Stray dog ​​attacks, especially in Istanbul. What to do?

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The most important thing to know about stray dogs is that every dog ​​and group of stray dogs has a region. Dogs from one area do not enter the other area. As soon as he entered our “dog wrestlingThe event we see as “takes place.” If some dogs are fighting on a street, that’s why foreign dogs have entered it.

When the stray dog ​​is alone, this is not too much of a problem. However, when they toured as a group, encouraging each other, “to protect his territoryThey can attack vehicles and passers-by. This behavior is correct in their own way, they are simply defending their territory.

From time to time, people are attacked, chased and injured by stray dogs and owned dogs. In this way, the following points should be kept in mind when the danger of a dog attack arises.

1. Among the people”When a dog chases you, sits on the ground or lies down, the dog does nothingIt’s called ‘. There is no basis for this, it’s an urban legend. Dogs; These are creatures that tend to live in packs, such as lions, hyenas, wolves, and monkeys. In the herd (even if it is two dogs), one of them definitely dominates the other. Therefore, sitting or lying down while the dog hunts will reinforce its dominance and encourage it. It doesn’t give you any advantage.

2. If there is a dog/dogs attack on you, on the contrary, raising your arms to look taller or lifting an object such as an umbrella/bag, is quite a deterrent for stray dogs.

3. Never try to escape when a dog is chasing you in an open area. The fastest person in the world over short distance, Usain Bolt’s latest world record over 100 meters is 9.58 seconds. In other words, it runs at a speed of about 35 km/h. Large herding guard dogs (such as Kangal, Akbaş) can run at least 50 km/h. According to some measurements, it can accelerate up to 55 km/h. Medium-sized strays are more agile than large dogs and can run faster. This speed is much higher in dogs, but they do not attack humans.

4. Since the speed of the dog is about twice that of the human, it is impossible to get rid of the dog in a short distance. The thing to do is stand facing the dog. If you have it, it’s much more helpful for control to lean against a wall or vehicle, if available.

5. Picking up a stone from the ground, pretending to pick up a stone from the ground even if there is no stone, scares dogs. They are afraid of stones or sticks.

6. If the owner of the dog is not in sight or if it is a stray dog, the best thing to do is to wait for the dog to go away (which is usually not the case and waiting for you) or to back up slowly. Running away with your back to the dog is best only if there is a high place to hide or climb in the middle.

These are the behaviors to show towards dogs in general. Specifically, our subject is stray dogs. In order to avoid the attack of stray dogs, it is necessary to pay attention to certain points:

1. If you see a dog on the street/street in the direction you are going, if you feel unsafe, try to change paths and cross another street/street if possible. If this is not possible, at least the dogs should be kept away from the curb or the side.

2. If you must pass by or near dogs, never look at the dogs, do not attend to the dogs. Dogs, as a breed trait, perceive themselves as a threat to watch and react to, becoming harsh. In cats, the situation is reversed. When you look away from the cat, the cat will come towards you.

For example, some women are very afraid of cats. Such a woman visits her friend’s house for the day, etc. If there is a cat in the house, it reflexively avoids the cat and does not look at it. On the contrary, the cat goes and crawls on this woman’s leg or sits on her lap. Women who are afraid of cats should watch the cat when they are in an environment with cats. The cat then scratches and does not approach the woman.

3. As soon as you sense them starting to attack (especially while walking), yelling “goodbye” loudly, raising your arm as if throwing a rock will be a strong deterrent on stray dogs.

Stray dogs only react when a foreign vehicle or human enters their territory. They normally recognize vehicles in their area by the sound of their engines and people by their smell.

Here I would like to give a striking example and draw attention to a subject. not long ago online “Horror moments in Bakırköy are filmed…While he was walking, he was attacked by 6 dogs” There is a video shared with the title (There is a link to the video at the end of the article.)

When you review the video, you will see that a dog suddenly attacked the person walking on the sidewalk, and the others joined in. A few seconds later, another elderly person arrives from the same sidewalk and tries to save the attacked person by chasing the dogs. What’s interesting is that although this 2nd person dives completely into the middle of the dogs and tries to chase the dogs away, no dogs attack him.

We don’t know the full story of this video. You have to listen to the whole story with these people. Maybe the attacked person chased those dogs, threw rocks, or did something else before. These animals are intelligent animals. When the slightest favor is returned to them, they show it in a positive way. Again, they don’t forget and recognize those who hurt them.

I wish you all days without attacks or dog bites.

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