The little paws of our family: toy poodles

The little paws of our family, Toy Poodles are a dog breed that will add joy to your life with their elegant posture and cuteness. Today they are known as the most popular dog breed in the world.

Besides having a very athletic body, one of their most distinctive features is that they look like toys. Their curly and very dense feathers reveal their kindness. Since they are very docile and affectionate in nature, they are one of the dogs that animal lovers pay the most attention to.

Features of our toy poodle friends

Toy Poodle The breed is an active and agile dog breed. Because they are very intelligent, they can respond to any type of training. Since they generally have an affectionate and docile character, they do not show a harsh attitude towards the family members with whom they live.

Since this is a social dog breed, he will be curious about other pets and will want to befriend them. It must be said that he is a bit spoiled as a character. If you do whatever he says as the owner, after a while he will start reading what he knows.

They love to bark when they don’t get what they want. Since they have a very athletic structure, they will always want to run around the house and play games. You definitely need to do your daily exercise and make sure you get rid of your energy.

Some physical characteristics of Toy Poodle breed dogs set them apart from other breeds. Especially the structure of the head and the feathers are the most important characteristics. It has a curly feather structure. The intensity can be in red or cinnamon brown colors. Although they are considered a miniature dog breed, they have a slightly longer face. His legs are long, but he has a very athletic build.


How should the process of care and education take place?

Toy Poodle dogs, which attract attention with their dense, curly hair, usually shed very little. Also, since their hair is curly, they will stay in their own fur when they fall. For this reason, if you don’t comb and tend to their feathers regularly, the dead hair will start to tangle.

You should comb their hair at least 3 times a week. Toy Poodle breed dogs must be specially shaved. It is very important for the health of your adorable four-legged friend to get professional help in this regard.

One of the best characteristics of Toy Poodle breed dogs is that their fur does not smell. In addition, their feathers are anti-allergic. It will be enough just to take a bath once or twice a month.

As this is a very smart and intelligent dog breed, they will not force their owners to train. However, you need to be careful with training while you are in the puppy period. Toy Poodles love to imitate their owners’ behavior by examining them. They should be treated with great care, as they will adopt their owners’ bad behavior as well as their good behavior.

If you let him play an alpha role, you may not be able to get him to listen.

First, you need to give Toy Poodle dogs basic grooming and obedience training. In this process, you should not show her your love and care. When you consistently spend time and are patient, training Toy Poodle dogs will also be productive.

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You are wondering about our toy poodle friends

  • Toy Poodle breed dogs can live an average of 10 to 18 years when fed healthy and cared for in proper conditions. However, whether or not they have diseases and the environment they live in are the most important factors affecting their lifespan.
  • He is also very curious whether our Toy Poodle friends will be able to stay home alone. Toy Poodle dogs, who enjoy playing games with their owners all the time, are usually bored when left alone. Unless you have to, you shouldn’t leave him home alone for long hours. However, as long as there is enough food and water for them, they can stay home alone for at least 8 hours.
  • One of the biggest reasons Toy Poodle dogs are so popular is their curly hair. The hair, which is of medium length and has a very dense structure, generally does not shed much. However, you need to comb the curly hair and clean the dead hair.
  • Although Toy Poodle dogs are not very small, they are not a very large dog breed. In addition, the physical development of dogs of this breed will slow down after 8 or 9 months. An adult breed of Toy Poodle can measure between 25 and 38 centimeters on average. It can vary between 2 and 6 kilograms in weight.
  • Toy Poodle breed dogs are primarily known as cream and brown in color. However, the most common colors can be seen in black, white, silver, and blue.

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