How to take care of a goldfish? Here all the information

Goldfish, which is one of the easiest species to care for compared to other pets, is one of the most common pets today. Although these colorful, cute, and simple creatures are easy to care for, there are many important care details you need to know in order for them to lead a good life.

Goldfish, which first became pets in the 9th century when Buddhist monks took them to special ponds to protect them from predators, have become the most popular creatures to keep at home in the over the years. It can be fed much easier than other pets and even other fish. Goldfish are very easy to care for, but There are many details that you need to pay attention to in order for these creatures to lead a healthy and enjoyable life.

Many people take goldfish and leave them in a small bowl. Since these cute creatures are much stronger than they look, they can survive even in this bad state, but surviving doesn’t mean healthy and happy. For this reason, there are some care details you need to know very well before deciding to keep a goldfish. Request about goldfish care Details you need to know.

What you need to know about goldfish care:

Don’t settle for the bell, get yourself a good aquarium:

It is generally accepted that goldfish can live in small bowls in most societies, especially in pet stores. This is a completely wrong thought. Goldfish are much more powerful creatures than they appear, and so they can live even in a small empty bowl, but if you can call it living, it is.

Goldfish need as much space as any other fish. certainly no need for large tanks, several meters wide, would be worse in such a large area anyway. However, they should at least be kept in an aquarium with a large surface area that will provide the necessary swimming area for healthy fish and that the water can come into contact with oxygen.

Prepare the aquarium to become the home of your goldfish:

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If you have purchased an aquarium in which your goldfish can swim and grow as they please, it’s time to decorate it. Although goldfish have been kept as pets for hundreds of years, they always need accessories to hide, scratch, crawl and play with due to their natural instincts.

Be sure to choose all the materials you will place in the plastic aquarium because metal and similar substances oxidize in water. You should cover the bottom of the aquarium with pebbles slightly larger than sand. Thus, beneficial bacteria will thrive in the water and algae growth will be reduced.

Pay attention to the quality and temperature of the water:

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Water is as important to aquatic creatures as air is to terrestrial creatures. Because Stay away from a behavior like I’m filling the tap water and throwing the fish in like tricks. Of course, it is recommended to fill the aquarium with ready-made water that we use as drinking water, but it can be a bit expensive in the long run.

If you don’t want to use ready made water, enough to fill the aquarium. pre-fill water in a container and leave it for a couple of days. Chlorine and similar substances in tap water will decrease or even disappear during the waiting period. Make sure the water you put in the aquarium is always at room temperature. Too hot or too cold water will reduce the quality of life, even if it does not kill fish.

Beware of water changes:

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It is also extremely important to control the quality of the water you put in the aquarium. You can use filters specially designed for aquariums. Aquarium filters ensure that the water always meets the standard of living of your goldfish. However, even if you use a filter, you must be careful with the water change.

This period can be longer in aquariums with filters, but you should change the aquarium water once a week on average. It is recommended to change two thirds of the water. If you use tap water, you must store it for a few days. to maintain thermal balance You must wait at least a day. You can keep fish or fish in a container where you put aquarium water throughout the process so that they are not affected during the water change.

Regularly clean the aquarium and other accessories:

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Needless to say you might think, but the accessories you buy for the first time before placing in the aquarium You should wash it with plenty of soap and water. During the washing process, make sure to rinse all accessories thoroughly and that no chemicals remain on them. It is recommended not to place the washed accessories in the aquarium until they have reached room temperature.

Goldfish are crazy animals. They will contaminate the aquarium, scatter the accessories and contaminate the pebbles on the bottom. Therefore, depending on the frequency of contamination, you should completely empty the aquarium and remove both the aquarium and the accessories. You should clean it with plenty of soap and water. After rinsing it well and bringing it back to room temperature, you can reinsert the accessories and water into the aquarium and let the fish in.

Make sure you feed your goldfish well:

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It may sound strange, but goldfish are omnivores. It means, everything you give them. Of course, this will not be a correct diet. Also, since goldfish don’t feel full, they may eat them until they burst. For this reason, you need to be careful what bait and when you give goldfish.

You can find many goldfish baits at pet stores. Choose foods with carbohydrates and proteins. Sometimes you can give them special treats to pamper them, but you have to be careful. You should feed the goldfish once or twice a day at a rate they can consume in minutes. Too little or too much can be fatal.

Make sure they are safe:

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Even though goldfish are self-swimming creatures in the aquarium, they are affected by all external events due to their large surface area. Insecticide, air freshener, dust and similar effects sprayed in the room can be fatal to goldfish. You should not spray medicine or perfume in the room where the goldfish are, and you should change the water promptly when such a situation occurs.

Goldfish aquarium water is not only affected by these external factors. Some people collect rocks and similar items from the sea, lake and riverside and put them in the aquarium to make the aquarium much cooler. The bacteria present in these stones, to which goldfish are not accustomed Even if you wash it, it does not go away easily and eventually causes its death.

Be on the lookout for goldfish diseases:

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Like all other pets, you need to track your goldfish’s movements and learn about their daily habits. Chills, itching, swimming near the surface, abnormal swimming Situations like these are the most important signs that your fish is sick. Some fish may also exhibit behavior such as hiding in one of the props and not swimming.

Common Goldfish Diseases constipation, fungi, fin rot, anchor worm, popeye and lice There are such drawbacks. You can find many remedies for these diseases in pet stores. If you do not understand the cause of the problem, you should definitely consult a veterinarian.

Our cute and quiet friends, one of the most popular pets in the world One of the important details you need to know about goldfish care. we talked about. If you have a problem with your goldfish, do not hesitate to seek the help of a veterinarian.

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