Pit Bull Problem: I have bad news for those who walk pit bulls scaring people

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Today, the correct spelling of the dog, which is spelled Pitbull or often Pitbull in Turkey, is Pit Bull. The Pit Bull name in the literature is actually the American Pit Bull Terrier.

The Pit Bull breed was first derived from crosses between the Old English Bulldog and the Old English Terrier in the 19th century. As they are not a natural breed, they have been produced by human crossing over the last few centuries, they have some differences from the natural breeds. Like the Doberman, Rotweiler, or Dogo Argentino dog breeds that have been produced through human crossbreeding over the past few centuries.

The general characteristic of these dogs is that they can be dangerous to humans if not properly raised by an experienced breeder. This type of artificial dog breeds can be raised as puppies by a very experienced and competent person. These dogs are extremely healthy and can live safely at home with the family. However, some claim that these dog breeds sometimes harm family members, especially children, in old age.

For example, we are often asked if it is appropriate to keep a Pit Bull indoors as a pet. Despite the notoriety of the Pit Bull in recent years, this breed of dog was considered the most typical, the most desirable of all American dog breeds in the early 1900s. The American Pit Bull Terrier has long been considered a pet popular pet in the United States.

For example, the first war hero dog “Stubby” and Pit Bulls such as “The Little Rascals” and “Pete the Pup” were very beautiful and popular examples of this breed at that time. Due to a lack of breeding and socialization, some Pit Bulls and their hybrids may be more prone to develop aggression towards other dogs and people. Because this breed of dog has a large and very strong jaw structure, it is more capable of inflicting damage with its bites than many breeds.

Improper breeding and socialization can also turn some other dog breeds that seem less harmful into dangerous breeds. For example, the German Shepherd (often incorrectly expressed as German Shepherd or Greyhound in our country) may not look like a fighting dog breed or a dangerous breed, but it is actually a potential danger in terms of bites.

In a study conducted in the United States, the highest bite cases against humans were found to be 12% for Pit Bull, 11% for Chow Chow, 7% for German Shepherd, 4% for Doberman and 4% for Rotweiler. In other words, the German Shepherd bit more than the Doberman and Rotweiler breeds, which are known to be more biting breeds.

pit bull attack

Pit Bull breeding has become widespread in Turkey in recent years. Along with this, cases of attacks and bites on people and other pets by dogs walking down the street or fleeing their homes have become quite common.

Despite this law numbered 5199, Pit Bull breeding has become widespread, especially in cities such as Istanbul, Ankara and Izmir. It’s still fine if it’s just breeding, but some people take their Pit Bull dogs for walks, but often they deliberately keep the chain/rope that these dogs are tied to for a long walk. These dogs, which leap forward with the excitement of getting out and wave at people in front of them, have been involved in very dangerous attacks, biting and injuring. What’s interesting is that the person walking the dog likes it.

I wondered why the dog owner was using such a long chain/rope causing the dog to rush around the environment and couldn’t come up with a logical answer. Thereupon, I decided to ask a specialist psychiatrist (whose name is reserved). The expert’s assessment is one that Pit Bull owners/riders may not like:

1. All these people are men.

2. All of these people are people of school or university age, which we can define as “young” or “young”.

3. The majority of these people are people with an inferiority complex, who are described as being “pushed/stuck in life”.

4. Again, the majority of these people are people with sexual problems. Either their genitals are short and small, or they failed. This situation creates a reaction/anger in them, and they try to eliminate this reaction by scaring people with Pit Bull dogs.

Until I heard this review from a specialist psychiatrist, I was angry at these types of people who scare/hurt people and take pit pulls. I’m not angry anymore, I just hurt. Because the short and small male organ, unfortunately, cannot be lengthened or enlarged with today’s medical technology. Please don’t be mad at these people, just pity them.

As the author of these lines, I am in favor of these people being taken care of by a psychiatrist or a specialized psychologist rather than sanctioned.

As a psychologist, we would be happy if Mrs Kerstin Mutlu reads this article and contributes to this issue.

I wish you all dog attacks and bite-free days.

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