When you say we will protect our dear friends, you are hurting. Attention!

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We share the world we live in with our dear friends, the animals, who have natural instincts, sincere feelings and great intuition, as well as with humans.

Along with cats, dogs are considered the two most popular pets in the world. In particular, dogs have survived as hunting partners, protectors and companions of mankind for over 12,000 years. Despite this, there are those who do not realize that it is a human duty to protect and watch over all animals, be they cats, dogs or birds, who still live on the streets and find it very difficult to to survive.

one of them Star Tibe.

The famous singer recently took to Twitter on his social media account. “Lost dogs should be retrieved from animal shelters and cared for by sane, animal-loving staff. That the people in the area where they are found give poisonous meat to groups of aggressive dogs so that they all die, what tearing people apart? He made a statement that made no sense.

After these statements, which sparked a strong reaction, animal lovers and non-governmental organizations filed a criminal complaint against Tilbe. “incitement to crime” The words he spoke as he went to testify as part of the investigation into his accusation were even worse than his first statement. According to the lady, dogs were supposed to tear and eat our mothers and elders for no reason.

When you hear such strange words from a woman author and composer of so many love songs, you cannot believe your ears. Tilbe, who has been bombarded with criticism on social media for her remarks, is suffering from not being able to properly express her feelings as I understand them. He hasn’t received help from anyone in terms of style, image or management, and it appears he hasn’t consulted with anyone on the use of social media. Or would a sane person say such things? I’m sure if he calms down, gets rid of his psychology of guilt and thinks about it lucidly, instead of shifting gears, he will realize how inappropriate and unfortunate his statements are.

Some eminent personalities such as high officials, artists or presidents sometimes overlook the need to be twice as careful as ordinary people when making statements on such matters which can be abused by criminals, evil people intentional and ignorant.

While expressing his sadness after Pitbull attack hitting a little girl some time ago, President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan said: “The streets are no place for homeless animals.” as in the statement…

On the contrary; The real owners of nature are my dear animals. Originally, humanity is an invader and expansionist who invaded its nests by placing reinforced concrete structures everywhere, no matter mountains, stones or hills.

After the announcement, a witch hunt started immediately and we read news that dogs had been recalled to municipalities.

Of course, animals should not attack people, but it must be borne in mind that in these tragic events the culprit is not the dog but the owner.

It also entered into force in July 2021. Animal Rights ActIn accordance with article 6 of the .

Municipalities are required to return the dogs they have bought on the street to the place where they were taken, after having completed the vaccination procedures against rabies, internal and external parasites and sterilization, in accordance with the Article 6 of the Animal Welfare Act.

The false news about dog aggression in the press, the inadequacy of the law, statements made by authoritative mouths, and statements by personalities, such as artists, about the enmity of dogs in the eyes of society, lay the groundwork for the legitimization of violence against dogs.

From my readings, there is an increase in animal actions such as firearms or poisoning across Turkey.

We read the news that a large number of stray dogs that were allegedly picked up in Çorum just a day ago were brought in with a truck with official license plates and left at the city dump. Officials say that when the incident is recorded, they will take action and start the procedure. What if we were out of sight and oblivious…

Minister of Agriculture and Forestry Prof. Dr. Vahit Kirisci He made remarkable statements while participating in the event “Sterilization Mobilization for Orphaned Animals” held at Mamak Municipality Animal Care Home.

Minister Kirişçi made a self-criticism that municipalities have not fully done their part. “The number of stray animals has reached 10 million. We can clearly see that our local governments have carried out about 200,000 sterilizations so far, which is extremely insufficient. Our wish is to reach 2 million. He expressed his thoughts.

Stating that our own ancient culture did works that would set an example to the world at the time, Kirişçi said, “But we have strayed from the path taken by our ancestors.” and drew attention to the not very comforting situation we find ourselves in at the moment.

Well, don’t they ask people then, what are you waiting for, Minister, to fully perform functions such as sterilization and rehabilitation?

Our outgoing minister is as if he were an ordinary citizen and not under his own responsibility. “It is the desire of all of us to establish an environment where there are no stray animals on the streets, and where they are rehabilitated, as is the case in Western countries.” He also makes good wishes.

I will wish, you will wish, but who will accomplish this task?

Before throwing the ball to others, municipalities and efficient and competent people should discharge their duties as soon as possible, immediately bring the ever-growing family population under control, upgrade shelters, if any, suitable for life, trying to encourage the adoption of our dear friends, and we are very happy to share this world. The scapegoat of beautiful animals must be avoided as soon as possible.

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