Drug detection dogs have become the biggest supporter of the police in Hakkari

4 sensitive-nosed dogs in Hakkari and Yüksekova police departments prohibit drug use in the operations in which they participate with their narcotics teams.

The detector dogs named “Ayzek”, “Roma”, “Tipi” and “Işık”, which were sent to the city after the training they received at the General Directorate of Security’s Gölbaşı Dog Training Center , Department for the Fight against Narcotic Offenses, play an active role in the fight against drugs, a source of financing terrorism.

The dogs, whose daily care and training are carried out meticulously in the downtown and Yüksekova dog training centers, become the police’s greatest helper in anti-drug operations and traffic checks in the whole the city.

Thanks to their sensitive noses, specially trained dogs, able to easily find drugs hidden in the most secret places by various methods, have ensured the seizure of tons of drugs in the operations they have participated in throughout the city since the last year.

The dogs, which are almost the “scary dream” of poison dealers, have been the narcotics teams’ greatest support, helping to discover around 6 tons of heroin, 125 kilograms of synthetic drugs and 21 tons of acid anhydride (a kind of substance used in drug production) since last year.

“Every hit to drugs is to terror”

Fatih Dörtdoğan, director of the anti-narcotics branch of the Hakkari Police Department, told Anadolu Agency (AA) that the city is in an important place as it has a border with two countries.

Stating that they work with a team that breaks records every year, Dörtdoğan said he has seized around 6 tonnes of heroin since January last year.

Emphasizing that this struggle is a work of the heart and that the whole team is working with this awareness, Dörtdoğan said:

“We work with friends who are remorseful even though even a gram of drugs has bounced from here. We are very lucky to work with such staff. Our minister, our governor and our director are always behind us. They have always made their support felt. for whatever we needed. We are aware that drugs are the biggest financing of terrorism. “We know that every hit on drugs is terror, every hit on terror is on drugs, and we know it’s a closely related problem. We are determined to make Hakkari a province that is also not known for drugs.”

Expressing that the 4 narcotic dogs working in Yüksekova and in the city center have made a great contribution to the police in operations and that their trainers were with them day and night, Dörtdoğan said: “The more love and Attention, the more they become attached to their owners. The more they obey command and order. “The most important method of drug traffickers is to ship west overland with concealed vehicles. Our narcotic dogs are our hands and feet in detecting these caches.” used the phrase.

“We see all the children of the world as our own children”

Noting that this struggle is multifaceted and that they also carry out prevention activities in addition to their work on the ground, Dörtdoğan said that they consider all children in the world as their own children and act with this awareness.

Noting that they experienced great happiness when they freed even one person from drugs, Dörtdoğan said: “We have analytical applications. There are also vehicles purchased with the advice of friends who have made detections through these apps. Through this app, 52 kilograms of explosives were seized from a vehicle we recently detected. When you think about what would have happened if it hadn’t mentioned.

“With the support of our dogs, we say no to poison dealers”

The trainer of “Ayzek”, the police officer, also explained that the dogs began to receive training at the Gölbaşı training center in Ankara when they were puppies, and that they followed a crash course after the training. one year old.

Specifying that the dogs were sent to the provinces after these trainings, the policeman declared: “We train the dogs every day so that they do not forget their condition and their smell. What we call odorless has a distinctive scent for dogs. he said.

The police officer, who is “Işık’s” trainer, said he has been working with his dog for a year in the city and said, “Our dogs are our dear friends. Our adventure with Işık starts in the morning. and continues until late in the evening. We are constantly training and researching, participating in operations. Hakkari is a busy drug transit route. “There is a huge family of narcotics. With the support of our dogs, we say no to drug and poison dealers.” spoke his words.

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