The cats and dogs on this street have an owner

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Cats or dogs living freely without an owneralley Cat” or “stray dogWe call it “. Street cats and dogs, contrary to popular belief, are very intelligent. Because they are the animals that have managed to survive without owners and have survived natural selection.

First of all, the question that must be asked is where did these stray cats and dogs come from, or rather how did they arrive? All stray cats and dogs have appeared as a result of the person giving up on feeding that cat/dog and throwing them in the street, when they were previously being fed by a person. In other words, we are responsible for the appearance of stray animals that we complain about.

The most common situation is when parents buy kittens/dogs for their children for reasons such as passing class, a birthday, going to the summer house. These puppies and puppies, which are very cute when they are young, some problems arise as they grow. Over time, this child grows tired of this cat/dog for various reasons such as their diet, vaccinations, treatments, puppies, the growing cat/dog’s decrease in cuteness as they get older, this which reduces the child’s interest in receiving the gift. As a result of such problems, such a result as throwing this cat / dog on the street occurs.

In addition, the puppy or adult dog taken on the way to the summer cottage by the sea, “Summer is over, we’re going home. But our house is an apartment. We can’t take care of that cat/dog over there etc.It is very common for it to be abandoned when leaving the cottage for reasons such as “. You can often observe the sad stories of the abandoned cat or dog running for miles after the owner’s vehicle or waiting for days without food or water in front of the empty summer house, both in the written and visual media and on the platforms. of social media.

It’s shameless, immoral in the only sense of the word. This structure has a scourge. Of course, the dog has no mouth, tongue, or thinking ability, so he may complain or swear. But there is a being who knows this situation and notes it. If you ask what this entity is, allow me to answer it with a story.

One day a dervish with a bald head like a pumpkin walked into a barber shop to have his beard shaved off. At that time, someone with Külhanbey’s style was shaving in the barber’s chair. When he saw the dervish, he constantly put his bald head in his tongue and began to laugh at him. “Pumpkin head, pumpkin down, pumpkin up, pumpkin, pumpkin, pumpkin…he said every sarcastic phrase that came to mind until he was done shaving.

The poor dervish made no noise, did not respond and listened quietly.

His head was shaved, he paid for it and left the barbershop. While he has just left the shop; A carriage coming from the opposite direction spun out of control by its owner and the horses arrived with the ship at rock bottom. Külhanbeyi could not escape and died under the horses/cars.

Seeing this, the barber turned to the dervish and said implicitly;

Isn’t this punishment a little harsh, Dervish Lord? See the man died because of youmentioned. Thereupon the dervish, the barber;

I swear by God, I wasn’t mad at that person laughing at me, I didn’t curse in my heart. I even gave my right. But master barber, this gourd also has an owner.” mentioned.

The owner of the pumpkin in this story is the same as the owner of the innocent cats/dogs left on this street and abandoned.

When did this nation, which established a foundation for feeding stray cats in the Ottoman era, unscrupulously abandon its animals, which should be considered part of its household, on the streets?

Sultan II. They say he is Mahmud. However, rising from the people of Istanbul”Cruelty to dogs is bad luck” because of his complaints, II. Mahmut backed down from his decision, and the surviving dogs were again taken from Sivriada and left on the streets of the city.

The Committee of Union and Progress, which came to power in 1910, tasked Suphi Bey, the mayor of Istanbul (then mayor of the city), with cleaning the city of stray dogs. With the collection process that began on June 5, 1910, approximately 80,000 stray dogs were taken from their place of residence and left in Sivriada.

In this season, it is very hot and the island is very dry. There is no source of water for the dogs to drink. Some of the dogs starved to death and others drowned in the sea, which they jumped into as a last resort. The others attacked each other out of hunger. The big dogs started killing the little dogs by tearing them apart. As a result of the killing which continued in this manner, all the dogs on the island died.

Istanbul residents who lived at that time said that the sound of howling dogs came from the island for days and the bad smell could not be transmitted near the island. Some historians attribute the reason why the Union and Progress Party remained in power for a very short time and many of its leaders died, to this Sivriada (unfortunate island) dog massacre. Later, the name of the island was changed to Island of Good.

Please let’s not forget that the pumpkin in the story, the dogs left behind on No Good Island, and the cats and dogs that are left on the streets after being fed at home for a while , also have an owner.

What to do for cats and dogs abandoned in the street??” A question may come to mind.

Please take as many stray cats or dogs as possible to the vet to be neutered. With a few hundred lire that you donate, you will prevent the reproduction of these animals. Take the sick to the vet for treatment. It hasn’t happened yet, put a bowl of water or food in front of these animals. Mostly water in summer, mostly food in winter

Throw the goodness into the sea. If the fish don’t know, Halik knowsLet’s not forget the word. If you just put a piece of food or water in front of a hungry or thirsty cat/dog, I believe that God, on the other hand, will banish any accident and trouble that will befall you, your spouse and your children. Or it will bring you good fortune, employment and income.

I never say this to brag, I just say this as a precedent, we currently have 14 cats in our home, all of which were purchased and adopted by my wife down the street. Our house is on the 6th floor of an apartment. Some of them were abandoned on the streets when they were very young, they were still nursing babies. He couldn’t eat the food we gave him. Some had broken legs. Some had broken jaws. Some fell from another disease. One day I will photograph them and tell stories of their return home.

My wife took them home for treatment. We did the treatment at home. The vet, who had both hind legs broken and said “If we put platinum on his paws, this cat will not recover, he will die.We treated and cured the cat, he said. We raised the baby, who couldn’t eat the food we gave him and whose eyes were open, by setting off an alarm several times during the night, waking up and feeding milk to his mouth every few hours with a needle. When we treated or raised the nursing kitten until it ate food, we could no longer leave it on the street or in the cat house, because we had become accustomed to this cat.

The population of cats is increasing day by day. We have also adopted 2 stray dogs and are keeping them in a suitable outdoor area. The costs of feeding, neutering, medication and treating these cats and dogs exceed household food costs. But we never complain. Alone “God knows what we’ve done, that’s enough” we say.

I wish you all days without attacks or dog bites.

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