dogs with “sensitive noses” are actually looking for the ball, not the drugs

Alparslan ÇINAR/ANTALYA, (DHA) The false report that “sensitive nose” narcotic dogs participating in operations in ANTALYA were given drugs during training upsets trainers. Explaining that this information is not true, police officer Buse Güler said: “When the dogs are trained, their toys are trained with the ball. The ball and the drug substance are hidden in the same place. The dogs become also susceptible to drugs when rummaging for their toys.”
The sensitive-nosed dogs of the Antalya Police Department Canine Training Center are the greatest helper of the police. Dogs selected from breeds with a developed sense of smell become indispensable for operations after long years of training. 7 of the purebred dogs, especially the Belgian Shepherd and the German Shepherd, work within the anti-narcotics branch of the Antalya Police Department. All dogs, whose care, food and all their needs are taken care of by the general management, are also known by name.
The dogs trained at the canine training center according to the area of ​​interest are divided into branches like corpse, bomb, tracer or narcotic. Dogs that train regularly so that their sense of smell does not atrophy are sent to operations on a rotating basis. A well-known misinformation about the dog training process is upsetting their trainers. Explaining that the information that the narcotic dogs were given a small amount of drugs during training is not true, Buse Güler, the commissioner of the anti-narcotics branch of the Antalya Police Department, said: Our dogs certainly don’t get drugs. is out of the question anyway. While the dogs are practicing, pick up their toys. “The training is given. The ball and the drugs are hidden in the same place. The dogs become sensitive to the drugs as they search for their toys. Then we get the ball and the dogs constantly search for the drugs. In fact , they are looking for their toys,” he said. Güler said that dogs are sensitive to all narcotic elements and drugs cannot escape from their sensitive noses.
Explaining that the poison dealers have tried very different methods in operations, Commissioner Güler said that since Antalya is a tourist city, there is a need for closer monitoring, and therefore they frequently carry out operations at different addresses. Explaining that from time to time they also find drugs in the cargo packages, Güler said: “A foreign vacationer came to Antalya. We first search with sensitive noses when their bags are unloaded from the plane. A tourist’s bag was soaked in drugs. Inside a water heater that was shipped, we found the cars loaded with drugs. We caught drugs in the LPG tank, in the roasting meat, in the fire extinguishers.
In one of the operations carried out recently by the teams of the Department of Narcotics Crimes, after the investigation with dogs on the suspicious movements of ED and MB, passengers of the plane from Van to Antalya, 3 kilos 966 grams of methamphetamine and 2 kilos of 96 grams of heroin were seized in 4 parcels. After the statements of ED and MB, who were arrested by the court to which they were transferred after their steps at the police station, BP, allegedly linked to the incident, was also arrested and sent to prison.
In another operation, the teams, who were suspicious of the movements of the TA in the car brought to the point of application by the traffic teams, seized 5 kilos of 565 grams of cannabis, which were hidden in the LPG tank of the trunk, as a result of research they did with dogs with sensitive noses. TA was arrested. Suspecting the movements of the Bolivian woman named LDRS, who came from Bolivia to Sao Poulo then to Antalya via Istanbul, the teams detected 4 kilos and 522 grams of cocaine, which soaked into the woman’s bag and the interior lining of her dress, in the search they conducted with a detector dog. He was expelled after taking action on LDRS. (DHA)DHA-General Turkey-Antalya Alparslan ÇINAR
2022-03-26 09:48:55

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