Our Source of Joy and Happiness Maltese Terriers

Our source of joy and happiness, Maltese terriers are very popular among small breed dogs.

The Maltese terrier breed, which is one of the most favorite dog breeds in the world, will impress you with its friendliness and playfulness. Especially their very short and long hair is the most distinctive feature of this breed. Also, if you are looking for a friend who will shower you with love, the Maltese Terrier breed will be an ideal choice for you. When looking at the prices of this very popular breed, Maltese Terrier prices show that there is a variable structure within the scope of our friend’s age, parents, custody arrangements, etc. It can be said to be effective in pricing.

Our Maltese Terrier Friends Care and Training Process

Maltese terrier dogs, who will add joy to your life with their friendliness, always want to be with their owners. Dogs of this breed, who do not like to be alone, are very intelligent. It is very important that you choose the training period of the puppy. As they have a slightly stubborn nature, it can become a bit harder to train as they get older. They will easily learn command, obedience and socialization training with their treats.

You should also pay attention to cleaning the ears and teeth of Maltese Terrier dogs. While brushing his teeth 3 times a week, you should also clean his ears and eyes once a week. Taking a bath only once or twice a month will suffice for general cleansing.

Maltese Terrier dogs, which have a long and dense hair structure, also need to pay attention to hair care. It will be enough to comb it daily to prevent skin diseases, other than the tangling of its feathers. Although their feathers do not shed much, they may shed a little more during the moulting season. As they are sensitive to cold, they should not catch cold after taking a bath. They can get sick very easily.

Physique and characteristics of Maltese terrier dogs

Physical characteristics

He has a very elegant and proportioned body as well as a fine bone structure. Since Maltese Terrier dogs have a very small build, their head and feathers are the first thing that catches the eye when viewed from the outside. He has a unique beauty with his jet black eyes and impeccable feathers on his head.


The tails of Maltese Terrier dogs, which have a dense hair structure, are quite elegant and small. One of the most distinctive characteristics of dogs belonging to this breed is that they have white fur. Only the inside of their legs, the corners of their eyes, and their lips are black in color.

Its pure white, plush-like fur usually does not shed. However, he can grow so big that he closes his eyes. For the health of their eyes, it is recommended to regularly shorten them or pick them up with a clasp.


Maltese terriers, which are a playful, active and very cheerful dog breed, are quite small. In addition to being small, they are not very suitable for families with young children, since they have a sensitive body. They are attached to their owners with deep love and respect. Because they are very intelligent and cautious, they will constantly check on their owners. They learn easily.

It should also be noted that in addition to having harmonious characters, they are also very kind. It is a breed of dog that is suitable for apartment living as they generally do not bark much. Sometimes you may find that he barks more because he is in a state of anxiety. When stressed, his psychology can break down very quickly.

He certainly doesn’t want to be alone. When it is away from its owner or does not receive enough attention, its health will also be affected. Maltese terriers also have a habit of being jealous of their owners. He will always want us to take care of him and play with him. It is not recommended for people who have another pet in the house, as they do not like to share their owner.

You should also provide socialization training so that Maltese terrier dogs do not display aggressive behavior towards children and other pets in the future.

Are our Maltese terrier friends losing?

Although the Maltese Terrier is a common, long-haired dog breed, they shed very little compared to many dog ​​breeds. However, significant losses can occur during the moulting season. Frequent combing during this period will reduce hair loss.

Can the Maltese Terrier be home alone?

Maltese terriers are known for their loyalty and devotion to their owners. They don’t like to be home alone, as they will want to be with their owner all the time. Maltese terriers, which normally do not bark and have a docile nature, may bark when left alone.

How to identify a real Maltese terrier?

As with all dog breeds, Maltese Terriers also have distinctive characteristics as a breed. Generally, their plumage, eye color, and size are the defining characteristics of the Maltese Terrier breed. However, you can always consult your veterinarian to see if the Maltese Terrier breed is genuine.

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