats, dogs and other pets, at home and on the street to all animals look very good…


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