I was attacked by a dog on two different dates

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The question asked by almost everyone who has heard of my university studies on dogs.Sir, have you ever been bitten by a dog?As for the question:

Although not counted as a full dog bite, 2″try to bite“incident (in law)”attempted murderIt was like “).”God’s right is three“They say. Let’s see what happens in the 3rd?”There is no pesrev in the zurna” they said. Whatever happens to me now.

The first time I went to primary school must have been in the 1970s. The father and mother are from two neighboring villages separately. I was in my mother’s village at that time. Kızılcin Village of Zile. We were walking down the main thoroughfare of the village with some relatives who were my age. But at the same time, we were talking loudly, all at once.

In those years, I either have 25 kg or not. We were just outside the door of a house, when the Kangal (Karabaş) shepherd dog, which was lying in front of the house and which I assumed weighed at least 50 kg, suddenly made a movement behind us. The dog is twice my size. He jumped up and, as I was in the back, he tackled me face down with his feet on my shoulders behind me. He hit me once in the back with his mouth and barked. He returned home without doing anything else. When we arrived at the house where we were going later, I took off my clothes and my relatives looked at my back. There was no bite, just some redness.

The dog was a genuine purebred Kangal (Karabaş) Shepherd Dog. I can say that there was a very gentle intervention for me. Because genuine Kangal (Karabaş) Shepherd Dogs do not usually attack women and children. If they have to attack, they wash it to the ground and leave it motionless. In this case, if the dog is still waiting with you, you should stand still. Otherwise, they will harden. This is true if the dog is a pure Kangal (Karabash) Shepherd Dog that was bred by someone who knows how to raise dogs. No mortal knows how the Kangal (Karabaş) Shepherd Dogs, which have been bred by their owners with bad and evil practices, will behave, but Allah knows.

If we objectively analyze the incident here, the dog has no fault or fault. It’s the owner, at best, and we’re at fault.


Now let’s look at it from the dog’s point of view. We always make the same mistake. We never look at dog-themed events through the dog’s eyes, we always look at it from our own side and carve it out for ourselves. We make a miscalculation. After that, we blame the innocent dogs.

Here’s how a dog’s instinct works:

I am the property, the life, the herd, etc. of the owner. I have a duty to protect. Since my master didn’t tie me today, let me do my guardianship here in front of the house. Let me lie down, let me take a nap. If there is a situation, I will intervene immediately.

What is that? A group of children noisily pass by my master’s door. It could be a hazard. Let me scare them away. Let them pass. But they are children, I don’t need to bite. If I hit that furthest back kid from behind, I’ll knock him down. And if I bark, they all run away like freckles.

That’s how it happened, just like the dog’s state of mind. We could have crossed the street quietly, without any commotion. Also, we should have noticed that there was a dog waiting for this house in front of the house. We should have seen the dog and gone to the middle of the road or to the other side. That way we wouldn’t get too close to the dog’s enclosure, and it wouldn’t have happened to me.

What is the dog’s fault here?

The second incident happened like this:

In 2004, I went to Kars to research the Kars (Caucasian) Shepherd Dog. I went from Kars to Sarıkamış. Those who go to Sarıkamış or those from there know it. At the entrance to Sarıkamış, coming from the Erzurum side, about 3 km before entering the city, there is the headquarters of the regional traffic inspection station on the right on the road.

I stopped in front of my car to ask the police for the address. When the police I spoke to learned that I was researching the dogs, they asked me to take care of a German Shepherd who was inside the building. I said follow the police to enter the door of the building. However, right outside the door, lying in a secluded corner, small, the size of a cat, and among the public “poodleThere was a dog that was described as, “I didn’t notice (you’d be brother!).

Small dogs of this type are much more insidious and dangerous than large dogs. On offense they don’t bark on first approach, you won’t know when it happens. He barked about 1 meter away from me and grabbed my pants from behind. I had jeans on my feet. Then I scratched it and looked, its teeth were not in my flesh, but there was a bit of tooth mark redness.

In this case, the dog is not at fault. The police meMaster, whoever pays attention to the poodle lying in the corner in front of this door can attack.“He could have warned me. Even though the police did not care and warned me, I should have looked around, seen this poodle and taken my precautions.

To understand the situation, let’s look at it from the dog’s point of view. In this case, the dog’s instinct works like this:

The cops at this precinct fill my stomach. (Whoever feeds a dog, the dog shows devotion and loyalty to him and his place. This rule never changes.). So I have a duty to protect this building. What is that? A stranger enters the police station after the police. It could be a hazard. Let me bark at that bespectacled guy’s leg. He is already scared and runs away.”

In this case, I find the right fino. He just did his job. It was I who acted recklessly.

In the event that no dog in the world attacks or bites a human, the dog is not to blame, the human is at fault.

I wish you all days without attacks or dog bites.

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